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  • There's no delay before the next character! And now, live from Darkstalkers, it's the evil Pyron! Remember, his rival should either be Palutena or the Mokujin Monster (the former is from Kid Icarus, the latter is from the Tekken movie), and he should have an original quote for both his Select and Intro poses, like the other Darkstalkers cast of characters (not including Morrigan or Hsien-Ko)! As with the other characters of Darkstalkers, you may decide who voices him in English (and you also must tell me who else that man does, btw Jon Talbain shares his English voice with Ryu, Ujiyasu, Ding Feng etc. and the English voice of Anakaris is the same as Heihachi, Algol, Lu Bu, etc. with Sasquatch sharing his English voice with sequel characters Xu Zhu and Zhang Jiao, Huitzil shares his English voice with Dian Wei, Bishamon has the same English voice as Gaara, and Felicia, who is set to appear in the sequel, has the same English voice as Sun Shangxiang, Asuka Kazama, etc.). Btw, his Japanese voice in Darkstalkers was NOT Kan Tokumaru but rather it was Nobuyuki Hiyama (the former is dead, the latter is still alive). Also upload a picture of him. Remember the strategy for Notepad, and good luck!

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  • English: Scott Roberts

    Japanese; Kōsuke Okano

    French: Martial Leminoux

    Rival: Constantine

    Idle: stands with the Karyu (Eight Flame Dragons) floating behind him.

    Select: Recca does a cartwheel while Saiha and Nadare roar and then Recca says "Flame up!

    Intro: A fire burns out to reveal Recca who says "Strength comes from fire!" with the Karyu following after ("That robbery isn't going to last long!" if he fights Constantine)

    Neutral: Dan En: Nadare shapes the flames into numerous fireballs that Recca can shoot out at once.

    Side: Ben En: Homura shapes the flames into the form of a whip. With this flame Recca cracks it three times at his opponent.

    Up: En Jin Zan: Using Saiha, Recca jumps upwards doing an upward slash with the fire sword made from the fire.

    Down: Shun En: Setsuna shapes the flame into the form of an instantaneous flare. At the moment it opens its eye in the middle of its face all those who stare into it are burnt with an instantaneous flare at their location.

    Hyper Smash: Bun'ya En: The Karyu spray fires from their mouths as Recca says "This oughta get you!" then the stage is set on fire, slowly damaging opponents for 30 seconds.

    Final Smash:Fukusu Hado En: By using Nadare's ability to create fireballs and Kokku's ability to create a fire beam, they unleash multiple beams of fire at the opponent. After they are done, Recca says "Take that!"

    Victory 1: Recca throws some shuriken as the Karyu roar while Recca says "Fire is power!" ("Back to the stake to be burned, False Kermit!" if he defeated Constantine)

    Victory 2: Recca does a spread palm strike then a heel drop and says "Gets better everytime."

    Victory 3: Recca puts his palms together, punches the ground then jumps up saying "Playing with fire? You must be unlucky!"

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  • This is the last quote of Peg I have to ask you before I start her article. Peg is a little girl whose favorite crayon is Little Bluey, but if she said "100 chickens in the bathroom, would be really weird!", what would Sakura Haruno, Sailor Mercury, Entei, Freddy Krueger, and Recca Hanabishi respond with? This time, my character count is one and a half, while your character count is three and a half. Therefore no one else needs to be added.

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  • It's been a REALLY long time since I asked a quote from Peg from Peg + Cat, so here's another one... Peg is a little girl whose favorite crayon is Little Bluey, but if she said "I'll let you borrow my bathing suit with the triangle design!", what would Wei Yan, Julia Chang, Agnes from Despicable Me, Lu Bu, Mr. Freeze, and Pocahontas respond with? You can find Mr. Freeze's response on the patient interviews here (btw, there are five interview tapes total). Victory quotes are also applicable, with Mr. Freeze's victory quote being a modified Arkham City game over quote. My character count is three. Your character count is four. No one else has to be added.

