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  • Tatsumi Oga
    English: Roger Craig Smith

    Japanese: Katsuyuki Konishi

    French: Benjamin Pascal

    German: Erik Schaffler

    Arabic: Hossein Yari

    Mandairn Chinese: Li Jiajie

    Rival: Sherlock Holmes

    Idle: Stands with the baby known as Beelzebub IV looking from his shoulders.

    Select: Raises his right hand and moves the fingers ot his face as the camera zooms saying "Bow to me!!" (his catchphrase)

    Intro: A demonic portal opens and out comes Tatsumi Oga who says "You will die for certain."

    Neutral: Zebul Blast: Oga punches his opponent and releases demonic energy. B can be held to charge the ball of demonic energy.

    Side: Zebul Nosferatu: Oga raises his hands and makes a symbol near him. If anyone is close to him, the symbol saps life from the opponent.

    Up: Zebul Eclipse: Tatsumi flies into the air covered in a demonic ball.

    Down: Zebul Shadow: Tatsumi uses his hands to give five blows to the opponent without touching him/her.

    Hyper Smash: Zebul Volcano: Oga jumps into the background, charges a ball of energy and explodes into five Off Waves-like shockwaves.

    Final Smash:Zebul Emblem: Oga uses the Zebul Spell to target his opponent, then punches it until the enemy explodes from the massive power build up.

    Victory 1: Oga touches the ground and makes a demonic symbol as Beelzebub laughs while Tatsumi says "This is the power of Contractor magic."

    Victory 2: Oga shoots a large Zebul Blast and says "Darkness take you!"

    Victory 3: Oga covers the area in darkness saying "It was nice of you to try and be a match."

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  • All right, it's time for the first Kai-Lan intro quote... If Kai-Lan fights against the Punisher, the Gentleman Ghost, Mokujin, Sailor Moon (Champion of Love and Justice), Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Super Sailor Moon, the Tyrannosaurus Rex (hence the quote I am asking), Col. Robert Gould Shaw, Sgt. John Rawlins, Pvt. Trip, and Maj. Cabot Forbes, what would they respond if she said "I'm a tyrannosaurus rex, and I like to jump."? There's nothing else I can tell you about this quote, just think up some good OQs to answer this quote. My character count is three (only one of them is a non-comic book character). Your character count is nine. There is no other character required to respond.

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  • All right, time for the first Kai-Lan intro quote... If Kai-Lan fights against the Punisher, the Gentleman Ghost, Mokujin, Sailor Moon (Champion of Love and Justice), Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Super Sailor Moon, the Tyrannosaurus Rex (hence the quote I am asking), Col. Robert Gould Shaw, Sgt. John Rawlins, Pvt. Trip, and Maj. Cabot Forbes, what would they respond if she said "I'm a tyrannosaurus rex, and I like to jump."? There's nothing else I can tell you about this quote, just think up some good OQs to answer this quote. My character count is three (only one of them is a non-comic book character). Your character count is nine. There is no other character required to respond.

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    • Sailor Moon: Those dinosaurs are dead. And you are just a boy.

      Sailor Mercury: You're no dinosaur, I learned that a tyrannosaurus rex can give twice the jump damage as your jump.

      Sailor Mars: You could never pass for a dinosaur.

      Super Sailor Moon: So, you say you're a tyrannosaurus rex? You're wrong.

      Tyrannosaurus Rex: My jump is several times harder than yours!

      Col. Robert: According to the telemetry information, you are trying to mimic the jump of a long dead animal.

      Pvt. Trip: You can try and mimic it, but ya' can't be a true dino!

      Maj. Cabot: You're jump msut be several times weaker than that of your average t-rex.

      Sgt. Rawlins: If you WERE a rex, I could make a nice dinner.

      Mokujin: Is that true? Then dinosaurs can be saved!

      Punisher: You don't even have reptile skin.

      Gentleman Ghost: Inconceivable, I bet dinosaurs bite harder than you!

