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  • I do need to remind you that Karen White's rival is Grinexx. Also, would you mind confirming your next Tourney 2 character and his/her default rival?

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  • when you wake up, let me remind you that Perona's rival is Ms. Natalie. I hope you don't mind confirming your next Tourney 2 character and his/her default rival, as well as Nutmeg's default rival for Tourney 1 (btw, Nutmeg's Tourney 2 default rival is Skarlet from Mortal Kombat).

    OH, and Nutmeg's real name is Lacy Cavalier.

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  • The next character is the Regal Pokemon. That's right, Serperior is next! She'll look like this in Tourney...

    Serperior CG Art

    Remember, her rival in Tourney 1 is Jake Boyd (and I HAVE to warn you that "Team Umizoomi, can you help me find my Bunny?" is what Jake says when against Serperior), her English voice is to be done by one from Dynasty Warriors 8 or earlier (you must tell me who else that woman does now or did previously no matter who gets the job), and her Select and Normal Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. ALL of her moves should be named after moves from the Pokemon games, but you must think of some sort of immobility if you plan on giving her Frenzy Plant, Hyper Beam, or Giga Impact. Remember the Notepad strategy well because you'll need it! :)

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    • so looks like I'll be writing Sekhmet's details on your wall, man I got a stuffed wall.

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    • something like that... the same thing goes for my next characters too...

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  • Muneshige-sw3
    English: Peter Doyle

    Japanese: Hiroki Tochi

    French: Emmanuel Gradi

    German: David Nathan

    Arabic: Mansour Mokdar

    Mandarin Chinese: Wu Dongyuan

    Rival: Ook

    Idle: Muneshige holds his rondache shielf near his legs.

    Select: Muneshige pulls out his Claymore sword and sends a gust of wind out of the sword as the camera zooms saying "A storm is brewing. Soon the fury of the west wind will be unleashed!"

    Intro: A tornado clears to reveal Muneshige who says "I don't think you're even worth my time." ("Ginchiyo, care to have a friendly battle?" if he fights Ginchiyo, "Come, Devil... Let's battle." if he fights Yoshihiro)

    Neutral: Wind Cross: Chops downwards, then slashes across, sending a cross-shaped projectile ahead.

    Side: Gusting Shield: Dashes forward while stunning enemies with his shield.

    Up: Hurricane Smash: Muneshige crouches and jumps into the air uppercutting with his shield while surrounded in a whirlwind.

    Down: Thrusting Storm: Muneshige dultiple quick stabs with his sword, followed by a final thrust.

    Hyper Smash: Kyushu Cyclone: Muneshige throws his shield up saying "Why rush to death?" and conjures three whirlwinds in front of him. The opponent gets sucked in and rapidly hit forty times, then blasted. After the hurricanes die down eight seconds later, Muneshige catches his shield and says "Forward is eternal!"

    Final Smash: Tachibana Storm: Muneshige readies himself saying "Resistance is futile!" then jumps into the air, making a cross-shaped slash with his sword, which he then fires towards the ground, inflicting a lot of damage to the enemies caught in it. As he comes down, Muneshige says "I shall give my all!"

    Victory 1: Muneshige swings his sword around himself in front, then points it outward while saying "Of course I won. I am the only one who can decide my destiny." ("I didn't kick the winds up on the lightning too much, did I, Ginchiyo?" if he defeated Ginchiyo)

    Victory 2: Muneshige swings his shield, then pushes it and says "I am the storm that thunders through this battlefield!" ("That was for my father." if he defeated Yoshihiro)

    Victory 3: Muneshige swings his sword in the manner of a tornado then brushes some of his hair and thrusts his sword five times, then swings his shield down saying "I am the greatest warrior this land has ever seen!"

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  • Mangoruby is next! This is what I plan for Mangoruby's Tourney design...


    Remember, his rival is Sekhmet, his English voice is to be done by Paul Slavens (the same person you planned), his Select quote is "You're saying that you heard two voices?", and his Normal Intro quote is "You need to be honest with me. Is that true?" (both quotes are borrowed from Wyper from One Piece). Original quotes are also applicable in Intro and victory. His moveset should be comprised of what he did when you fought him in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Remember the Notepad strategy well, you will need it!

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    • Aganos from Killer Instinct.

      Aganos's possible second rival, Kukaku Shiba from Bleach.

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    • Yet another possible Bleach second rivalry ahead of us...

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  • Rukia
    english: Michelle Ruff

    Japanese: Fumiko Orikasa

    French: Francoise Escobar

    German: Antje von der Ahe

    Arabic: Samar Kokash

    Mandarin Chinese: Nicole Chong

    Rival: Fearow

    idle: Holds her Zanpakuto sword, Sode no Shirayuki upside down.

    Select: Rukia swings Sode no Shirayuki down and sends an ice wave forward as the camera zooms saying "I am Rukia Kuchiki of the 13th Squad!"

