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  • Bender
    English: Kent Williams (style of Steve Bender who's now dead)

    Japanese: Takeshi Kusao

    French: Fabien Jacquelin

    German: Jan Kurbjuweit

    Arabic: Mansour Salti

    Mandarin Chinese: Fu Shuang

    Rival: Shigeo

    Second Rival: Col. Decker

    Idle: Stands with an apparently single bladed sword in his right hand  to his chest

    Select: Shows the sword has 6 blades like a fan then swings it a bit saying "If I were you, I'd be very scared."

    Intro: Jumps down and takes out his sword then unfolds it into 6 blades saying "Hope you can dodge my blade."

    Neutral: Phaser Rifle: Bender takes out a phaser rifle and shoots a burst of three laser balls at his opponent.

    Side: Fan Blade: Bender throws his sword and it spins around himelf for 2 cycles before taking it back.

    Up: Toad Hop Slash: Steve Bender jumps into the air swinging his sword diagonally, then he dashes up with a sword thrust.

    Down: Frog Kick: Bender moves across the ground spinning his left leg.

    Hyper Smash:Going That Way: Bender raises his right leg and does a heel drop. If he connects, he follows with a 10 hit slash combo, then he jumps up, kicking his opponent into the air.

    Final Smash: Climbing the Mountain of Power: Steve Bender does a pose then runs forward and does a left slash. If he connects, he two slashes then 5 phaser rifle shots. When he turns his back, the opponent tries to retaliate, only to be gretted with a down slash that knocks the opponent away.

    Victory 1: Bender does a down then right slash, the moves forward and does another down slash saying "Have you learned your lesson yet?"

    Victory 2: Bender holds his palms out and lightly crouches saying "Good try, but I won."

    Victory 3: Steve Bender spins and raises his left hand then says "I have to warn you don't try my tactics at home."

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  • Would you mind telling me how to unlock any two characters of your choosing plus these two characters?:

    Pinstripe Potoroo from Crash Bandicoot (you DID say he was unlockable, da?)

    Lily II from Barney & Friends (last minute change, she's going to be unlockable)

    All four characters you give me requirements for must be fought at stages from each characters' respective series, but the songs that are used don't have to be from each characters' respective series.

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    • Steve Bender

      Complete Board the Platforms Level 2 with 80 characters or play 72 matches

      Dschinghis Khan concert

      China Boy (one of Dschinghis Khan's songs, Steve Bender's credits minigame theme)


      Survive 60 seconds in a Stamina match without getting hit 4 times or play 106 matches

      Hang Eight

      The Way to Rebirth (from The King of Fighters '99)

      Louis H. Potgieter

      Defeat Tetsujin in Classic with Mitsuhide or play 201 matches

      Dschinghis Khan concert

      Hadschi Halef Omar

      Lily II

      Defeat Mokujin Monster in Classic Mode with Hyou or play 308 matches

      The School

      LEt Me Be Your Wings (from Don Bluth's Thumbelina)

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  • The next character's name is Miguel Caballero Rojo. As the Tekken character I've been dying to see in a Smash game, his default rival is Torterra, his second rival is Dormammu, his English voice is yet again Liam O'Brien, his Select quote is "Unfortunately for you, I'm having a bad day.", his Normal Intro quote is "I've no time for you.", and his three victory quotes are "I wish I could stay, but I've got things to do.", "Keep it up and you'll get yourself killed." (btw, that's my favorite Miguel quote overall), and "And I just had confession.". Original quotes are applicable too, in both Intro and victory. If you plan on giving him an original quote against Jin Kazama (Miguel is seeking revenge on him and the Tekken Force for involvement of his sister's death), it MUST answer "What are you after?" properly, and I'll be upset if it doesn't answer that question. You may also upload a picture of Miguel if you'd like, but I'm 150% sure you'll make his TTT2 outfit his default costume and his TK6 outfit his bonus costume (the same thing I said when he was put into the first game)... Anyway, this will require the Notepad strategy and a lot of luck.

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    • unlock

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    • I'll ask for unlocking requirements ASAP.

