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March 17, 2013
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  • There is no word of the Ebola virus outbreak attacking the U.S.A. yet, and my father (he's the third member of the SSB Tourney series team, following you and my mother) says that "we have good doctors" should the virus attack the U.S.A. Anyway, it's time for a new Intro quote from Ling Xiaoyu... If Ling Xiaoyu fights against Dr. Hugo Strange (his very first original quote that isn't modified will be revealed!), Cranky Kong (let's give him a Universal Translator, shall we?), Swanky Kong, Goriath, Bonkers, Bane, the Spider-Man, Jim Phelps, Eomer, Luffy, Crocodile, Grumpy, Pang Tong, and Sima Yi, what would they respond if she said "So that's the Devil Gene's true form?"? You can find the Spider-Man's response on this page. With the exception of the Spider-Man's response, all responses should involve the Devil Gene, hence "So that's the Devil Gene's true form?". Anyway, my character count and your character count is the same: seven. No one else needed for responding.

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  • I have been hearing reports of Ebola virus outbreak in africa, and fears of it spreading globally. If it gets into the United States, it will soon or someday ravage the entire human race.

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  • Time to plan Gianna's bonus costumes! She shall have three bonus costumes.


    The default Gianna, like you planned.

    Gianna First Bonus Costume

    The first bonus costume. This is the same outfit used in the story of how a fisher caught a magic fish, and this outfit resembles the wife of the fisher...

    Gianna Second Bonus Costume

    The second bonus costume. It's when she played the role of a shepherd. It's also the same outfit she was wearing when she said her Intro quote against various characters such as Zhuge Liang prior to the SSB Tourney series.

    Gianna Third Bonus Costume

    The third and final bonus costume. This is the default Gianna from the Barney episode called Once Upon a Fairy Tale.

    Since Gianna is unlockable, none of her bonus costumes should be available by default. All three bonus costumes originated from the fifth episode of the eighth season of Barney, otherwise known as Once Upon a Fairy Tale. All three bonus costumes should be unlocked by using Gianna in some way.

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  • Hey, you were as fast as lightning with Grumpy! Time for the next character of my choosing... Dr. Hugo Strange. He's also the last of the Batman Arkham villains in Tourney 1 to be done. As planned, his rival is Enel, his English voice is yet again Corey Burton (sharing it with Captain Hook, Grumpy, Zeus, and Count Dooku, the latter of which got Corey Burton since I feared Christopher Lee is too old to be doing more voice acting, just like Keaton Yamada), his Select quote is "I fear I should thank you.", his Normal Intro quote is "And now that we have you, Protocol 10 is ready to begin!", and, most importantly, Arkham City game over quotes as victory quotes. Modify the game over quotes if necessary. You can modify these quotes to be said to characters from Ronin Warriors, Glory, Super Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, One Piece (since he has a One Piece rival), Barney & Friends, Tekken (this includes characters who aren't playable, such as Shin Kamiya from Blood Vengeance), Sesame Street, and any other series you can possibly think of, but do NOT, I said do NOT modify any quotes to be said to a Sailor Moon character, especially Sailor Moon (that's the worst type of modified quotes in the whole of the SSB Tourney series)... I do want at least one modified quote from each of the series I mentioned. This is what Dr. Hugo Strange looks like:

    Dr. Hugo Strange CG Art

    You will need the Notepad strategy for this, and some good luck.

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    • oh and annoucning... Hugo Strange!

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    • Tomalak as Luffy's rival, eh? Good luck.

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  • English: Corey Burton

    Japanese: Katsuhisa Hoki

    French: Gerard Rinaldi

    Rival: Goum

    Idle: Taps his iron rod

    Select: Swings his rod down as the camera zoons saying "I don't know, but I'm agin' 'em."

    Intro: Comes down smashing his iron rod and saying "How do ya do, what?" ("I was told of the Erebor incident, and I blame you elves." if he fights Elrond)

    Neutral: Dynamite: Grumpy plants a stick of lit dynamite behind himself. The explosive goes off after 4 seconds. Tapping B, Grumpy can also throw the dynamite, and it will explode on target.

    Side: Jewel Hammer: Grumpy moves forward swinging his iron rod down two times.

    Up: Track Placing: He knocks them up and jumps into the air following with three repeated strikes of his rod, the third knocking the unfortunate enemy to the ground. In midair, Grumpy will do the three midair strikes anyway.

