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  • I was born on October 25
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  • This is an emergency! I Flying Penguin has posted the following onto his own wall:


    Barry Steakfries is recurring character in many Gamez by Halfbrick Studios. Note that Halfbrick is not associated with Nintendo in any way.

    Primary attack: Shoots pistol in the direction he is facing.

    Secondary attack: Places shotgun sentry to shoot opponents at random.

    Up combo: Fires pistol upward.

    Down combo: Rides machine gun jetpack, shooting down (lasts for 5 seconds)

    Left combo: Throws grenade left.

    Right combo: Throws grenade right.

    Triple smash: Throws crowbar in the direction he's facing.

    Final smash: Flies into the air on machine gun jetpack, goes to left of screen, is hidden in a ball of white light, and obtains the Strong Arm Machine. Using this, he launches opponents into the air with a giant robotic fist, moved with the + control pad. Missiles will fly into the screen from the right, which can be deflected by the fist. If 3 missiles hit the S.A.M. it will break, launching shrapnel at opponents."

    You just HAVE to stop this jerk from doing this any further!

    This monster's message wall is here, hurry and stop him!

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  • I added Crimson Proton (Lana Richards, Sentai name ingame) from Kidsongs, Conker from Conker, and Patternista from The Odd Squad to Tourney 1 long ago, but they don't have rivals yet. You're gonna have to move three characters you've been dying to see in Tourney 1 from the second game to compensate...

    Btw, the select poses of Pink Proton, Crimson Proton, Conker, and Patternista will be based on the SFV select poses of M. Bison, Ryu, Rashid, and Necalli, respectively.

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    • Crimson Proton:

      Rival: Jaws from James Bond 007 (first seen in The Spy Who Loved Me)

      Second Rival: Rocco Lampone from The Godfather


      Rival: Sombra from Overwatch

      Second Rival: General Lente from Killzone


      Rival: Lutan from Star Trek (first seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation via the first season episode Code of Honor)

      Second Rival: Bret Maverick from Maverick (Maverick ingame, likely in Tourney 2)

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    • Got it. Btw, you'll need this for Finnick...

      Finnick Render2

      And for Aoshi, you're gonna need this...

      Rsz aoshiova
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  • Another new user, this time it's Catscratch1 is on this wiki, and he made an article that wasn't planned for Tourney 2! He must be stopped!

    The message wall of this user is right here, please stop him...

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  • There's somebody here named Alex31505 here who is trying to hurt this wiki! PLEASE stop him!

    This wiki murderer's wall is here, please make him stop his abusiveness... :(

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  • I posted the notice for the start of Urien, and you didn't reply since the last three hours! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE WITHOUT TELLING ME AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?!

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    • Milinda Brantini from Heavy Object (I may give her select pose resembling one from SFV)

      Rival: Gild Tesoro (Tesoro ingame) from One Piece (set to appear in One Piece: Film: Gold)

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    • Milinda Brantini's select pose, I've gotta see...

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  • Your plans before I blocked you said that your next Tourney 2 character was Havia Winchell from Heavy Object whose default rival was Keith Martin from Time Crisis.

    Your plans also said that K. Riley whose rival was Wormadam is the next Tourney 1 character you were gonna do.

    Agent Oscar from The Odd Squad is also in Tourney 1, as an unlockable character. Would you mind confirming his default rival, please?

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    • let's see... Liviana Charvanek (the Female Romulan Commander from the Star Trek episode, the Enterprise Incident).

      and Agent Oscar's second rival... Irina Komarov from Die Hard (which will be in Tourney 2 likely).

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    • Now if only I knew Liviana Charvanek's ingame name, and the weaponry that Agent Oscar will use...

      Btw, Agent Oprah, Agent Olive, Agent Orchid, Agent Otto, and Agent Octavia, and Dr. O use a spear-gadget, a machinegun and a sword, swords with machineguns, a cellphone that shoots lasers, an armcast with an umbrella, and a scalpel, respectively.

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    • Liviana Charvanek's ingame name is... Liviana.

      Agent Oscar can use... a Signature gun (the gadget from the James Bond film Licence to Kill) and a camera that shoots lasers.

