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March 17, 2013
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  • There is only one more Devil Kazuya intro quote I haven't asked yet. I asked the one that involves disappointment, and I asked the one that involves moving out of his path. Now we move on to the last of the three, which is the one that involves no young women being able to fight! Ready? If Devil Kazuya fights against Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Super Sailor Moon, Eagle Marin, Uighur (that's his rival!), Jingles the Jester (btw, her article is now done and ready), Doctor Strange, the Hulk, Gigant Edge, and Ghirahim (much requested SSB4 veteran), what would they respond if he said "This is not a fight for little girls!"? You can find the responses of Doctor Strange and the Hulk here, but you'll have to put the reasons on why you picked their respective responses in parentheses. My character count: four. Your character count: six. Combined character count: one. There are no other characters required to respond.

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    • yeah.

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    • WAHOOO! I'll have some more things in store for tomorrow! For now, goodnight.

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  • V-O-L-G-A spells Volga, and he's next! Remember, Dulcinea is his rival, and since this is his first time speaking, give him an original quote for his Select and Intro poses. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. His moveset should be comprised of what he did when you fought him in Hyrule Warriors. As for his English voice, anyone can do the job, as long as it is a well-known anime role (and as long as you tell me that man's well-known anime role). You may also upload a picture of him if you'd like; after all, he's my character but your addition! Once again, you will need luck and the Notepad strategy. You'll need it! :)

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    • Volga
      English: Ward Perry (Sekhmet and Rowen in Ronin Warriors, Kojiro Murdoch, Howard, Otto, Abdul, Marquise Weridge and Dr. J in Mobile Suit Gundam universe)
      Japanese: Yoshihisa Kawahara
      French: Lucas Bleger
      German: Anton Sprick
      Arabic: Naeim Ghalili
      Mandarin Chinese: Guozhi Quan

      Rival: Dulcinea

      Idle: Stands with his Dragon Spear at his side and breath little fire from his mouth.
      Select: Does three strikes with his spear as the camera zooms, then blows a trail of fire from his mouth and says "I am Volga, and you are my enemy!"
      Intro: Flies to his start point in his dragon form, then changes to his human form and says "Come and try to attack me if you dare."

      Neutral: Dragon Blast: Volga turns his left arm into a dragon's claw which he uses to slash enemies and launch three shockwaves.
      Side: Dragon Fire Breath: Volga spews a torrent of flame in front of him which he sprays in a fan formation.
      Up: Flying Spear Dragon: Volga uses dragon wings and does a three hit uppercut slash with his spear.
      Down: Dragon Smash: Volga roars and turns into his dragon form, spits a medium but powerful ball of fire, then divebombs his opponent.

      Hyper Smash: Dragon Kill: Volga turns into his dragon form and flies around in a circle to rapidly burn his opponent before divebombing him/her.
      Final Smash: Fire Dance: Volga spins his spear and does a thrust. If he ocnnects, he follows with a combo of spear swings and spins. After 13 hits, he moves back, and charges forward to impale enemies on his spear, leaving a trail of flames in his wake.

      Victory 1: Volga does four spear swings and turns his hand into a fiery dragon claw saying "If you were that eager to die, I'll accept rematches anytime."
      Victory 2: Volga sprays a fire trail from his mouth then says "I'll just keep winning and winning." then turns into his dragon form and roars, then flies away.
      Victory 3: Volga roars and makes some fire around himself. He then says "You could never hope to defeat a dragon as powerful as me."

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    • Now, four questions... First, can you confirm the German, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese voices of Jenny Wakeman? Second, if a female character throws off her clothes in a victory pose but is already nude due to a costume made by the Custom Costume Builder or is imitated with a character with no clothes (let's say Mokujin) and that imitation character does the victory pose where a respective female character throws her clothes off (let's say Mokujin imitates Yachiru and does her third victory pose), will they just do the animation with no effect (similar to how if you were to select Little Mac's pink training outfit in SSB4 when he does his intro pose), or will they do something different? Third, because Korra from TLA is Dulcinea's second rival, who will Volga's second rival be? Fourth, Nobuo Yamada of the Japanese Make-Up band next or Eri Sawachika from School Rumble next (one of those two will be next, but the other's gonna have to wait more)?

