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    Barry Steakfries is recurring character in many Gamez by Halfbrick Studios. Note that Halfbrick is not associated with Nintendo in any way.

    Primary attack: Shoots pistol in the direction he is facing.

    Secondary attack: Places shotgun sentry to shoot opponents at random.

    Up combo: Fires pistol upward.

    Down combo: Rides machine gun jetpack, shooting down (lasts for 5 seconds)

    Left combo: Throws grenade left.

    Right combo: Throws grenade right.

    Triple smash: Throws crowbar in the direction he's facing.

    Final smash: Flies into the air on machine gun jetpack, goes to left of screen, is hidden in a ball of white light, and obtains the Strong Arm Machine. Using this, he launches opponents into the air with a giant robotic fist, moved with the + control pad. Missiles will fly into the screen from the right, which can be deflected by the fist. If 3 missiles hit the S.A.M. it will break, launching shrapnel at opponents."

    You just HAVE to stop this jerk from doing this any further!

    This monster's message wall is here, hurry and stop him!

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