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    • I almost forgot to ask you something about the Punisher! Since it's Kyle Herbert's first time voicing the Punisher, will he sound more like Ryu or more like Kazuya and Ujiyasu Hojo?

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  • Just wondering, what victory pose will Feng Wei be saying "I am my own master now!" in, and who will Wamuu's new rivalry go to (as I found out at the last minute that Sherlock Holmes was Tatsumi Oga's rival)?

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  • The next character is the master of Feng Wei. That's right, the Fist Master is next! Here's his SSB Tourney series design:

    Fist Master CG Art

    Remember, his rival is the Plasm Wraith, and since it's his first time ever speaking English (or any language), give him an original quote for his Select and Intro. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. For his English voice, anyone can do the job, as long as you tell me who else that man does. Since he taught Feng Wei God Fist Style Chinese Kempo (which is his fighting style), he should have a unique moveset as well, with one of his moves involving the Thunderstorm status condition (not like his pupil, meaning Feng Wei). This will require luck and the Notepad strategy. Good luck to you! :)

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    • English: Richard Epcar (I've seen him do elders)

      Japanese: Bin Shimada

      French: Olivier Jankovic

      German: Andre Beyer

      Arabic: Mohammed Filfila

      Mandarin Chinese: Hu Qian

      Rival: Plasm Wraith

      Idle: Stands with his fist on his open hand

      Select: Does three fist strikes as the camera zooms saying "The Gods will witness our battle!"

      Intro: Walks up then assumes his stance saying "I shall humble you." ("Feng Wei, you have gone too far. I must punish you!" if he fights Feng)

      Neutral: Tiger Killer: The Fist Master does two uppercuts on the ground, then does a straight that sends the opponent flying away.

      Side: God Pierce: The Fist Master jams his right elbow, then raises his shoulder hard enough to smash his opponent into the air.

      Up: Arm Severing Punch: The Fist Master does a jumping elbow uppercut and then goes further upward with a fisted uppercut.

      Down: Light Fan: The Fist Master does a handstand and spins his legs like a fan.

      Hyper Smash: Thunder God Prayer: The Fist Master meditates then gives a loud shout that calls forth a thunderstorm of rain and lightning for 30 seconds.

      Final Smash: Dragon Exploding Fist: The Fist Master places his hands together above, then sends a medium sized but powerful ball of energy at his opponent.

      Victory 1: The Fist Master does a jumping kick then spreads his arms saying "Did you think that attack was going to work?"

      Victory 2: The Fist Master does four punches while standing, then crouches and does three more saying "The Gods have granted my victory."

      Victory 3: The Fist Master pushes his palms out then crouches, and rises with a kick and says "The master is still a warrior. Just becuase I'm old doesn't mean I can't fight anymore!" ("As of today, you are no longer my student." if he defeated Feng)

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    • Looking at his second victory YET AGAIN reminds me of Xiaoyu's "Don't let hatred turn you into a monster!" pose from Blood Vengeance (whenever you make a character of my choosing "spread his/her arms" I usually say that). And I guess Azazel isn't the only Tekken character voiced by Richard Epcar anymore (not counting those from Death By Degrees)! Anyway, four questions... First, what would Feng Wei say to the Fist Master in both Intro and victory (be sure to tell me which victory pose for the victory quote)? Second, based on the OQs, is the Fist Master a hero, an anti-hero, or a villain (the latter is just like Feng Wei)? Third, who will be doing Feng Wei's voice in German and Arabic? Lastly, Takayuki Furuichi or Tatsumi Ago next (btw, they're both from Beelzebub)?

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    • 1.

      vs. Fist Master "I killed you once, you will die again!"

      defeated Fist Master "I am my own master now!"

      2. hero


      German: Patrick bach

      Arabic: Marwan Abu Shahin

      4. Tatsumi Oga.

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    • Don't forget, though, Sherlock Holmes is his rival (I found out at the last minute). So, who will Wamuu's new rivalry go to, and what victory pose does Feng say his victory quote to the Fist Master in, the first, second, or third?

