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  • Alidar Jarok
    English: James Sloyan

    Japanese: Kozo Shioya

    French: Benoit Dupac

    German: Gerhard Jilka

    Arabic: Hassan Ragab

    Mandarin Chinese: Wang Hongwei

    Rival: Hank

    Idle: Looks at his Romulan disruptor.

    Select: swipes his disruptor two times then fires it as the camera zooms then says "This. This is my home now. My future. I have sacrificed everything."

    Intro: Is transported to his starting point and says "I explained my motives to your interrogators."

    Neutral: Burst Disruptor: Jarok fires a three-shot burst from his disruptor.

    Side: Helicopter Lariat: Jarok moves forward with his arms out doing three spins, hitting anyone in the way.

    Up: Setal Leaf: Jarok leaps into the air doing a heavy flip kick.

    Down: Apnex Claw: Jarok steps forward and pushes both of his hands out.

    Hyper Smash: Setal's Memory: Jarok looks at his hands and looks back to images of his family and his lieutenant Setal then rushes to his opponent. If he hits, he grabs and headbutts the opponent fifteen times then finishes by bringing his fist back and punching him/her away.

    Final Smash: Nelvana Revende: Jarok runs to his opponent with his right fist raised. If he hits, he does eleven punches, then finishes by turning like he's giving up, and when the opponent tries to attack, he punches the opponent in the cheek and blows the opponent away.

    Victory 1: Jarok sheathes his disruptor and says "It can only lead to more fighting."

    Victory 2: Jarok looks at a photo of his family and crew then says "What would I give to see you again."

    Victory 3: Jarok sets his equipment on the floor and says "I see my skills have not waned over the years."

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  • The next character is Faith Connors! Here's her design in Tourney...

    Faith CG Art

    Remember, her rival is Cye Mouri (the same person you planned), her English voice is to be done by Faye Kingslee (just spotted a second Mirror's Edge game), her Select quote is "I'll survive. That's what we do.", and her Normal Intro quote is "Once the city used to pulse with energy." (both quotes are taken from the first Mirror's Edge game). Original quotes are also applicable in Intro and victory. Her weapon in the Mirror's Edge series could either be hand-to-hand combat, the Parkour, or various firearms; while in Tourney, she can have either one of those weapons (or a combination of all of them) in her moveset, and you can determine that part while you go.


    OH, and here's the Mirror's Edge symbol, the tattoo around one of Faith's eyes. Remember the Notepad strategy, because you'll need it! :)

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    • Let's see... Nene from Samurai Warriors.

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    • Typhlosion has that Nene as a second rival, so finding another second rival for Sektor will be necessary as you go...

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  • Musha-2-dw2
    English: Ellen Kennedy

    Japanese: Yumi Touma

    French: Celine Monsarrat

    German: Nicole Hannak

    Arabic: Hamsa Hayek

    Mandarin Chinese: Lin Mei-hsiu

    Rival: Amy Wong

    Idle: Holds the twin Kotetsumaru Katanas up.

    Select: Does four slashes with the Kotetsumaru Katanas as the camera zooms, then she pulls out the Senkoumaru Naginata and says "Use your instincts to win!"

    Intro: Flies down and pulls out the Kotetsumaru Katanas saying "don't make this too easy."

    Neutral: Shoryumaru Gun: Musha Gundam Mk-II fires the Shoryumaru Gun. Can repeat three times.

    side: Fu'un Kyosatsu: Musha Gundam Mk-II dashes forward, then slashes the Kotetsumaru Katanas apart, making a projectile shockwave.

    Up: Asamura Kyaku: Does a heel hammer, followed with a jumping knee.

    Down: Kiretsu Zan: Swings the Senkoumaru naginata followed by a jumping overhead slam to the ground, creating shockwave upon landing.

    Hyper Smash: Hyakuzetsu Zan: Does very rapid thrusts with the Kotetsumaru Katanas, and finishes with an unblockable forward slash wtih the Senkoumaru Naginata.

    Final Smash: Mosho Hissatsu Denzan: Musha gundam Mk-II readies her katanas, then does very rapid thrusts which also create multiple shockwaves.

    Victory 1: Musha Gundam Mk-II does three circular slashes with the Kotetsumaru Katanas, then two thrusts then sheathes the swords and says "At my level, you would be dead."

    victory 2: Musha Gundam Mk-II does an upper slash with the Senkoumaru Naginata, then two thrusts, then a rapid circle movement, and says "What a pity you fought with such a result."

