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March 17, 2013
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  • And now, the Poison Gas Pokemon. That's correct, Weezing is next! Here's what I plan for Weezing's SSB Tourney series design:

    Weezing CG Art

    Remember, the rival is the Planeteer known as Linka (and I must warn you that "YOU MUST RELEASE HIM AT ONCE!!!" is what Linka will be saying to Weezing), the English voice is to be done by one from Dynasty Warriors 8 or earlier (regardless of who you decide to do Weezing, you have to tell me who else that man or woman does), the Select quote is "Coughing, wheezing, itching, sneezing!" (my father says that a lot when talking about Weezing, btw), and the Normal Intro quote is "Shall we start?". Original quotes, in both Intro and victory, are also applicable. All of Weezing's moves should be named after moves from the Pokemon series of video games, mostly of the Poison-type. You can decide what gender Weezing will have by deciding who voices Weezing. This is gonna require luck and the Notepad strategy. Good luck! :)

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    • 1.

      German: Andrea imme

      Arabic: Mais Gomar

      Mandarin Chinese: Qu Ying

      2. anti hero

      3. Anubis Khan

      Dr. Grant will have to standby a bit longer.

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    • You're right about the Dr. Grant thing, but remember, Dr. Ian Malcolm is Anubis Khan's rival...

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  • Anubischaca
    English: Peter Kelamis

    Japanese: Takashi Nagasako

    French: Paolo Domingo

    German: Eberhard Haar

    Arabic: Karim Kassem

    Mandarin Chinese: Liang Weide

    Rival: Yoshi

    Idle: Holding the sheathed Anubis Stand, Chaca holds his head in pain

    Select: Anubis possesses Chaca and he takes out the sword as the camera zooms saying "I'm going to slice you up!"

    Intro: Chaca walks up and takes out the Anubis sword Stand saying "I am a master swordsman, and I will take your life."

    Neutral: Ogre Slash: Chaca does a dashing slash to the right. If B is pressed again, he does a light upper swing. Press B again, he does a sweeping slash. Press B and Down, he'll do a jumping downward slash. Press B and Up, Chaca will do a circular slash.

    Side: Reflector Slash: Chaca swings Anubis up giving a trail of blue light.

    Up: Sun Moon Slash: Chaca jumps into the air giving four slashes with Anubis.

    Down: Forget Me Not: Chaca flashes Anubis in a protective manner. If anyone tries to attack him, Chaca will have the quote "move learned" above his battle portrait and give a dash slash then say "I remembered that!". He may also deflect projectiles with this. This "move learning" will last until Chaca is knocked out of the battle area, killed with an Instant kill attack or disqualified.

    Hyper Smash: Rememberance: Chaca moves his sword slowly around then dashes forward with Anubis straight out. If he connects, he then slashes the opponent sky high and with the quote "All learned" above his portrait, he says "Now I know every move you're going to make!" This lasts for 60 seconds.

    Final Smash: Blood Flower Slash: Chaca readies Anubis saying "Damn you!" then dashes forward. If he connects, he continues to slash the target in an auto combo until he has 9 hits, knocking the opponent away.

    Victory 1: Chaca tries to fight off Anubis's influence but he continues to remain in the Stand's power and says "Your skills can't save you!"

    Victory 2: Chaca dares the opponent to try and take revenge "Take your best shot again if you can!", but when he/she tries to, Chaca uses Anubis to cut him/her with nothing appearing to happen, but then blood and the opponent's Star KO scream gushes out.

    Victory 3: Chaca waves Anubis around then sheathes it saying "What a dummy."

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  • The next character is Beady Long Legs. Here's his SSB Tourney series design:

    Beady Long Legs CG Art

    With SSB Tourney 1 being his first playable appearance (as well as his first speaking role thanks to a Universal Translator), his rival is to be either Pachycephalosaurus or Spinosaurus (they're both Jurassic Park dinosaurs, and whoever doesn't get Beady Long Legs will get one of your characters for a rival), his English voice is to be done by one from a Cartoon Network television show (and he'll be the first Pikmin character to do so), his Select quote is "That was a wise choice!", his Normal Intro quote is "Move out of my way or be crushed!", and his three victory quotes are "I am Beady Long Legs! Remember that name well!", "After all, I am the king of all Arachnorbs!", and "My armored shell is unbreakable!" (referencing the reel notes of the original Pikmin). Original quotes, in both Intro and victory, are also applicable. Being a large spider, most of his moves should involve what spiders usually do. You will need luck and the Notepad strategy for this. Good luck! :)

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    • sorry... :( this was a hard question for me to properly answer...

      maybe next time help me check the characters of each franchise I added for rival openings... maybe that will help make it easy...

