• Shinzaemon
    English: Dave Mallow

    Japanese: Koji Yakusho

    French: Marc Bellier

    German: Marc Stachel

    Arabic: Hasan Hamdan

    Mandarin Chinese: Lu Yi

    Rival: All Might

    Idle: holds out some battle plans.

    Select: Stabs his katana onto the plans as the camera zooms saying "He who values his life dies a dog's death."

    Intro: Shinzaemon walks in and stabs the ground saying "No mercy! There's no samurai code or fair play in battle! No sword? Use a stick. No stick? Use a rock. No rock? Use your fists and feet! Lose your life, but make the enemy pay!"

    Neutral: Ryoroka: Shinzaemon does four criss-cross slashes.

    Side: Hiryu Senpu Zan: Shinzaemon flies at the opponent swinging his sword left, then does a hard heel kick.

    Up: Kokumu: Shinzaemon kicks the ground boosting into the air while thrusting his sword five times.

    Down: Tsumeato: Shinzaemon shoulder rams then swings his sword in a circle.

    Hyper Smash: Dai Gyakusatsu: Shinzaemon slams the hilt of his sword on the opponent, then if he hits, follows by doing 10 slashes, then two kicks, then finishes with a sword slash to the neck.

    Final Smash: Osoroshī Koroshi: Shinzaemon runs to the opponent with his sword behind him. If he hits, he cuts at the opponent at four different sides, then thrusts his katana into the opponent, then elbow punches the opponent, then finishes by decapitating the prey.

    Victory 1: Shinzaemon does two circular sword slashes saying "It's time to give up and enjoy the view."

    Victory 2: Shinzaemon does a sword swing to the left, then a hopping slash, then holds the sword near his face saying "Now that was a total massacre."

    Victory 3: Shinzaemon holds out a scroll and says "You should think twice before taking on the Shogunate."

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