    Victory 3: Musha Gundam Mk-II holds the Senkoumaru Naginata in her right hand, and one of her Kotetsumaru Katanas in her left hand, then does a nine slash kata, then says "I am unmatched with my sword, and no evil wins!"

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  • The next character is the Discharge Pokemon. That's right, Manectric is next! Even though you planned on having her as a female, she is still going to look like this...

    Manectric CG Art

    Remember, her rival is Steve Anita Smith (and I HAVE to warn you that "Your not supposed to be in here while grandpa's visiting..." is what Steve Anita says when against Manectric), her English voice is to be done by one from My-HiME (I was desperate for having a Pokemon voiced by one from My-HiME, but you have to tell me who else that woman does now or did previously no matter who gets the job), and her Select and Normal Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. ALL of Manectric's moves should be named after moves from the Pokemon games, but if you plan on giving her Hyper Beam or Giga Impact... you must think of some sort of immobility due to those moves requiring a recharge in the Pokemon games. Remember the Notepad strategy well, because you'll need it! :)

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    • hmm... Nanase from Street Fighter.

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    • Something like that... but good nonetheless.

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  • Natsuki Kuga
    English: Cheryl McMaster

    Japanese: Saeko Chiba

    French: Agnes Manoury

    German: Katharina Schwarzmaier

    Arabic: Samar Kokash

    Mandarin Chinese: Wu Xiao Yi

    Rival: Ananya

    Idle: Natsuki prepares to fire her Element twin guns.

    Select: Fires a circular spray of bullets then her Child animal guardian, Duran appears as the camera zooms then she says "It's the taste of silver."

    Intro: Rides Duran to her point, jumps off and pulls out her Element pistols saying "Shall we show you the ferociousness of a wolf?"

    Neutral: Ice Gunner: Natsuki Ni fires ten ice shards from her guns at her opponent.

    Side: Silver Cartride: Natsuki Ni has Duran fire icicles, freezing on contact.

    Up: Duran Hoverbike: Duran transforms into a hoverbike and Natsuki mounts it. She can fly in this for eight seconds.

    Down: Chrome Cartridge: Natsuki Ni has Duran place an explosive charge. It explodes after four seconds.

    Hyper Smash: Ice Shower: Natsuki Ni spins her Element pistols and fires two shots, causing a blizzard that slows down and damages opponents slowly for thirty-nine seconds.

    Final Smash: Ice Phoenix: Natsuki Ni makes a phoenix of ice and it spreads its feather shards across the stage before flying at the opponent.

    Victory 1: Natsuki Ni makes an ice wall and says "You won't be frozen for long."

    Victory 2: Duran fires ice shells, then Natsuki Ni says "As always, fighting gives you a cold shoulder."

    victory 3: Natsuki Ni fires bullets left and right, then Duran does swipes with its front legs, while Natsuki Ni says "Silver as a wolf's fang."

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  • It's time we got the English/Japanese/French/German/Arabic/Mandarin Chinese voices, idle pose, select pose (my mom will handle the quotes), and intro pose (my mom will handle the quotes) of Jaclyn ready... Before you do ANYTHING, let me remind you that her cool trick is playing the recorder with her nose; therefore her fighting style has to involve a recorder in some way...

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  • The next character is a ReDead from The Legend of Zelda! This particular ReDead will look like this...

    ReDead CG Art

    Remember, the rival is Bob II (and I HAVE to warn you that "You don't have to sing..." is what Bob II says when against ReDead), and since this is his (her if it's a female ReDead you want), the Select and Normal Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. Being a tall, zombie-like monster, it should have a moveset similar to that of a zombie. Remember the Notepad strategy, because you'll need it! :)

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    • Kishward from The Heroic Legend of Arslan (that may be one of the few animes to be exclusive to Tourney 2).

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    • It'll be the first anime to be exclusive to Tourney 2 at that. OH, and I have the message for Jaclyn's details waiting for you too!

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  • Miyukishiba
    English: Leah Clark

    Japanese: Saori Hayami

    French: Julie Deliquet

    German: Mia Diekow

    Arabic: Amna Omar

    Mandarin Chinese: Shi Caiwei

    Rival: Comic Book Guy

    Idle: holds her Casting Assistant Device (CAD) close to her chest.

    Select: Makes a large ice pillar as the camera zooms and says "Brother, wait for me."

    Intro: Ice forms into Miyuki who shatters the ice around herself and says "I do this for my brother."