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    • 1.

      German: Celine Fontanges

      Arabic: Ana Nemati

      Mandarin Chinese: He Shifang

      2. females would have the clothes throw off effect, fortunately, it won't happen for males.

      3. GP-V4 Vise (Vise ingame) from Capcom's Cyberbots

      4. Eri Sawachika.

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    • Time for our first School Rumble character, huh? Now remember, the rival of Eri Sawachika is Rambi the Rhinoceros...

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  • Matsuzawa
    English: Liam O'Brien
    Japanese: himself
    French: Maxime Donnay
    German: Jesse Grimm
    Arabic: Mehdi Aminikhah
    Mandarin Chinese: Chen Zhuozhi

    Rival: Viridi

    Idle: Holds his spear behind his back and his left hand in a fist
    Select: swings his spear around himself and dashes forward with a spear thrust to the camera saying "Let's rock on tonight!"
    Intro: Runs up and pulls out his spear then says "Tally ho, let our weapons fly here!"

    Neutral: Icy Spear Machine Gun: Infusing the spear with ice, Hiroaki begins to shoot a maelstorm of ice bullets at his opponent.
    Side: Burning Lance: Powering the spear with fire, Matsuzawa sends a medium sized wave of fire towards his opponent.
    Up: Hurricane Blade Tornado: Hiroaki spins his spear above himself with the weapon infused with wind. In midair, he will go upwards while doing it.
    Down: Earth Shield: Using the power of earth on his spear, Matsuzawa slams his spear on his two sides, making quick earth pillars around himself.

    Hyper Smash: Strategic Monk Attack: Hiroaki crosses his arms while flashing as though he needs rest. If anyone tries to attack him, two shaolin monks appear and attack the opponent. The monks then do an auto combo, then a third does a hammer fist attack, then a kick to the face, knocking the opponent away.
    Final Smash: Elemental Spark: Hiroaki Matsuzawa charges up his spear and sends first a large wave of fire, then water, then ice, then wind, then earth, then thunder, then light at his opponent.

    Victory 1: Hiroaki Matsuzawa spins his spear above himself then sets the blunt on the ground and does a kick saying "With the elements spear, no one can beat me!"
    Victory 2: Matsuzawa thrusts his spear, and wipes some sweat then says "Even if the world ends, I still come out on top."
    Victory 3: Matsuzawa infuses the spear with water and does a splashing strike, then makes a fiery slash saying "That hardly took long."

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  • The next character is Nayru. Remember, Paula Doublefinger is her rival, and since it's her first time speaking, give her an original quote for her Select and Intro poses. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. She will take on her Oracle design, as seen in LOZ: Oracle of Ages. If you fear she cannot fight, you get two choices: either give her an imitation fighting style (but don't borrow a select pose from anybody) or give her a weapon. As for her English voice, anybody can do the job, as long as it is a well-known anime role (and you tell me who that woman's well-known anime role was). You may also upload a picture of her; after all, she's my character but your addition! Once again, luck and the Notepad strategy are needed. Good luck! :)

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    • Nayru Oracle
      English: Cathy Weseluck (Mirai Yashima, Kati Mannequin, Dorothy Catalonia, Catherine Bloom (Gundam Wing episode 35-49) in Mobile Suit Gundam universe. Shampoo in Ranma ½)
      Japanese: Yuko Kobayashi
      French: Barabara Tissier
      German: Sonja Reichelt
      Arabic: Twitter Jorjour
      Mandarin Chinese: He Shifang

      Rival: Paula Doublefinger

      Idle: Plays gentle notes on her harp
      Select: Kneels as the camera zooms then plays a loud note saying "Let us play a lovely song that will go through the ages."
      Intro: Magically appears playing her harp then says "Care to hear a melody that drives away evil?"

      Neutral: Melodic Spark: Nayru plays a note and sends a ball of energy forward.
      side: Thundering Song: Nayru plays a sharp note sending sparks of lightning forward.
      Up: Icy Etude: Nayru jumps into the air playing theyrs that rain icy crystals diagonally down on opponents.
      Down: Harmony Times: Nayru plays a note that slows down time for 3 seconds.