    Down: Rock Shake: Grumpy smashes his iron rod into the ground, making an earthquake that trips opponents.

    Hyper Smash: Rock of Destruction: Grumpy sees a giant rock, and smashes it to pieces, sending its pices around the arena to hit enemies.

    Final Smash: Danger: Explosion: Grumpy sets up a giant tnt barrel saying "This one's for the jackpot!" then ducks, and an explosion much like the nova bombs happens.

    Victory 1: Grumpy does Huang Gai's Dynasty Warriors 3 select pose saying "You don't like it when I'm angry!"

    Victory 2: Grumpy shows a jewel saying "This is a good one!"

    Victory 3: Grumpy swings his rod four times saying "Do you like getting me mad?!"

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  • If Professor Erasmus Q. Tinkerputt fights against Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Super Sailor Moon, Eomer, Rapunzel, Fa Mulan, Lexine (her article is up, so therefore you can give her an original quote), Feng Wei, Thanos, and Cinderella, what would they respond if he said "For you're seventh birthday, I've brought over my highly unusual, extremely spectacular completely amazing surprise, AND IT'S...!"? All responses should start with what each character really wanted for each respective characters' birthday, and each quote should be in the form of a question. My character total is four. Your character total is seven. That would mean nobody else is required to respond.

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    • Sailor Moon: Oh, can I get a PSone?

      Sailor Mercury: I wonder, could I have a new bikini?

      Sailor Mars: Could I have a free magazine?

      Super Sailor Moon: Is it a shrine to my friends?

      Eomer: I asked for a horse for my sister, Eowyn, did it arrive on time?

      Rapunzel: Ooh, was it a mirror?

      Fa Mulan: My friend, could I get Mushu a dragon mate?

      Lexine: Is it a hamster for me?

      Feng Wei: Could it have been a fighting scroll?

      Thanos: The Infinity Gems, can I have them for conquest of worlds?

      Cinderella: I have glass slippers, so could you get some for Anastasia? (referring to Anastasia Tremaine, Cinderella's step-sister, ex-enemy and best friend)

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    • Let me remind you that Tinkerputt's victory equivalent to the quote I just asked is, in the third victory, "What I was about to say was, AND IT'S...! Still in the Barney Mobile." Btw, that's what he said in the stage show that this Intro quote comes from (Barney's Big Surprise)... What's with Feng Wei and this thing that he is always wanting some sort of "scroll"?

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    • The scroll Feng Wei is after in the Tourney series is the God Fist scroll. In Tourney, the God Fist scroll is stolen by NESTS causing Feng Wei to go on a rampaging search for it.

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  • I was getting bored of using the same format of asking Intro quotes, so I've come up with another good format. Let's start using this format with a Barney character... Professor Tinkerputt can put up a good fight against Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Super Sailor Moon, Eomer, Rapunzel, Fa Mulan, Lexine (her article is up, so therefore you can give her an original quote), Feng Wei, Thanos, and Cinderella, but what's the best quote from all of the characters I mentioned, sans Tinkerputt, that corresponds to "For you're seventh birthday, I've brought over my highly unusual, extremely spectacular completely amazing surprise, AND IT'S...!"? All responses should start with what each character really wanted for each respective characters' birthday, and each quote should be in the form of a question. My character total is four. Your character total is seven. That would mean nobody else is required to respond.

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    AndrewXDerby closed this thread because:
    Never mind the new format...
    22:32, July 30, 2014
  • G-O-R-I-A-T-H spells Goriath, and he's up next! This is what Goriath will look like:

    Goriath KRtD

    Remember, Trafalgar Law is his rival, his English voice is to be done by either Christopher Sabat (also voicing Buffaloman and Starman, and will be Vegeta's English voice in Tourney 2), Dean Wendt (English voice of Barney the Dinosaur), Darren Daniels (Jin Kazama's English voice), Gideon Emery (also voicing Sun Quan, Steve Fox, Street Fighter's Eagle, etc.), Karl Urban (English voice of Dr. Leonard H. McCoy), Steven Jay Blum (who also voices Wolverine, Wen Yang, Taskmaster, Killer Croc, etc.), or Robert Clotworthy (ex-English voice of Marshall Law during Tekken 5), and his Select quote and Normal Intro quote are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. Oh, if you wish to have one of his moves being the one where he hold his arms back and preparing an energy blast, he should say "Hadoken!" during it, since the energy blasts resemble the famous Street Fighter move called the Hadoken. This will require both luck and the Notepad strategy.