    Neutral: Floral Lock: She summons a flower shaped piece of ice that hits the opponent.

    Side: Fenrir: Miyuki slides along the ground, covering it in ice.

    Up: Freezing Zone: Miyuki jumps into the sky and causes a snowy pillar to appear below her.

    Down: Niflheim: Miyuki lets out a burst of magical energy and snow. After she uses it, regardless of whether she hits or not, she will be surrounded by a spiraling pillar of snow for about 3 seconds.

    Hyper Smash: Inferno: Miyuki holds your opponent in place with magic while she lets out an onslaught of ice and fire magic.

    Final Smash: Phantom Dance: Miyuki slides along the ground with Fenrir. If hit, your opponents gets frozen in place to accept a punishment from Miyuki's snowy rampage.

    Victory 1: Miyuki holds her dress with two hands and says "Excuse me. Please don't hold back."

    Victory 2: Miyuki turns her back and sets her hands behind then says "That was just too bad, dear."

    victory 3: Miyuki makes ice spears from the ground then says "Brother, I hope you heard my victory."

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  • The next character is Garfield Mark "Gar" Logan. That's right, Beast Boy is next! Being the only member of the Teen Titans to NOT have his design from the American cartoon of the same name, his design will look like this...

    Beast Boy CG Art

    Remember, his rival is Magnus Von Grapple X, his English voice is to be done by Greg Cipes (despite not taking on his design from the Teen Titans cartoon), his Select quote is "Watch out for falling dinosaurs?", and his Normal Intro quote is "Whose turn to do dishes?" (both quotes are taken from Divide and Conquer from the aforementioned cartoon). Original quotes are also applicable in Intro and victory. See this page for full list of Beast Boy's powers. Remember the Notepad strategy, and good luck! :)

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    • Like I said, Death from Castlevania.

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    • I should have known that in the first place!

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  • Kamenriderooo
    English: Ray Chase

    Japanese: Shu Watanabe

    French: Karl-Line Heller

    German: Sebastian Fitzner

    Arabic: Mansour Al Feeli

    Mandarin Chinese: Xu Mengke

    Rival: Fry

    Idle: Kamen Rider OOO has his hands out in a snake-style manner.

    Select: Moves his right hand out, then circles his hand and points his left figners out as the camera zooms saying "I reach out my hand, because I don't want that."

    Intro: Eiji Hino transforms into Kamen Rider OOO and says "For those who are in need, I shall help you!"

    Neutral: OOO Bash: Kamen Rider OOO pulls out the Medajalibur sword and sends an energy slash to his opponent with a swing.

    Side: Gush Cross: Kamen Rider OOO changes forms from Tatoba to Latoraba Combo, and dashes forward throw energy circles, slashing anyone in the way.

    Up: Gatakiriba Kick: Kamen Rider OOO changes forms to Gatakiriba Combo, jumps into the air then dives down at the opponent, making illusions of himself giving live kicks as well.

    Down: Bagoon Pressure: Kamen Rider OOO changes into Sagohzo Combo and fires shockwaves from his gauntlets.

    Hyper Smash: Prominence Drop: Kamen Rider OOO changes into Tajadol Combo and after sprouting wings from the Kujaku Arms, OOO flies into the air and performs a flying drop kick, with the talons on the Condor Legs splitting apart, on the target.

    Final Smash: Putotyra Combo: Kamen Rider OOO changes into Putotyra Combo and unveils a new weapon, the Medagabryu. in this form, Kamen Rider OOO is stronger. Pressing B fires the Medagabryu's energy from its bazooka form. Using B Side, he can whip the Tail Divider. Using B Up, he will do five enhanced kicks called the Ptero Cutter. B Down, he will the Blasting Freezer where OOO uses his Tricera Shoulders' Wind Stingers to stab his opponents in the shoulders to hold them in place, while he uses his Ptera Head's External Fins to freeze them immediately after, and the Tyranno Legs' Tail Divider to finish them off by smashing them into frozen shards. After thirty seconds, the form wears out.

    Victory 1: Kamen Rider OOO goes into Sagohzo Combo and does two hard ground smashes then says "You should watch your head from now on."

    Victory 2: Kamen Rider OOO goes into Gatakiriba Combo and does a dashing slash, then a spinning circle slash then does a flip kick and says "Got to keep it real."

    Victory 3: Kamen Rider OOO goes into Putotyra Combo and swings the Medagabryu axe then sets his hands out like a tyrannosaurus rex then says "Keep coming towards my loved ones, I'll be waiting."

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