• Tobi nar-606
    English: Michael Yurchak

    Japanese: Wataru Takagi

    French: Alexandre Crepet

    German: Louis Friedemann Thiele

    Arabic: Ayas Abu Ghazaleh

    Mandarin Chinese: Turrick Chan

    Rival: Mr. Barron

    Idle: Looks forward with his right hand behind his back.

    Select: Holds a hand to his mask, then reveals a bomb as the camera zooms then says "Just for you, I'll demonstrate my jutsu!"

    Intro: Tobi walks out of a bomb blast saying "Aaah, this is such a pain in the neck... I'll hurry up and finish it."

    Neutral: Mine Field Jutsu: Tobi will go underground with a few bomb balls and then come out from the ground below his opponent placing up to 5 bomb balls around them which explode on contact.

    Side: Impaling Headbutt (Me): Tobi jumps and headbutts the enemy sending them rolling back, while Tobi's head is stuck in the ground.

    Up: Teleportation Jutsu: Tobi warps to a different location via the thumb pad.

    Down: Long Distance Bomb Attack: Tobi throws two bomb balls at the enemy.

    Hyper Smash: Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu: Tobi exhales two large balls of fire and sends them towards the enemy. They explodes on impact and can follow the enemy to an extent.

    Final Smash: Mine Field Great Plain Jutsu: Tobi flies at the opponent. If he hits, he then shows some bomb balls announcing the attack's name, then lays the bombs in a circle from underground. He then gets to a distance saying "It's all set!" with two thumbs up. He then discovers his body is stuck with "Whoops." then struggles to free himself comically, then the opponent is blasted by the bombs with a Star KO cry then Tobi is thrown back.

    Victory 1: Tobi stretches his arms saying "I'm pretty good, aren't I!"

    Victory 2: Tobi throws some bomb balls around then says "Huh? Seriously, you're done already?" then the bombs go off.

    Victory 3: Tobi drops onto his back, then picks himself up and kicks up saying "Well? What did you think of my moves?"

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    • 1. I know this may be impossible, but if Tyrone from The Backyardigans were to be in SFV, what would his idle and select pose look like?

      2. Who is your next Tourney 1 character and his/her default rival gonna be?

      Once again, you'll need to come up with an SFV what if for one of your characters, whether it resembles a Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors introduction pose or not.

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    • 1.

      Idle: rubs his antlers

      Select: fires a Kamehameha.

      2. Jaylah from Star Trek (first seen in Star Trek Beyond)

      Rival: Hockera from One Piece

      SFV what if: Vergo from One Piece

      Idle: Adjusts his glasses.

      Select: Shoots off a Finger Gun and swings his bamboo stick.

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    • That's better! Now, would you mind confirming your next Tourney 2 character and his/her default rival?

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    • Nene from Samurai Warriors

      Sektor from Mortal Kombat

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    • There's a rule here, stating that whoever has the Bubblegum Crisis Nene gets that Nene as his/her default rival...

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    • A FANDOM user
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