      Hyper Smash: Enchanting Song: Nayru stands then beings to play a song, sending notes that either boost stats of players, or give elemental damage to opponents.
      final Smash: Time Concerto: Nayru plays a song that stops time for all except Nayru for 10 seconds. This allows her to do free combos and set up projectiles. After the seconds are up, she says "Time will flow." then time resumes.

      Victory 1: Nayru spins beautifully and takes a bow saying "As the Oracle of Ages, time will be safe."
      victory 2: Nayru plays a song on her harp, then sits on her knees and says "May the songs I play protect this era."
      Victory 3: Nayru makes time slow down through her harp saying "I can use time to help others and stop those who would seek to cause harm."

      as Oracle of Ages, she can control time.

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    • I didn't know she could control time, hehe... Anyway, four questions... First, can you confirm Punky Brewster's German, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese voices? Second, I plan to have Heihachi say "Enough! Stop trifling with that pet and do as I command..." when against Nayru, but what's the best OQ that Nayru could say to that? Third, if there were to be ONE Zelda character with a Hulk-like dialect, who would it be? Fourth, Hiroaki Matsuzawa of the Make-Up band next or Esidisi from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure next (one of those two will be next, but the other is gonna have to wait)?

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    • 1.

      German: Lilli Schweiger

      Arabic: Zohreh Mojabi

      Mandarin Chinese: Zhou Xun

      2. "I'll never do your commands, you monster!"

      3. Lizalfos

      4. Hiroaki Matsuzawa

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    • You have to remember that Hiroaki Matsuzawa's rival is Viridi from Kid Icarus...

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  • Tekkaman
    English: Sean Schemmel

    Japanese: Katsuji Mori

    French: Damien Laquet

    German: Konrad Bösherz

    Arabic: Shahrokh Estakhri

    Mandarin Chinese: Li Jianliang (voice actor)

    Rival: Ralphie

    Second Rival: Piandao

    Idle: Stands with one of the blades of of his double blade spear Tek Lancer planted in the ground

    Select: swings the Tek Lancer then pulls out his long whip, the Tek Win and lashes it as the camera zooms, then says "Come, evildoers! You shall not go another step!"

    Intro: Jumps down and swings the Tek Lancer saying "Bring it on! Tekkaman is here to put you in your place!"

    Neutral: Tek Lancer: Tekkaman throw his lance which works kind of like a boomerang.

    Side: Gatling Lancer: Tekkaman rapidly jabs his lance like a machine gun.

    Up: Space Lariat: Tekkaman throws it Tek Win in a direction given by the thumb pad. If he touches his opponent, he'll lasso him/her around. If it is a platform edge, he can go there.

    Down: Galaxy Windmill: Tekkaman spins his lance above his head.

    Hyper Smash: Vol Tekka Beam: Tekkaman charges something in the gem on his forehead, and fires a big laser beam from the gem, giving heavy damage. After doing so, he needs to rest for 5 seconds.

    Final Smash: Space Knights Formation: Tekkaman will toss out Tek Win and if it hits he'll impale his enemy on his lance, throw them into the air and punch them with the aid of a Pegas.

    Victory 1: Tekkaman holds Tek Lander close to his frontal, then stands straight and holds the lance sideways, then points on the blades down and has his left hand on his waist saying "I will fight to the end."

    Victory 2: Tekkaman does two spear swings with Tek Lancer and swings it around himself then twirls jumps and thrusts the lance out saying "We are the space knights! Throughout the universe we fight for justice and protect the weak!"

    Victory 3: Tekkaman calls in his Pegas and it lands near him then he poses saying "Let's go, Pegas! The future of humanity rests on our shoulders!"

    last minute mind change, Tekkaman will be a starter. A Pegas is a mecha seen in Tekkaman.