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  • Giorno ASB
    English: Quinton Flynn

    Japanese: Daisuke Namikawa

    French: Romain Barbieux

    German: Christian Stark (he's German)

    Arabic: Mahmoud Hassan

    Mandarin Chinese: Jiang Huangtao

    Rival: Ninki

    Idle: Stands with Godlen Experience behind himself.

    Select: Golden Experience rapidly punches as the camera zooms, then GIorno says "I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream!"

    Intro: Giornno jumps off a motorcycle and summons Golden Experience saying "I hope you're ready. Witness Golden Experience!"

    Neutral: Mudamuda: Golden Experience rapidly punches the opponent while going :Muda muda". B can be tapped to get more hits.

    Side: I’ll advance through this path of darkness!: Golden Experience rapidly kicks the opponent and stops after 7 hits.

    Up: WRYYYYYYYYYYY!: Golden Experience goes upwards rapidly attacking, bringing Giorno up with it. If B is pressed again, Golden Experience finishes by punching the opponent to the ground.

    Down: It's useless: Giorno does a weird stance. If anyone tries to attack him, he ignites a field of energy and Golden Experience attacks.

    Hyper Smash: The sharp pains… They’re hitting me slowly!...: Based on his JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Heart Heat Attack. Giorno dashes forward. If he connects, he has Golden Experience give a heavy slo-mo punch during which we get a close up of the punch connecting to the target's face while Giorno says "Enjoy your slow, dull pain.".

    Final Smash: Never-ending End: Based on his JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Great Heat Attack. Giorno holds a Stand Arrow and says "The power of the Arrow!" then stabs it into Golden Experience. Seconds later, it transforms into Golden Experience Requiem. This gives the Stand an increase in attack power, defense and speed for 30 seconds.

    Victory 1: Giorno raises his fist as does Golden Experience and says "We're free at last!"

    Victory 2: Golden Experience does the Jumping Backbreaker on the loser while Giorno says "For torturing people needlessly, this is the price you pay." ("I didn't want you resurrecting my father!" if he defeated Heihachi)

    Victory 3: Golden Experience does some punches and kicks while Giorno says "You made a bad mistake trying to attack me."

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  • The next character is a Battle Droid; but not any ordinary Battle Droid, it's a SUPER Battle Droid! Here's his SSB Tourney series design:

    Super Battle Droid CG Art

    With SSB Tourney 1 being his first speaking role thanks to a Universal Translator, his rival is to be either Takayuki Furuichi or Tatsumi Oga (they're both from Beelzebub, and the person not given to the SBD (btw, that's short for Super Battle Droid) will get another rival), his English voice is to be done by one from Dynasty Warriors 8 or earlier (regardless of where you put it, you must tell me who else that man does in said DW game), his Select quote is "Intruder alert!", and his Normal Intro quote is "I have been programmed to destroy all of you.". Original quotes, in both Intro and victory, are also applicable. His weapon of choice is the gun from the image shown to the right. This is gonna require luck and the Notepad strategy. You'll need it! :)

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    • English: Christopher Corey Smith (also Yuan Shao's English voice)

      Japanese: Osamu Ryutani

      French: Michel Tugot-Doris

      German: Gerald Schaale

      Arabic: Sam Sako (speaks Arabic)

      Mandarin Chinese: Calvin Li

      Rival: Takayuki Furuichi

      Idle: Checks his wrist mounted blaster

      Select: Points his wrist blaster at the camer and says "Intruder alert."

      Intro: Is activated at his start point and says "I have been programmed to destroy all of you."

      Neutral: Wrist Blaster: The Super Battle Droid fires his Wrist blaster at his opponent.

      Side: Trishot: The Super Battle Droid fires his Trishot blaster at his opponent. B can be tapped but if fired too many times, it will overhead.