    Intro: Rukia cuts through a block of ice and says "Let me test your strength." ("Brother..." if she fights Byakuya, "What excuse will you have if you lose, fool?" if she fights Ichigo, "Gin Ichimaru!" if she fights Ichimaru)

    Neutral: Shirafune Ice Wave: Rukia sends an icy wave across the floor towards her opponent.

    Side: Sode no Shirayuki Rush: Rukia rushes towards her opponent, slashing them twice.

    Up: Tsurarada: Rukia leaps into the air, forms three icicles and drops them on the opponent.

    Down: Hellfire Crash: Rukia leaps over her opponent and sends a Kido (energy blast) straight into the back of their head.

    Hyper Smash: Juhaku: Rukia stabs the ground, which creates a trail of ice in the direction of her intended target. The ice freezes the target with massive damage as if hit by a Freezie.

    Final Smash: First Dance, White Moon: Rukia sets up a light symbol on the ground. If the opponent steps on it within five seconds, Rukia announces the Final Smash's name and the opponent is enveloped in a light that hits him/her 23 times, then blasts upwards in a block of ice, while Rukia says "Now pay with your life!"

    Victory 1: Rukia holds her left hand out and goes "Wah hah hah hah hah hah! That all you had?" then bows her head. ("What were you thinking?" if she defeated Ichigo)

    Victory 2: Rukia spins while swinging Sode no Shirayuki two times, then kneels and sets the Zanpakuto behind her saying "Remember my dance well." ("I do not like this man." if she defeated Ichimaru)

    Victory 3: Rukia sends four Kido blasts forward, then does a flip and swings Sode no Shirayuki down, then stands with an upper slash saying "This isn't enough to defeat me!" ("Thank you, brother." if she defeated Byakuya)

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  • Here's my newest set of additions...

    Jake Boyd (fullname ingame in hopes of preventing confusions) from Team Umizoomi (starter)

    Serperior from Pokemon (unlockable)

    Hansel from Hansel and Gretel (unlockable)

    Gorebyss from Pokemon (starter)

    Gretel from Hansel and Gretel (starter)

    Huntail from Pokemon (starter)

    Now it's your turn to think of your next additions; but you may NOT add anyone sharing the same name with another character UNLESS he/she is made into a descendant of another character or uses his/her fullname ingame; and if you add someone who shares the name of another kid's show and/or an American cartoon character, you must think of a last name for your addition and not mine (that will make me VERY sad). Now this time, I have just one request: two Zelda bosses who debuted in any Zelda game. If there's anyone you've been wanting in Tourney 1 action for a long time, you better add them now! Like last time, don't add only one character from a specific franchise... OH, and all but one of my newest additions will get characters who are a part of that "list of characters from the old days i need to do soon before I die of old age."

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    • Hansel
      English: Hugh Pollard
      Japanese: Noriaki Sugiyama
      French: Jean-Marc Montalto
      German: Konrad Bosherz
      Arabic: Richard Yanni
      Mandarin Chinese: Jane Zhang

      Rival: Alejandro

      Idle: Sucks on a lollipop.
      Select: Takes out a candy cane and reveals a sword within as the camera zooms.
      Intro: Comes out of a gingerbread house.

      English: Nicola Stapleton
      Japanese: Yuuko Sanpei
      French: Chantal Baroin
      German: Iris Artajo
      Arabic: Rosie Al-Yaziji
      Mandarin Chinese: Li Jinming

      Rival: Vivi

      Idle: Fiddles with a chocolate bar.
      Select: Channels chi into the chocolate candy and fires a blast of chi out as the camera zooms.
      Intro: Bursts out of a cake.

      Jake Boyd
      english: Kenny Cooper (best guess)
      Japanese: Yuichi Nakamura
      French: Alexis Tomassian
      German: Sebastian Schulz
      Arabic: Saad Hamdan
      Mandarin Chinese: Ma Sichun

      Rival: Serperior (Tourney 1), Guldo (Tourney 2)

      Idle: Holds a stuffed animal.
      Select: Does a Special Fighting Pose, two wheel kicks, then lunges his head and points his left figners out as the camera zooms.
      Intro: Walks out a tent that quickly disappears.

      and that list of old Tourney 1 characters I have on my profile, it's subject to change as I think over who has been left undone over the past decade. In other words, no stones go unturned.  

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    • I've been updating it as you do those old Tourney 1 characters too.

      Though, you seem to have made an error with Gretel's intro pose. I patched it, so no worries!  

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  • Next in line is Ghost Roaster! Here's his Tourney design...

    Ghost Roaster CG Art

    Remember, his rival is to be either Mangoruby or Sisphar (whoever Ghost Roaster doesn't get will instead get one of your characters as a rival), his English voice is to be done yet again by John Kassir, his Select quote is "No Chain, No Gain!" (that's his official Skylanders catchphrase!), and his Normal Intro quote is "Shall we engrave these numbers?". Original quotes are also applicable in Intro and victory. You can find out how Ghost Roaster fights on this page. Remember the Notepad strategy well, you will need it!