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  • Now, the Alien! This will be the Alien's Tourney series design:

    Alien CG Art

    Remember, his rival is to be either Yuffie Kisaragi or Cid Highwind (both are from Final Fantasy, the other will get one of your characters for a rival), his English voice is to be done by one from the Ocean Productions and/or Blue Water Productions company, and his Select and Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. Like the Predator, he should have four victory poses, one of which should make him disguise himself as the Results Screen background. While Predator uses a spear as his weapon, Alien should use some sort of gun for a weapon. Once again, you are gonna need luck and the Notepad strategy. Best of luck to you! :)

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    • English: Andrew Cavadas
      Japanese: Demon Kakka (real name: Kogure)
      French: Bernard Demory
      German: Simon T. Roden
      Arabic: Nader Rajabpoor
      Mandarin Chinese: Liang Zhida

      Rival: Cid Highwind

      Idle: Looks around with his tail blade in the ground
      Select: Gives a hiss and pulls out an HK VP70 as the camera zooms saying "Flesh to eat!"
      Intro: Bursts from a cocoon and says "I'll make you my meal!"

      Neutral: VP70: The Xenomorph Alien pulls out his VP70 and shoots it at his prey. 18 rounds later, he needs to reload.
      Side: Acid Blood Spit: The Alien spits some acid blood at his opponent.
      Up: Rolling Strike: The Alien rolls along the ground forward, then jumps into the air slashing his claws.
      Down: Tail Jabber: The Alien jabs his bladed tial up, then middle, then down.

      Hyper Smash: Hunger Supression: The Xenomorph Alien reaches to grab his opponent. If he does, he opens his mouth and uses his inner mouth to chew on the opponent's head, then does two slashes and two VP70 shots.
      Final Smash: Tearing Flesh: The Alien does two slashes. If he connects, he slashes at the opponent's upper torso 5 times, then cuts the opponent's leg. He next claws into the opponent's head, cuts his/her face, and throws him/her off.

      Victory 1: The Alien creeps up and does a slash saying "I'm going to pick my teeth now."
      Victory 2: The Xenomorph jabs his inner mouth, then says "That was a fine taste for you!"
      Victory 3: The Alien slashes his hands then turns with his VP70, fires behind himself and says "I tore your flesh out, and there's nothing you could do about it!"
      Victory 4: The Xenomorph jumps down and disguises his skin as the result screen saying "You can try to run, you can try to hide, but you can't escape. No one can hear you scream."

      weapon: Heckler & Koch VP70 (stolen from a Colonial Marine)

      Looks like any humans from AVP, like Ellen Ripley for instance, will have to hold until Tourney 2.

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    • Now let's see if you can answer these five questions... First, can you confirm the Predator's German, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese voices? Second, shall we give the rivalry of Yuffie to the Gaplant or the 7th Gundam (both are from Mobile Suit Gundam btw)? Third, what weapon users will Predator be saying "You can't defeat me with a weapon like that!" to (btw, I don't want him to say that to ALL of the weapon users...)? Fourth, apart from the aforementioned Ellen Ripley, what AVP humans will be introduced in Tourney 2? Fifth, Tekkaman from Kinnikuman next or King Battler "J" Jr. from Sakigake!! Otokojuku next (one of those two will be next, whereas the other will have to wait longer)?

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    • 1.

      German: Karl-Heinz Tafel

      Arabic: Alireza Kamalinejad

      Mandarin Chinese: Chen Tingxuan

      2. Gaplant

      3.Once again, I'm sorry I didn't know you had... second thoughts on character types to say to so... Mihawk, Zoro, Smoker (uses a jitte), Jagi (mixes his martial arts with weaponry), Captain John Price, Alicia, and Kratos A.

      4. Dwayne Hicks (Hicks), Maj. Alan "Dutch" Schaefer (Dutch Schaefer), Mike Harrigan (Harrigan), Royce, Isabelle, Stans, Nikolai, Hanzo, Bishop, Peter Keyes (Keyes), Mombasa, Cuchillo, Annalee Call (Call), Vincent Distephano (Distephano), Johner, Christie, and Pvt. Vasquez

      5. Tekkaman, Tekkaman wasn't in Kinnikuman, mate.

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    • Well, it was ACTUALLY Tekkaman: The Space Knight where he originated, though you have to remember a few things:

      1. Ralphie from The Magic School Bus is his rival.

      2. Ralphie says "Look at all this oily stuff that washed in from the river." when against Tekkaman.

      3. Knowing that Tekkaman is the only Tekkaman: The Space Knight character in Tourney 1, you'll have to upload the Tekkaman: The Space Knight symbol and start the Tekkaman: The Space Knight template when you finish him, as well as give him a second rival of your choosing.