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  • It's been a REALLY long time since I asked a quote from Peg from Peg + Cat, so here's another one... Peg is a little girl whose favorite crayon is Little Bluey, but if she said "I'll let you borrow my bathing suit with the triangle design!", what would Wei Yan, Julia Chang, Agnes from Despicable Me, Lu Bu, Mr. Freeze, and Pocahontas respond with? You can find Mr. Freeze's response on the patient interviews here (btw, there are five interview tapes total). Victory quotes are also applicable, with Mr. Freeze's victory quote being a modified Arkham City game over quote. My character count is three. Your character count is four. No one else has to be added. And this time, could you PLEASE tell me what tape you found Mr. Freeze's Intro quote on??

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  • Five Demon Tiger Generals of Shu (same as the playable Five Tigers of Shu except with demonic appearances)

    Five Demon Generals of Wei (same as the playable Five Generals of Wei except with demonic appearances)

    Shu Army (grunts and generics (random from Sun Qian, Mi Zhu, Jian Yong, etc.))

    Wu Army (grunts and generics (random from Cheng Pu (who knows when he's gonna be playable in a Dynasty Warriors), Zu Mao, Zhang Zhao, etc.))

    Wei Army (grunts and generics (random from Cao Hong, Cao Shuang, Wang Lang, etc.))

    Jin army (grunts and generics (random from Chen Tai, Zhou Zhi, Wen Hu, etc.))

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    • I've got two!

      Anti-Super Readers (same as the playable Super Readers in Tourney 1 except with demonic appearances)

      Evil Sailor Scouts (consisting of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars except with demonic appearances)

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    • As for the Evil Sailor Sccouts let's not forget evil versions of Sailors Super Sailor Moon, Jupiter or Venus.

      Oda army (grunts and generics (random from Kazumasu Takigawa, Nobukatsu Oda, Masahisa Sakai, etc.))

      Takeda army (grunts and generics (random from Masakage Yamagata, Masatoyo Naito, Nobushige Takeda, etc.))

      Uesugi army (grunts and generics (random from Kagemochi Amakusu, Kagetsuna Naoe (will have a special quote involving Kanetsugu if he encounters Ariel), Tomonobu Saito, etc.))

      Hojo army (grunts and generics (random from Masataka Kasahara, Norihide Matsuda, Ujimasa Hojo (this generic will be sharing his first name with a Sengoku Basara fighter who will be playable anyway), etc.))

      Mouri army (grunts and generics (random from Ekei Ankokuji, Motoharu Kikkawa, Takaie Shishido, etc.))

      Imagawa army (grunts and generics (random from Ujizane Imagawa (will have a special quote if he fights his playable wife Lady Hayakawa), Naomori Ii (will have a special quote if he fights his daughter Naotora), Ujimoto Katurayama, etc.)

      Shimazu army (grunts and generics (random from Yoshihisa Shimazu (special quote if he fights his brother Yoshihiro or his nephew Toyohisa), Tadamune Ijuin, Tadamoto Niiro, etc.))

      Chosokabe army (grunts and generics (random from Morichika Chosokabe (special quote if he fights his father Motochika), Chikasada Kira, Nobuchika, etc.))

      my plans for the Five Demon Generals of Wei

      Fishman Yu Jin (same except with fishskin)

      Anubis Yue Jin (same except has blacker skin and uses two Anubis Swords)

      Minotaur Zhang Liao (same except with the appearance of a minotaur)

      Devil Xu Huang (same except with demonic skin)

      Inferno Zhang He (same except with fire covering him)

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    • Yeah, something like that... If Wonder Red's Anti-Super Reader form is a Tekken: Blood Vengeance-style Devil Kazuya with Wonder Red's body (that's Devil Red btw), what would Nega Why, Princess Inferno, and Spider Pig (the evil forms of Super Why, Princess Presto, and Alpha Pig respectively) look like?