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    • Got it. OH, and you'll need this...

      Kevin Riley

      You'll need this too...

      Heivia Winchell

      Until ALL of the characters on your list of old Tourney 1 characters (mechs if possible) you need to most do soon before you die of old age are completed, I won't update the Tourney 1 roster OR have you do any of my characters... except for Urien who will become available to SFV sometime next month (even though he's already playable in SFV's story mode, meaning A Shadow Falls).

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  • I do need to remind you that Karen White's rival is Grinexx. Also, would you mind confirming your next Tourney 2 character and his/her default rival?

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  • when you wake up, let me remind you that Perona's rival is Ms. Natalie. I hope you don't mind confirming your next Tourney 2 character and his/her default rival, as well as Nutmeg's default rival for Tourney 1 (btw, Nutmeg's Tourney 2 default rival is Skarlet from Mortal Kombat).

    OH, and Nutmeg's real name is Lacy Cavalier.

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  • The next character is the Regal Pokemon. That's right, Serperior is next! She'll look like this in Tourney...

    Serperior CG Art

    Remember, her rival in Tourney 1 is Jake Boyd (and I HAVE to warn you that "Team Umizoomi, can you help me find my Bunny?" is what Jake says when against Serperior), her English voice is to be done by one from Dynasty Warriors 8 or earlier (you must tell me who else that woman does now or did previously no matter who gets the job), and her Select and Normal Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. ALL of her moves should be named after moves from the Pokemon games, but you must think of some sort of immobility if you plan on giving her Frenzy Plant, Hyper Beam, or Giga Impact. Remember the Notepad strategy well because you'll need it! :)

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    • so looks like I'll be writing Sekhmet's details on your wall, man I got a stuffed wall.

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    • something like that... the same thing goes for my next characters too...

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  • Muneshige-sw3
    English: Peter Doyle

    Japanese: Hiroki Tochi

    French: Emmanuel Gradi

    German: David Nathan

    Arabic: Mansour Mokdar

    Mandarin Chinese: Wu Dongyuan

    Rival: Ook

    Idle: Muneshige holds his rondache shielf near his legs.

    Select: Muneshige pulls out his Claymore sword and sends a gust of wind out of the sword as the camera zooms saying "A storm is brewing. Soon the fury of the west wind will be unleashed!"

    Intro: A tornado clears to reveal Muneshige who says "I don't think you're even worth my time." ("Ginchiyo, care to have a friendly battle?" if he fights Ginchiyo, "Come, Devil... Let's battle." if he fights Yoshihiro)

    Neutral: Wind Cross: Chops downwards, then slashes across, sending a cross-shaped projectile ahead.

    Side: Gusting Shield: Dashes forward while stunning enemies with his shield.

    Up: Hurricane Smash: Muneshige crouches and jumps into the air uppercutting with his shield while surrounded in a whirlwind.

    Down: Thrusting Storm: Muneshige dultiple quick stabs with his sword, followed by a final thrust.

    Hyper Smash: Kyushu Cyclone: Muneshige throws his shield up saying "Why rush to death?" and conjures three whirlwinds in front of him. The opponent gets sucked in and rapidly hit forty times, then blasted. After the hurricanes die down eight seconds later, Muneshige catches his shield and says "Forward is eternal!"

    Final Smash: Tachibana Storm: Muneshige readies himself saying "Resistance is futile!" then jumps into the air, making a cross-shaped slash with his sword, which he then fires towards the ground, inflicting a lot of damage to the enemies caught in it. As he comes down, Muneshige says "I shall give my all!"

    Victory 1: Muneshige swings his sword around himself in front, then points it outward while saying "Of course I won. I am the only one who can decide my destiny." ("I didn't kick the winds up on the lightning too much, did I, Ginchiyo?" if he defeated Ginchiyo)

    Victory 2: Muneshige swings his shield, then pushes it and says "I am the storm that thunders through this battlefield!" ("That was for my father." if he defeated Yoshihiro)

    Victory 3: Muneshige swings his sword in the manner of a tornado then brushes some of his hair and thrusts his sword five times, then swings his shield down saying "I am the greatest warrior this land has ever seen!"

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