      And hold on one second... We finished ALL the AVP characters in Tourney 1, don't you think it's about time we started the AVP template and uploaded the AVP symbol???

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  • V2gundam
    Pilot: Uso Ewin

    Uso's English: English: David A. Kaye

    Uso's Japanese: Daisuke sakaguchi

    Uso's French: Tony Beck

    Uso's German: Angela Quast (it seems she can voice younger boys and girls)

    Uso's Arabic: Samer Jundi

    Uso's Mandarin Chinese: Feng Jintang

    Rival: Karen X

    Idle: Glows the Wings of Light

    Select: Boosts to the camera with Wings of Light and slashes its beam saber as Uso says "Some things are impossible, even for Newtypes."

    Intro: Flies to its start point with Wings of Light and uso says "Don't come any closer! I'll shoot! I really will!" ("I know what its like to lose a lover to war, Amuro." if he fights Gundam or Nu Gundam, "I'm doing this for the real creators of life: women." if he fights alongside Chun-Li, Cammy, Mai, Sakura, and Sailor Moon, "A hate-filled heart will destroy itself!" if he fights Chun-Li, Cammy, Mai, Sakura, and Sailor Moon)

    Neutral: Beam Rifle: Victory 2 Gundam shoots a single purple beam. Can be done up to three times.

    Side: Wings of Light: Victory 2 Gundam thrusts itself forward with its Wings of Light out as Uso says "Wings of Fire!"

    Up: Laser Bombing: Victory 2 Gundam jumps up and launches a huge multi-hit beam which launches targets upward.

    Down: Shield Bit Attack: Victory 2 Gundam throws three parts of its shield outward which have an electric current running between them and the shield, and flails them around in front of it while Uso says "You can't get me!"

    Hyper Smash: Buster Pack: Victory 2 Gundam equips Buster Pack as Uso says "Have some Beam-Spray Gun!" and fires a continuous short range spread beam from its All-Range Cannon, followed by a quick huge beam forward with the Assault Buster Pack.

    Final Smash: Assault Buster: Equips Assault Buster pack as Uso says "I didn't wanna do this, but..." and fires a high-output VSBR in multiple directions. This is deadlier than the Buster Pack. After 6 seconds, the beams die down with Uso saying "Sorry if that hurt!"

    Victory 1: Victory 2 Gundam does two beam slashes and a beam shot from its All-Range Cannon as Uso says "Check it out. I'm ambidextrous!" ("Women make the world. Men protect it. Isn't that what war is about?" victorious alongside Chun-Li, Cammy, Mai, Sakura, and Sailor Moon)

    Victory 2: Victory 2 Gundam flies around with Wings of Light and stops in midair as Uso says "My Wings of Light will crush any enemy!"

    Victory 3: Victory 2 separates its upper torso and does a slash before going back to the lower torso while Uso says "Will I be able to forgive those I hate, and leave vengeance behind me?" ("I don't want to be anyone's dream... I don't want to be anyone's tool, either!" if he defeated Chun-Li, Cammy, Mai, Sakura, and Sailor Moon)

    it seems there's a difference between the two David Kayes from Canada I discovered.

    David Kaye (real name: David V. Hope) was born in 1964, October 14.

    This David Kaye. Usually known as David A. Kaye in some credits was born in 1988, August 4.