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    • Well, T.C. is not taken (finally!)... Just remember, though, when working on Anubis Chaca, you have to remember that Yoshi is Anubis Chaca's rival.

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  • TLW-IanMalcolm
    English: Jeff Goldblum

    Japanese: Hochu Otsuka

    French: Richard Darbois

    German: Frank Roth

    Arabic: Mehdi Bajestani

    Mandarin Chinese: Su Qiang Wen

    Rival: Anubis Khan

    Idle: Stands with his Heckler and Koch G36 at his right thigh

    Select: Does two left hand swipes then five G36 shots as the camera zooms then says "Right, this isn't a game trail it's a warzone."

    Intro: Gets out of an InGen van then says "Whatever you want with dinosaurs, take it elsewhere."

    Neutral: G36: Dr. Malcolm begins to fire his G36 machine gun at his opponent. He can 30 rounds before having to reload.

    Side: Knife Sling: Dr. Malcolm slings a knife at his opponent.

    Up: Pterodactyl Knock: Dr. Malcolm does a jumping uppercut, then a spin kick.

    Down: Raptor Leaper: Dr. Malcolm reaches his hands out. If he touches his opponent, he leaps over the opponent using the head to confuse him/her.

    Hyper Smash: Desperate Air Attacks: Dr. Malcolm radios in helicopter support "This is Dr. Ian Malcolm, requesting gunship support, now!" then off screen helicopters begin to fire machine guns and rockets at the area for 40 seconds.

    Final Smash: Dinos Loose: Dr. Malcolm hears dinosaur cries and ducks and covers then young T-rexes and a velociraptor appear to attack the opponent. If they connect, the the dinos chew and slash at the opponent, before the t-rex bashes his head to knock the opponent away.

    Victory 1: Dr. Malcolm checks a dino egg and says "Better leave this here before the parents arrive." then puts the egg down.

    victory 2: Dr. Malcolm crouches and shoots 9 G36 shots from the hip and says "Call Hammond if you want to send an expedition."

    Victory 3: Dr. Malcolm checks his diagnostics report saying "Well, according to this, it seems velociraptors may be in the area. Better evacuate."

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  • If Billy Biggle fights against the Beast, Carnage, Ghirahim (a much requested SSB4 character), Sailor Moon (Champion of Love and Justice), Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Super Sailor Moon, Col. Robert Gould Shaw, Sgt. John Rawlins, Pvt. Trip, Maj. Cabot Forbes, and Captain John Price, what would they respond if he said "Oh, of course! How about jolly old London Town?" All responses should start with either "yes," "no," or "yes and no" (foreign languages of said words are also included), and they should tell Billy Biggle why they should (or should not) go to London Town. My character count is two and a half (the "and a half" indicates that Ghirahim is my character but your addition). Your character count is nine and a half. There are no other characters required to respond.

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    • Ghirahim: Yes, it'll be a chaotic performance!

      Beast: Yes and no, I don't that when we get off the plane, customs will let me through.

      Sailor Moon: No, it'd be a bloodbath.

      Carnage: No, I'll jsut slaughter them all!

      Sailor Mercury: Yes, I should take you to a waterpark.

      Sailor Mars: Yeah, maybe we can do Clash's London Calling!

      Super Sailor Moon: Yes and no, the gangs may not have calmed down on arrival.

      Col. Robert: Yes, I need some R&R once in a while.

      Pvt. Trip: Nah, the redcoats'll just send us back.

      Maj. Cabot: Yes, what could Horatio Nelson's descendants say about your work.

      Sgt. Rawlins: Yes, maybe we can show how the coloreds fight.

      Captain John Price: Yes, we should hold a welcome rock party for you.

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    • WAIT A MINUTE! What in the SSB Tourney series is a Horatio Nelson?!

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    • Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, KB (29 September 1758 – 21 October 1805) was a British flag officer famous for his service in the Royal Navy, particularly during the Napoleonic Wars. He was noted for his inspirational leadership and superb grasp of strategy and unconventional tactics, which resulted in a number of decisive naval victories. He was wounded several times in combat, losing one arm in the unsuccessful attempt to conquer Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the sight in one eye in Corsica. Of his several victories, the best known and most notable was the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, during which he was shot and killed.