      Up: Robot Bicycle Kick: The Super Battle Droid leaps into the air kicking four times.

      Down: Wrist Rocket: The Super Battle Droid shoots his wrist rocket at his opponent.

      Hyper Smash: Trap Shooter: The Super Battle Droid sends a signal flare and multiple battle droids appear from the screen ends and open fire on the opponent.

      Final Smash: Tracking Missiles: The Super Battle Droid sets targets on the opponent and begins to fire from his wrist homing missiles.

      Victory 1: The Super Battle Droid swings his right elbow down and does a right punch saying "Area sanitized, all targets obliterated."

      Victory 2: The Super Battle Droid crosses his forearms then spreads the arms saying "Probability of your victory, 0%."

      Victory 3: The Super Battle Droid kicks his left leg up, then does a side kick and says "Disturbance eliminated."

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    • When I look at his second victory, it reminds me of TWO Tekken character actions, the first part reminding me of Julia's "You're not ready to face me." pose from Tekken 5 and the second part reminding me of Xiaoyu's "Don't let hatred turn you into a monster!" pose from Blood Vengeance... Four questions... First, Tatsumi Oga's rivalry goes to what character? Second, I cannot figure out who the droid you added months ago was, could you figure it out for me (it was on the thread saying something about "One supervillain from the Marvel Comic books, and one droid from Star Wars" and I can't find that thread anywhere on this wall, even on history view)? Third, what Star Wars droids will become playable in the sequel (C-3PO is in Tourney 1)? Lastly, Tayuya from Naruto next or Giorno Giovanna from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure next?

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    • 1. Let's see... Wamuu

      2. Phase 1 Dark Trooper

      3. Phase 2 Dark Trooper, Guri (human replica droid), C-3PX, to name a few

      4. Giorno Giovanna

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    • Thanks for refreshing my memory! You need to remember two things when doing Giorno:

      1. Ninki from Kerwhizz is his rival.

      2. "Isn't it? Hello?!" is what Ninki is gonna be saying when against Giorno.

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  • Hilda
    English: Danielle Judovits

    Japanese: Shizuka Ito

    French: Isabelle Volpe

    German: Stefanie Beba

    Arabic: Hazar Ahark

    Mandarin Chinese: Wu Xin

    Rival: Titan Dweevil

    Second Rival: Dolph

    Idle: Stands under her seemingly harmless umbrella.

    Select: Reveals a sword hidden in her umbrella and slashes it as the camera zooms saying "Don;t touch me, or you'll see blood, not roses."

    Intro: Uses her umbrella to land and draws her sword form the umbrella saying "This looks like the final curtian for you."

    Neutral: Owl Claw: Hildegarde does a quick dash slash past her opponent. It will appear nothing has happened, but the opponent is then cut away.

    Side: Fruit Cutter: Hildegarde throws a fruit up and cuts it rapidly, and her opponent if close enough.

    Up: Umbrella Sword: Hildegarde does a somersault while slashing her sword and then uses her umbrella to come down.

    Down: Raptor Slash: hildegarde dashes forward while doing two quick slashes.

    Hyper Smash: Asago: Hildegarde does an uppercut slash. If she connects, she rapidly slashes her opponent up and down, then swings her sword down and knocks her opponent away.

    Final Smash: Mantis Disruption: Hildegarde sheathes her umbrella sword then begins to do a quick slash. If she connects,s he follows by doing 7 more slashes at high speeds.

    Victory 1: Hildegarde spins her umbrella sword and sheathes it saying "Surely, you could not beat Hildegarde!"

    Victory 2: Hildegarde does a slash and sheathes her sword then says "I would not leave a single enemy standing if they provoke me."

    Victory 3: Hildegarde swings her sword diagonally left and right then goes under her umbrella with the sword out saying "It must be ready to rain blood soon."