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  • You were a speed demon at Paula Doublefinger! Now, the next character is one of the Dragon Elders, namely Elder Magnus. This is what I plan for Elder Magnus's Tourney series design:

    Elder Magnus CG Art

    With Tourney 1 being his first playable appearance, his rival is Edward Scissorhands (Mr. Scissorhands ingame btw), his English voice is to be done by the same person who voiced him in Spyro: A Hero's Tail (you can find it on iMDb, but if you can't find the exact person, you'll have to guess), his Select quote is "Oh, such a story!", and his Normal Intro quote is "You need to learn as much as you can in order to help you in your quest to find red!". Original quotes, in both Intro and victory, are also applicable. His weapon of choice is the staff you see in the image before you, as well as some waterbending moves (and he'll be the first video game character to have these powers and the second non-TLA character overall, following Doug Roberts). Once again, luck and the Notepad strategy are required. Best of luck to you! :)

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    • English: Jess Harnell

      Japanese: Cho

      French: Marc Bretonnière

      German: Willi Röbke

      Arabic: Mehdi Aminikhah

      Mandarin Chinese: Ping Jintang

      Rival: Mr. Scissorhands

      Idle: Spins his staff with water coming from the edge of it

      Select: swings staff left, then spins and does a thrust sending a beam of water at the camera. It clears to show him up close and saying "Oh, such a story!"

      Intro: Elder Magnus jumps out of a large wave of water and says "You need to learn as much as you can in order to help you in your quest to find red!"

      Neutral: Water Shooter: Magnus thrusts his staff sending pellets of water at his opponent.

      Side: Pole Spin: Magnus spins forward using his staff.

      Up: Splashing Smash: Magnus jumps into the air swinging his staff left and making a trail of water.

      Down: Bubble Push: Magnus pushes a bubble forward. If it touches the opponent, it encases the opponent for 5 seconds.

      Hyper Smash: Tsunami Storm: Magnus empowers his staff with water, then begins to spin and send hurricanes of water at his opponent.

      Final Smash: Rain Machine Gun: Magnus jumps into the air and begins to rapidly jab downward, sending fast pellets of water at his opponent like bullets.

      Victory 1: Magnus jumps and slams his staff down making a geyser of water, then says "The master of the staff, is always the best winner."

      Victory 2: Elder Magnus swings his staff diagonally up two times, sending two waves of water and saying "Much appreciating of the component to make life."

      Victory 3: Magnus steps forth and swings his staff making a trail of water, then walks three more steps and makes another water trail with the staff then taps the staff on his shoulders saying "Oh, that was wonderful. You may try again at anytime."

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    • We've done two Dragon Elders, only two more left! For now, answer these three questions... First, can you confirm Yachiru's German, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese voices? Second, what Spyro characters will appear as bosses in the Boss Battles mode (btw, the playable Spyro bosses are Evil Red, Ineptune, Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto, and the Sorceress, all of which have been unplayable prior to the Tourney series)? Third, Yoichi from Samurai Harem: Asu no Yoichi next or the Victory 2 Gundam mobile suit next (one of those two will be next, but the other one has to wait more)?

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    • 1.

      German: Rieke Werner

      Arabic: Niusha Zeighami

      Mandarin Chinese: Qian Xinyu

      2. Chinese Fire Dragons, Crawdad King, Grumpy Grasshopper, Hydra, Ravage Rider

      3. Victory 2 Gundam, Uso Ewin's the pilot.

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    • Either way, remember two things:

      1. Karen X is the Victory 2 Gundam's rival.

      2. Karen X says "We don't have any money!" when against the Victory 2 Gundam.

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  • Miss doublefinger paula (1)
    English: Leah Clark

    Japanese: Yuko Tachibana

    French: Julie Basecqz

    German: Susanne von Medvey

    Arabic: Noor Beshabay

    Mandarin Chinese: Zheng Lili

    Rival: Nayru

    Idle: Sways her hips

    Select: turns her hair into spikes and protrudes spikes from her wrists and slashes them as the camera zooms saying "I dare you to touch me."

    intro: rolls to her start point using Stinger Hedgehog then says "I'll give the nicest spiky pleasures you've ever tasted."

    Neutral: Stinger Finger (Finger Stinger in English versions): Paula turns her fingers into spikes and slashes them left, then up, then gives an x-slash.

    Side: Stinger Step: Paula sprouts tons of spikes on the bottom of her foot and stomps her opponent with them.