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  • I'd like to announce that some characters are gonna have hidden victory poses. A hidden victory pose is a VERY RARE victory pose with no special quotes said when a character does his/her hidden victory pose. The first character to receive a hidden victory pose is Kazuya Mishima, and it will be based on one of his victory poses from the Tekken video games (the first victory is based on his "Die!" victory pose from various games, the second victory is based on the Flash Punch Combo, and the third victory has him doing two roundhouse kicks then a right kick then two more roundhouse kicks); however, in his hidden victory pose, he will say "Thanks to him, I no longer have to track you down."

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  • The name of the next character is Pasadena O'Possum, originating from Crash Bandicoot. Remember, her rival is Josuke (Josuke Higashikata to be exact), her English voice is yet again going to be Shanelle Workman, her Select quote is "I should do this more often!", her Normal Intro quote is "Two plus two equals... um... cornbread?" (one of her race intro quotes from Crash Tag Team Racing btw), and her three victory quotes are "Zzzzzz..." (imagine that, a female Crash character sleeping for the first time), "Thin air! I'm footloose and fancy free!", and "I'm stuck inside a cloud!". Also applicable are original quotes, in both victory and Intro. You may also upload a picture of her. Just remember the strategy to Notepad, and good luck!

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    • English: Shanelle Workman

      Japanese: Sanae Kobayashi

      French: Stephanie Lafforgue

      Rival: Josuke Higashikata

      Idle: Sits like a possom

      Select: Pasadena kicks up as the camera zooms saying ""I should do this more often!"

      Intro: Gets out of her helicopter saying "Two plus two equals... um... cornbread?" ("My, what a sexy hairstyle!" if she fights Josuke)

      Neutral: Machine Pistol: Pasadena takes out and shoots a pistol that shoots like a machine gun at her opponent.

      Side: Propellor Throw: Pasadena throws a mini-propellor at her opponent like a shuriken.

      Up: Possom Sault: Pasadena jumps into the air doing two somersault kicks.

      Down: Leaping Animal: Pasadena leaps forward down and overhead attack with the sides of her hands.

      Hyper Smash: Raging Possom: Pasadena raises her hands then does two kicks then five punches and a hard slap in place. If all hit, they will knock her opponent away.

      Final Smash:Three Hundred Hand Slap: Pasadena slaps her hands forward and her tail which she can use as a third hand at her opponent. She ends this with  a whip of her tail.

      Victory 1: Pasadena lies on her side snoring "Zzzzzz..." loudly.

      Victory 2: Pasadena floats up with her tail acting like a helicopter saying "Thin air!" I'm footlost and fancy free!"

      Victory 3: A thick fog covers everything as Pasadena looks around and says "I'm stuck inside a cloud!"

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    • Two questions: First of all, if you count a thick fog covering everything as changing the scenery of the Results Screen as impact, does her third victory cause impact? And second of all, will it be Koichi Hirose or Recca next (one or the other)?

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    • 1. It does

      2. Next up, Recca Hanabishi!

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    • Aye-aye, buddy! But remember, his rival is Constantine from The Muppets, and I have to warn you, for Constantine's special Intro quote against Recca is "We are now positioned to carry our greatest burugullwy." where "burugullwy" will be corrected to "burglary" in the sequel.

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  • Before the next character arrives, I have six new characters for Tourney 1... They are:

    Penny from Barney & Friends (unlockable, this Penny btw is from the Barney's Musical Castle stage show)

    Killer Moth from Batman (unlockable, he's NOT from any Batman Arkham game or even Injustice, like Man-Bat)

    Becky from Barney & Friends (unlockable, this Becky is the same one from Barney's First Adventures, not the television show)

    The Human Bomb (Human Bomb ingame) from DC Comics (starter)

    Dr. Tosha (formerly just Tosha, renamed due to the other Tashas in this game) from Barney & Friends (starter)

    Pyron (moved from the sequel) from Darkstalkers (starter) (I wanted one more character from Darkstalkers to be in Tourney 1 btw)

