• Diamante
    English: Ethan Rains

    Japanese: Hideyuki Umezu

    French: Emmanuel Fouquet

    German: Thomas Rauscher

    Arabic: Marwan Farahat

    Mandarin Chinese: Song Kejun

    Rival: Paz

    Second Rival: Kane (Glenn Jacobs, ringname ingame, from WWE)

    Idle: holds his microphone out.

    Select: Diamante flattens his microphone via Ripple-Ripple Fruit as the camera zooms then flings flat knives saying "Hope your ready for a flat party."

    Intro: Diamante hops like a rock star to his point saying "The ring is a place for killing."

    Neutral: Hangetsu Glaive: Diamante waves his rapier from his side to above his head where he swings it down, creating a compressed air projectile that slashes his opponent.

    Side: Vipera Glaive: Diamante flattens the blade of his sword. The flattened blade will then extend itself and move like a snake towards a target in order to cut them.

    Up: Corrida Glaive: Diamante uses his sword and flattens it to reform and fold it in the form of a bull's head, effectively forming a stylized mace, which he uses to strike his opponent while dashing in the direction of the thumb pad.

    Down: Army Bandera: Diamante makes the ground he is standing on ripple and flutter, making it difficult for all nearby foes to move and stand on it as they slip. The effects wear off after 10 second.

    Hyper Smash: Tigre Glaive: Diamante flattens it blade to make it like the top half og a tiger, then waves the sword slashing the tiger's claws 10 times in an auto combo.

    Final Smash: Death Enjambre: Diamante pulls out several folded up confetti cannons, undoes his powers over them, and fires them all at once. He then uses Hira Release on the "confetti" high in the sky, revealing it to be spiked iron balls that he had flattened with his powers. The iron balls then fall to the ground like rain, a sight Diamante compares to "falling stardust".

    Victory 1: Diamante makes his sword into a bull's head then says "You'll be lucky to survive second place."

    Victory 2: Diamante spins his microphone and shouts into it "Thank you, thank you very much for a flat out party!"

    Victory 3: Diamante taps his rapier and microphone together, then announces "Looks like we should look for a new challenger now!"

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    • 1. I know this may be impossible, but if Palutena from Kid Icarus were to be in SFV, what would his idle and select pose look like?

      2. Who is your next Tourney 1 character and his/her default rival gonna be?

      Like last time, an SFV what if for one of your characters might be mandatory.

      OH, and it's getting very late, so good night.

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    • 1.

      Idle: Holds her sceptor out.

      Select: spins her sceptor and sparks three lights. (may be like a Dynasty Warriors 3-introduction pose)

      2. Shinzaemon Shimada from 13 Assassins

      Rival: All Might from My Hero Academia

      SFV what if: Robert Garcia from Art of Fighting

      Idle: brushes his hair.

      Select: positions his hands like a dragon claw, then blinks and kicks upward.

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