    Up: Stinger Orca: Paula produces spikes on her hands and feet into does a jumping double uppercut and flip kick-slash.

    Down: Stinger Hedgehog (Hedgehog Stinger in English versions): Paula first rolls her body into a ball, then sprouts spikes in all directions giving her the appearance of a sea urchin, then rolls along the ground slashing/ramming into anyone. Players can control her movements during this.

    Hyper Smash: Double Stinger: Miss Paula Doublefinger turns her hands into spikes and uses them in a rapid-fire stabbing barrage.

    final Smash: Stinger Flail: Paula Doublefinger sprouts small spikes all along her arms and does a slash. If she connects, she follows by slashing at her opponent's body, then finishes with a strike to the shoulder, and a spiky kick to the face, knocking him/her away.

    Victory 1: Paula sits on the ground and makes her left fingers grow spikes saying "Drop by me anytime."

    Victory 2: Paula Doublefinger slashes her spiky hands and crosses them and spreads them then says "If you get down and beg, I'll end your pain."

    Victory 3: Paula rubs her midriff and licks her spikes then grins and says "Did you enjoy your agony?"

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  • Would you mind telling me how to unlock these eight characters?

    Jingles from Barney & Friends (in Tourney 2, she'll be promoted to starter, and therefore she will be the first one-time kid's show character, as well as the third kid's show character overall to be promoted to starter in Tourney 2, following Foofa and Toodee)

    Sam the Eagle from The Muppets (he's my favorite regular Muppet btw, and I think it would be best to use another bird-like character to unlock him...)

    Aisha from Winx Club (she's the only member of the Winx Club who's unlockable btw)

    Heatran from Pokemon (another character with EXTREMELY POWERFUL fiery powers would be best to unlock him...)

    Hendrix from Spaceworld

    Shiny Luminous from Pretty Cure

    Cure Egret from Pretty Cure

    Sab Than from John Carter

    The first four characters are those of my choosing; whereas the other four are those of your choosing.

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    • Hendrix
      Complete 800 man Brawl with Mamoru or play 1881 matches
      Smash Store Price: 125
      Dragon Ball Dragon: Shenron
      Cairo's Street
      World Wide Connection (from Shock Troopers 2nd Squad)

      Win on Thorntail Hollow 8 times or play 1362 matches
      Smash Store Price: 800
      Uso (the 1st ending theme of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

      Sam the Eagle
      Defeat 95 enemies in Smash Run with Vulture or play 1523 matches
      Smash Store Price: 375 (for regular Muppets and Getbackers)
      Dragon Ball Dragon: Porunga
      Avengers Laboratory
      A Sign of Zeta

      Shiny Luminous
      Complete Classic-Adventure with Cure Black or play 1139 matches
      Smash Store Price: 1010 (for Pretty Cure cast)
      Dragon Ball Dragon: Black-Star Shenron
      Nanairogaoka Middle School
      DANZEN! Futari wa Precure

      Complete Survival Mode with Akainu (his Magu Magu (Magma Magma) devil fruit powers make him a powerful fire user) or play 2014 matches
      Smash Store Price: 340
      Dragon Ball Dragon: Black-Star Shenon
      Pokemon Stadium 3
      Wild Party (from The King of Fighters 2000)

      Cure Egret
      Win 130 Survival Mode matches with Gyan or play 1946 matches
      Smash Store Price: 1010
      Dragon Ball Dragon: Shenron
      Gecchuu! Rabu Rabu!?

      Complete Classic with the following: Arlong, Jinbe, Hatchan, Chew, Kuroobi and Hody Jones or play 932 matches
      Smash store Price: 1125
      Dragon Ball Dragon: Porunga
      Cloud Tower
      Mangetsu no Shiwaza

      Sab Than
      Win 25 matches with John Carter or play 212 matches
      Smash Store Price: 580 matches
      Dragon Ball Dragon: Black-Star Shenron
      Jotaro's Song (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future)

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    • How many coins would Shelby Woo cost at the Smash Store, and what dragon from Dragon Ball would be required for her in the sequel?

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    • 145 and her Dragon Ball dragon is Black Star Shenron

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    • Got it.

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