    You see, Pyron is the last Darkstalkers character to be in Tourney 1, and the only video game that featured Killer Moth was the Lego Batman video game (so therefore he has no appearances in a video game where he fully speaks and is not made of blocks so far). Now, you can think of your additions. Just remember, I do NOT want you to add any characters sharing the same name as another character. Since we have Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric, we should have some of the Fullmetal Alchemist females in Tourney 1 too, as well as some Kid Icarus newcomers (Medusa is going to be in the sequel due to the fact that she shares her name with a Marvel character). And if the rest of the Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, and the Human Torch to be exact) were on CPS1 with QSound, they will be in the sequel; but if they aren't, you may add them to Tourney 1 as either unlockables or starters (you have to tell me whether they are or not first either way). And PLEASE don't penalize me when I attempt to move Pyron to Tourney 1 since he's the only one I'm moving from the sequel! Why? Because you penalized me twice when I attempted to move Mystique to the first game (the first time you forced her back into the sequel and the second time you refused to do her) and you penalized me for a third time when I attempted to move Iron Fist to Tourney 1 (by refusing to do him)! So, please don't penalize me when I move Pyron from the second game to the first game! I'M BEGGING YOU!!!!!

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    • it was Hayley Greenbauer who portrayed Penny and Grace Vowell who did Becky, I saw it! no more hold ups please.

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    • The Becky that was played by Grace Vowell was the one on the television show. The one that's here was the one from Barney's First Adventures, and was played by Haley Ralph. You must've looked at the wrong Becky. The Becky that's here was "Becky (Haley Ralph)" on the Barney Wiki. Now, meet me back at your wall for the next character, while I make the REAL changes...

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  • English: Kate Higgins
    Japanese: Chie Nakamura
    French: Maia Baran

    Rival: Fire Luci

    Idle: Stands with her hands concealed behind her back
    Select: Sakura Haruno does a stomach blow then a straight and a kick while the camera zooms as she says "That was just in place of REAL punishment!"
    Intro: A tree is kicked down (wooden wall sfx btw) by Sakura and she says "For rushing in without thinking and getting yourself hurt!" ("Naruto, let me teach you humility!" if she fights Naruto, "Then move to the shade." if she fights Fire Luci, "If you have guts, let's settle it!" if she fights Ino)

    Standard: Cherry Blossom Clash: Sakura punches the ground with enough force to send floor based chakra at her opponent.
    Side: Lightning Barrel: Sakura takes out a Lightning Barrel and shoots a bolt of lightning at her opponent.
    Up: Ninja Teleport: Sakura teleports to a location determined by the thumb pad and does a spin kick.
    Down: Smoke Bomb: Sakura throws a smoke bomb down letting out blinding essense to mess up the opponent's movements.

    Hyper Smash: Inner Sakura: The initial strike is an overhead punch, if it hits, then the foe bounces up, where Sakura catches them with a few punches, then lays into their gut hard.  During this time, Inner Sakura appears off to the left side and deals a bunch of hits as well.  Then, to finish them off, she jumps up with a knee and yells "Keep it going... Get Outta Here!" as she ends it with a spin kick that sends the foe flying.
    Final Smash: Super Inner Sakura: Seemingly the same at first, except Sakura's hands are glowing red, that can't be good.  After the first few hits, the foe flies up farther than normal, and Sakura focuses her rage as they're coming back down.  Then a very intense series of blows from Sakura and Inner Sakura ensues, finishing off with a knee and kick again.  Sakura yells quite a few nice things during this Jutsu, sometimes ending it saying "The end of the world, BLAST AWAY!  That feels about right." 

    Victory 1: Sakura punches two times at empty air then swings her elbows down saying "Well, what can I say?" ("Too bad, Ino!" if she defeated Ino)
    Victory 2: Sakura puts her hands together as if praying while saying "Did you see that, Sasuke?"
    Victory 3: Sakura does two spin kicks then turns her back and says "I got it again!"

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