    I also hope no more abusive users come to this wiki, especially John because they've been hurting Tourney for way too long...  :'(

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    • Luger from Killzone.

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    • Looks like a Team Umizoomi/Killzone rivalry is out of the way...

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  • Mista jojoeoh
    English: Lucien Dodge (Mista), Sandy Fox (Sex Pistols)

    Japanese: Kenji Akabane (Mista), Asami Imai (Sex Pistols)

    French: Emmanuel Dekoninck (Mista), Coralie Vanderlinden  (Sex Pistols)

    German: Jan Rohrbach (Mista), Ghadah Al-Akel (Sex Pistols)

    Arabic: Ayas Abu Ghazaleh (Mista), Hazar Solomon (Sex Pistols)

    Mandarin Chinese: Leo Chow Yee Tin (Mista), Lan Yan (Sex Pistols)

    Rival: Sendo

    Idle: Mista crouches with his handgun ready and his bullet Stand, the Sex Pistols circling him.

    Select: Mista fires a handgun bullet to one of the Sex Pistols bullets, No. 3 and No. 3 kicks it to No. 6 then No. 2, then to No. 1 which kicks the bullet to the camera. It clears to show Mista saying "Uno! Due! And you're dead! Let's see you "prepare" for that!" while the Sex Pistols cheer "Hooray for Mista!"

    Intro: Mista walks in loading his handgun and saying ""Ain't nobody got time for a break! We got work to do!" then the Sex Pistols say "Roger!" (Guido says "Mess with my Pistols and you mess with me!" if he fights Giorno, "If this is what you really want, Buccellati." if he fights Buccellati, "Why don't we test our Stands against each other?" if he fights Narancia, "I see.. So you've turned." if he fights Fugo, "Time to hit your mark, Pistols!" if he fights Diavolo, "P--Polnareff?" if he fights Polnareff)

    Neutral: Gonna light you up!/Pass, pass, pass!: Mista fires his handgun at the opponent. He needs to reload if he uses six rounds. If the Sex Pistols are in different positions, Mista will fire towards them and they will ricochet until they hit the opponent.

    Side: I'll ask the damn questions!: Mista leaps at the opponent knee-kicking him/her.

    Up: No escape!: Mista jumps into the air while firing three bullets down to the Sex Pistols, who ricochet the bullets towards the opponent before following after their master.

    Down: Places, everyone!: Mista sets one of the Sex Pistols bullets in position on front of him. Doing the command, while holding down the B button and tilting the thumb pad will also determine where the Sex Pistols will be placed. They go back to Mista after ten seconds.

    Hyper Smash: Aim, Aim, you idiots!: Based on his JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Heart Heat Attack. Mista shoots a single bullet which is broken into 7 pieces by his Stand, and launched against the opponent.

    Final Smash: My true resolve starts here!: Based on his JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Great Heat Attack. Mista shoots 6 bullets that leave the opponent open while saying "Right there!". If they all hit, he quickly reloads (dropping bullets into the chamber from his hat) saying "All hitting home!" and aims with "Get ready to get trashed!" and unloads them all with the Sex Pistols going "Pass, pass, pass!" and "Yahoo!" As the bullets hit, the Stands say "Shoot him (her if it is a woman) up!" The Sex Pistols then kick the last bullet in group unison into the opponent's forehead. After this, he says "That's what I'm talking about, Pistols!"

    Victory 1: Mista looks at Sex Pistol No. 5 and holds it in his left hand and tells it "You can wait a little longer for your meal, okay?!"

    Victory 2: Mista looks around, then finds Sex Pistol No. 1 at his left side and says "Right on! That's what I wanna see, Pistols!" ("All this means is that you were no match for me!" if he defeated Giorno, "Hey, come on! Stop going crazy on me like that!" if he defeated Buccellati, "No machine gun is gonna beat my Pistols!" if he defeated Narancia)

    victory 3: Mista fires the Sex Pistols in multiple directions and they cheer "Ha ha, we showed them who hits first!" then Mista makes the bullets go back to ammunition form and says "I do my best not to play favorites." (Mista says "Traitors are as good as dead, Fugo..." if he defeated Fugo, "Whether you predicted it or not, I still smashed you!" if he defeated Diavolo, "So that's how Polnareff's Stand used to be." if he defeated Polnareff)

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  • Ook is next! Remember, his rival is Muneshige (the same person you planned), and his Select and Normal Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. His moveset should be comprised of what he did when you fought him in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (btw, he is the Forest Temple mid-boss of that game!). You can upload a picture of him if you want; he is my character but your addition afterall! Remember the Notepad strategy well, you will need it! :)

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    • Mikoto Misaka from A Certain Magical Index.

      Her possible second rival, will be someone from Bleach.

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    • A Team Umizoomi/A Certain Magical Index rivalry, eh? Got it.

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