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  • El Stingray CG Art
    English: Justin Giddings
    Japanese: Hiroaki Hirata
    French: David Maisse
    German: Florian Halm
    Mandarin Chinese: Guan Zhihong
    Arabic: Ziad Rifal

    Rival: Admiral Ackbar

    Idle: Tightens his mask
    Select: cartwheels then dives to the camera saying "I may be small, but I crush big bozos like you every day!"
    Intro: Flips to his start point saying "Watch yourself, or I may crack your head like a melon." ("My mama could cook and fight better before you were born!" if he fights El Fuerte)

    Neutral: Jalapeno Comet: El Stingray dives forward with his head surrounded by energy.
    Side: Spiral Moon: El Stingray roll kicks while going into the air. He can kick for a total of 8 hits when done right.
    Up: Meteor Southern Cross: El Stingray jumps into the air, then comes down hard on fire.
    Down: Double Frankensteiner: El Stingray reaches his legs out. If he connects, he grabs the opponent's head, then does two frankensteiners.

    Hyper Smash: Atomic Dive: El Stingray lifts his knee up. If he close to an opponent, he kicks the chin, jumps high up, and rams his head on the opponent's causing a 10 second stun.
    Final Smash: Chimichanga Comet: El Stingray crouches and says "Ole!" then does a stronger Jalapeno Comet. If he connects, he continues to fly-attack past his opponent for 12 hits.

    Victory 1: El Stingray raises his left arm in victory then says "Yo, El wimpo! Is that your best?"
    victory 2: El Stingray flips then he poses and says "Ole! My mama hits harder than you!"
    Victory 3: El Stingray does a handstand then kicks out, before doing a cartwheel and doing another kick saying "Say something to the lucha champ, cabron!"

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  • Can you give me the unlocking requirements of any three characters of your choosing plus these three characters?:

    Diana Barry from Anne of Green Gables

    Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls

    Moe Doodle from The Doodlebops

    All characters must be fought on a stage that originates from each character's respective series. I must warn you that the stage for Anne of Green Gables is the Avonlea Stadium. Furthermore, the characters must use a song from their respective series as well when unlocking them.

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  • Would you mind giving me the unlocking requirements of any three characters of your choosing plus these three characters?:

    Diana Barry from Anne of Green Gables

    Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls

    Moe Doodle from The Doodlebops

    All characters must be fought on a stage that originates from each character's respective series. I must warn you that the stage for Anne of Green Gables is the Avonlea Stadium. Furthermore, the characters must use a song from their respective series as well when unlocking them.

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    • Black Hole

      Clear Boss Mode with 13 Kinnikuman characters or play 1910 matches

      Chojin Olympics Colosseum

      Bermuda Mystery

      Diana Barry

      Win 50 matches with Pentagon or play 261 matches

      Avonlea Stadium

      Why Me (an unused villain song by Jafar from Aladdin, now being used in Tourney)

      Tao Ren

      Get at least 3310 ft in Home-Run contest or play 1189 matches

      Amidamaru's Grave


      Moe Dooble

      Win without using any Hyper Smashes 8 times or play 787 matches

      Dooblebops Concert

      Getting Along


      Complete Classic-Adventure on hard with Sasuke or play 1355 matches

      Akatsuki Hideout

      Akatsuki Hideout (the song from Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3)

      Mojo Jojo

      Win with 90 different anime/manga villains or play 1199 matches

      Mojo's Lair

      Poor Unfortunate Souls

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  • The next character is the final boss of Pac-Man World 3. That's right, it's time to do Erwin! This is what Erwin looks like:

    Erwin CG Art

    With SSB Tourney 1 being his second playable appearance (following Pac-Man World Rally), his rival is Duo Lon, his English voice is to be done by Eric Meyers yet again (should you fear that Eric Meyers is too old to do voice acting again or deceased, give him another voice actor for English in an Eric Meyers style), his Select quote is "But only for one of us!", and his Normal Intro quote is "Well, yes. It's entirely possible!". Original quotes are applicable too, in both Intro and victory. If you fear that he can't fight, give him a Mokujin-like fighting style (imitation), otherwise give him a unique fighting style. Anyway, you'll need luck and the Notepad strategy for this.