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    • Ah, I see. Thanks for the interview.

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  • Sorry for the delay, the next character is Cranky Kong! His SSB Tourney series design is unchanged from his Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze design, and this is what it looks like:

    Cranky Kong CG Art

    With SSB Tourney 1 being his first speaking role (second if you count the Donkey Kong Country American cartoon), his rival is Gina Luthor from Sesame Street (I must warn you, though, "Now, now you guys dance to the beat any way you want." is what Gina Luthor will be saying to Cranky Kong), his English voice is to be done by either Richard Epcar, Wally Wingert, or Michael Sorich (all of the three men I mentioned have voiced elderly people), his Select quote is "Sure! Come on in!", and his Normal Intro quote is "Prepare to launch, the Trigger-Barrels!" (I got both quotes from the Donkey Kong Country American cartoon episode called "The Legend of the Crystal Coconut" btw). Original quotes, in both Intro and victory, are also applicable. One of his moves should involve what is called his Denture Popgun (remember Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze?). This is gonna require luck and the Notepad strategy. You'll need it! :)

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    • yeah.

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    • Remember the rivalries now...

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  • Athena 1
    English: Allison Sumrall
    Japanese: Fumiko Orikasa
    French: Virginie Ledieu
    German: Veronika A. Neugebauer
    Arabic: Malak Koura
    Mandarin Chinese: Liu Ruping

    Rival: Meloetta

    Idle: Holds her staff out
    Select: Does some staff swings then glows her staff with light energy saying "I will fight all who destroy peace."
    Intro: A bright light flashes and Athena appears saying "Come, show me your power."

    Neutral: Light Force: Athena summons two balls of light to attack the opponent.
    Side: Holy Wave: Athena sends a light shockwave forward.
    Up: Vanishing Sparkle: Athena surrounds herself with light sparkles and vanishes. Then reappears at a location determined by the thumb pad. If anyone is too close, the opponent is damaged.
    Down: Light Shower: Athena sends a shower of light from her staff diagonally down on her opponent.

    Hyper Smash: Heavenly Maelstrom: Athena charges her staff and sends a large beam of light at his opponent.
    Final Smash: Heaven's Arrow: Athena makes an arrow of light, then fires it at her opponent.

    Victory 1: Athena puts her left hand on her chest saying "It was a glorious battle!"
    Victory 2: Athena swings her staff around then plants it on the ground saying "Rest well."
    Victory 3: Athena summons wings of light and says "So, in the name of god, ye not guilty."

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  • Princess Peach... Select and Intro poses... needed... Select quote... "This is fun!"... Normal Intro quote... "Let's go!"...

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  • I will be doing the article of the wrestler known as Tiger Mask someday; but before I do, can you do me a favor and show me the Tiger Mask symbol and create the Tiger Mask template (btw, Tiger Mask is the only Tiger Mask character in Tourney 1)?

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  • All right, it's finally time to do the Darkstalkers character you have been dying to see in a Smash game, and that character is Felicia! Her SSB Tourney series design remains unchanged from her MVC3 design, and this is what it looks like:

    Felicia CG Art

    Now remember, her rival is Portgas D. Ace, her English voice is to be done yet again by G.K. Bowes (thus sharing it with Sun Shangxiang, Kunoichi, Asuka Kazama, etc.), most, but not all, quotes must be from MVC3, her Select quote is "You rubbed me the wrong way!", her Normal Intro quote is "Pleased to meet ya!", and her three victory quotes are "Don't exaggerate it! It is just a scratch!", "Whew, I won by a whisker!", and "You've lost to the rest, now you've lost to the best!" (btw, the three quotes for victory are taken from Darkstalkers 3 (Vampire Savior in Japan), MVC3, and Night Warriors: Darkstalkers 2, respectively). Due to the rule of MVC3 characters from Capcom franchises being lifted, original quotes are also applicable, in both Intro and victory. This time, should you make one of her moves resemble that of her MVC3 Level 3 Hyper Combo (by name and description), start that move's description with "Based on her MVC3 Level 3 Hyper Combo". This is gonna require luck and strategy. You'll need it! :)

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    • Both songs are to play on the Tiger's Cave stage. Tiger Mask will be a starter, just like King from Tekken (who is inspired by Tiger Mask but with a jaguar's mask instead of a tiger's mask). Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a wrestler article to create...

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    • The article of the first wrestler of your choosing is ready! Hope you like it! It's right here.

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