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  • B-I-Z-A-R-R-O spells Bizarro, and he's next! This is his SSB Tourney series design:

    Bizarro CG Art

    Remember, Quincy from Little Einsteins is his Tourney 1 rival (and I must warn you that Quincy will be saying "This is going to be tricky..." when against Bizarro) with an anime character for his Tourney 2 rival, his English voice is to be done by either David Lodge (the role reprised from the Superman Red Son American cartoon, also doing Cmdr. Straker's English voice among others), David Kaye (the role reprised from Tales Of Metropolis, also voicing Uncle Grimmly and fellow DC character Etrigan, as well as the ex-English voice of Xiahou Dun, Noddy, and Akuma), Michael Donovan (the role reprised from the JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time American cartoon, also Bloopy's English voice and Guile's ex-English voice from the Street Fighter American cartoon), Jamieson Price (also Heihachi Mishima's English voice among others), or Joe Mandia (the role reprised from DC Universe Online), and his Select and Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" that I mention are also applicable in Intro and victory. One of his moves should involve yet another new status condition (and he'll be the first character to do so). This is gonna require luck and the Notepad strategy. You'll need it! :)

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    • English: David Lodge

      Japanese: Masaharu Sato

      French: Herve Bellon

      German: Tom Vogt

      Arabic: Kazem HajirAzad

      Mandarin Chinese: Liu Xiao Ling Tong

      Rival: Quincy (Tourney 1), Rock (Tourney 2, this one is from Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis)

      Idle: Glows his eyes blue

      Select: Does two flying kicks as the camera zooms and Bizarro says "I'm the New Superman!"

      Intro: Flies down to his start point and announces "This is how real Kryptonian powers work!"

      Neutral: Freeze Vision: Bizarro shoots a blue beam from his eyes. If they hit, the opponent is frozen for 4 seconds.

      Side: Flame Breath: Bizarro breaths a blast of fire out of his mouth.

      Up: Bizarre Kick: Bizarro flies into the air doing four kicks.

      Down: Vaccuum Breath: Bizarro uses his vaccuum breath to pull the opponent to him.

      Hyper Smash: Fire and Ice Krypton Combo: Bizarro uses his flame breath to give a heavy trail of fire, and freeze visison to shoot a large cold beam at the opponent.

      Final Smash: Green Kryptonite: Bizarro throws a large green kryptonite ball into the air and covers the area in Kryptonite. This allows Bizarro to do double to normal opponents and quintuple damage to Kryptonian opponents for 25 seconds.

      Victory 1: Bizarro slams his foot down and says "You think MY powers are weak?!"

      Victory 2: Bizarro shows his flame breath then says "From now on, I'M the top dog of Krypton!"

      Victory 3: Bizarro does five punches saying "I hope you realized how lucky you are to be beaten."

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    • Three questions... First, based on the OQs, is Bizarro a hero, an anti-hero, or a villain? Second, what is the new status condition called, and what does it do? Third, Hildegard from Beezlebub next or Guyver I from from Guyver?

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    • 1. anti-hero

      2. Kryptonite: This allows the user to do double damage to Non-Kryptonian and quintuple damage to Kryptonian opponents

      3. Hildegard

      oh, I looked at the wiki Hildegard is on, and the name of the anime/manga series she's from is Beelzebub. Should have realized the name of the series. And Hildegard's name's actually spelled h-i-l-d-e-g-a-r-d-e, Hildegarde (ヒルデガルダ, Hirudegaruda)

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    • Yes, should've known. But remember, Titan Dweevil's her default rival. Btw, there is no English dub of the Beelzbub anime series, so you'll have to give her a first time English dub voice... And you'll have to think of a second rival for her due to Titan Dweevil having Li Xiangfei as his second rival.

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  • I propose another mode for Tourney 2, Gaiden Mode. It would contain stories with fmvs like Subspace Emissary and narration sequences.


    A story of an uneasy alliance between the Ronin Warriors and Maleficent's Masters of Evil in the war against the Regime.

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