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    • English: Christopher Sabat

      Japanese: Hideyuki Tanaka

      French: Emmanuel Gradi

      Rival: T. Law

      Idle: makes a snowman with his image on the face, then starts all over again

      Select: Throws a snowball at the camera. When it clears, Goriath is up close saying "It's going to be chilly."

      Intro: A pile of snow is knocked away to reveal Goriath who says "Let's kick some ice!"

      Neutral: Snow Ball: Goriath takes out a snow ball and throws it at his opponent to damage and freezehim/her.

      Side: Ape Roll: Goriath leaps forward as he rolls.

      Up: Extendable Arm: Goriath spins his arm, then extends it in a direction determined by the thumb pad.

      Down: Abomiable Smash: Goriath jumps into the air and slams himself hard onto his opponent.

      Hyper Smash: Frozen tundra Wave: Goriath holds his arms back and prepares an ice beam then shoots it at his opponent shouting "Hadoken!"

      Final Smash: Shining Freeze: Goriath shields his face, raises his arms then swings them down saying "White Out!" then causes a snow storm to damage and hinder opponents.

      Victory 1: Goriath beats his chest then says "I'm too cold for you to handle!"

      Victory 2: Goriath makes a snowman saying "This is abominable as me."

      Victory 3: Goriath stomps the ground, and changes his fur saying "No summer for you."

      decided for his Hyper Smash for him to say Hadoken" and for his Final Smash to say Smoker's "White Out"

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    • Hadoken for Hyper Smash, and "White Out" from Smoker for the Final Smash, huh? Well... His first victory reminds me of Tarzan... Anyway, I have two questions... First, I have been dying to see the Invisible Woman in a Smash game (as you were with Felicia, Sakura Haruno, and Akuma Shogun), so would you mind if I moved the Invisible Woman to the first game and moved Mr. Fantastic to the second game (like a switcheroo)? Second, can we PLEASE do one of the Seven Dwarves next (since we never did them since the last one)???

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    • 1. okay, switch it up

      2. Grumpy's next.

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    • YAHOOO! I get my wish again... TWICE! Anyway, remember that Grumpy's rival is Goum, and for Grumpy's Select and Intro quotes, keep an eye out for them on iMDb...

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  • Samwise2
    English: Sean Astin

    Japanese: Shingo Yatsuda

    French: Christophe Lemoine

    Rival: Denzi Red

    Idle: Holdshis hands together

    Select: Swings his barrow blade then assumes a stance as the camera zooms saying "I will go anywhere Frodo goes."

    Intro: Runs to his starting point and takes out his barrow blade saying "Do you want to cross swords with a Hobbit gardener?" ("I don't want to have to kill you, Mr. Frodo." if he fights Frodo)

    Neutral: Leaf Clipper: Sam dashes forward while swinging his barrow blade left, then down.

    Side: Seed Plant: Sam swings his sword diaognally up left, then does two spin kicks.

    Up: Flower Grow: Sam crouches then thrusts his barrow blade, then jumps into the air with an upward slash.

    Down: Pan Bash: Sam swings his frying pan hard to the right. If he hits, the opponent is stunned for 4 seconds.

    Hyper Smash: Weed Wack: Sam swings his barrow blade down. If he hits, he follows with three more sword swings, then bashes his head on the opponent, knocking him/her away.

    Final Smash: Flower Slash: Sam runs his hand across his barrow blade  then pierces the hilt into his opponent. When he does, Sam next does 8 sword swings, then does a hard upper swing, knocking his opponent away.

    Victory 1: Sam plants a flower saying "Well, back to garden work." then starts to water it.

    Victory 2: Sam swings his barrow blade, then plants it to the ground saying "Ha, I could do this all day!"

    victory 3: Sam sits down and says "I suggest you go home and think about your life."

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  • I think Mario could use a new Select pose, based on one of the retry poses from one of the female characters in this video (we already have Crimson Viper's retry pose). His Select quote is to remain "It's-a me, Mario!" You have to tell me who you got the new select pose from, and what character of your choosing will have that animation as well.

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