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    • yes!

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    • I KNEW IT... Remember the rivalries now...

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  • Duo Lon CG Art
    English: Josh Keller
    Japanese: Tsunehito Maruo
    French: Michel Gervais
    German: Crock Krumbiegal
    Arabic: Mohammed Mustafa
    Mandarin Chinese: Sun Zhong Tai

    Rival: Erwin

    Idle: meditates with his index fingers up
    Select: Decomposes, then recomposes in front of the camera saying "None shall escape."
    Intro: Composes himself through teleportation at his start point saying "Let's see how good you are."

    Neutral: Juon Shikon: Duo Lon sends a ball of spirit energy to attack his opponent.
    Side: Jaki Juryuu: Duo Lon performs a lunging elbow strike, press B again and does a lunging shoulder strike, and pressing B a third time he does an upward palm strike. Pressing A after the elbow strike, Duo Lon will follow with performs a high rising knee attack called the Onpei Ryuujin Ha. Press B after the Onpei Ryuujin Ha, he'll follow with a double palm strike called the Shiryou Hassei Kin.
    Up: Genma Hishou Keikou: Duo Lon's turns around as his body turns into a skeleton, and breaks down into molecules and disappears into the ground. Then he reappears as the molecules reconstruct his body as he performs a spinning drill kick.
    Down: Suishu: Makyakuho: Duo Lon grabs the opponent's arm, pulls them forward, then pushes them back while they remain in a brief stunned state.

    Hyper Smash: Ougi: Tajuu Genmu Ankei: Duo Lon stands straight up and shoots off a glowing ghostly aura that summons the ghostly skulls to surround his entire body. There, he stands as the aura starts to disappear and reappear as duplicates trails behind him. The opponent can be hit the glowing aura during the activation of this Hyper Smash if close enough while standing or airborne. Following the activation, whatever attack you perform, the duplicates do as well. this lasts for 30 seconds.
    Final Smash: Hiden Genmu Juon Shikonsou: Duo Lon disappears into the ground and takes his opponent too if close enough. Ghostly spirits then come out, rapidly hititng the opponent out of the ghostly pit, and sends him/her sky high.

    victory 1: Duo Lon surrounds himself with ghosts saying "Carelessness is death."
    victory 2: Duo Lon stretches his arms then does a crane stance saying "Think about your mistake in hell."
    victory 3: Duo Lon breaks a skeleton saying "See me again if you're not dead."

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  • Eric idle may be too old to voice the Scarecrow Man of Oz in the SSB Tourney series, and Ray Bolger (who played him in the 1939 film) is deceased, so I'll need to have someone else do the Scarecrow Man of Oz's English voice. Who would be the best man that can impersonate Ray Bolger? Likewise, Deep Roy may be too old to voice the Tin Woodman in this series too, and Jack Haley (the man who played the Tin Woodman in the 1939 Wizard of Oz film) is in the afterlife, so I need a replacement person to do the Tin Woodman in a Jack Haley style, who can pull it off? Could you also give me the French, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic voices for the two characters I mentioned?

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  • The next character is the Continent Pokemon. That's right, it's Torterra time! This is the design of Torterra:

    Torterra CG Art

    Torterra's dialect can be from anyone you want, just as long as you tell me who you borrowed Torterra's quotes from, and what tone Torterra will be using said quotes. I plan on giving Torterra's rivalry to either Miguel Caballero Rojo or Steve Burner (the former character is the Tekken character I've been dying to see in a Smash game, the latter is a Dschinghis Khan singer, and whoever Torterra does not get will receive another rival, but Torterra must get a second rival due to Dormammu being Miguel's second rival). All of Torterra's moves should be moves from the Pokemon games, mostly of the Grass-type and the Ground-type because Torterra is a Grass/Ground-type Pokemon, and if you plan on making one of those moves Frenzy Plant, you'll have to think of a method of recharging immobility (since it works like Hyper Beam, which requires a Pokemon to recharge if it hits in the Pokemon games). Both the Notepad strategy and luck are required.

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