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  • The next character is PJ! This is what he will look like in Tourney...

    PJ CG Art

    Remember, his rival is Brad Wong, his English voice is to be done by the same person who voiced him in F-Zero GX (if you can't find the exact person, a best guess is required), his Select quote is "At times like this, I'm glad I have a short name.", and his Normal Intro quote is "Calm. There's no room to be calm in the F-Zero, though." Original quotes are also applicable in Intro and victory. His moveset should be comprised of what most aliens do (because he's an alien afterall). This will require luck and the Notepad strategy once again. Good luck! :)

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    • well, chose wisely anyway...

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    • Either way, be warned that The Little Mermaid's Melody has Lancelot as a second rival because it has Mario's Melody as a default rival, so you'll have to think of another second rival for General How as you go...

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  • Kai47ronin
    English: Keanu Reeves

    Japanese: Toshiyuki Morikawa

    French: Daniel Picard

    German: Ziad Ragheb

    Arabic: Shadi Khafajah

    Mandarin Chinese: Du Chun

    Rival: Claykken

    Idle: glows his right hand with ki while his left hand prepares to take out his katana.

    Select: Sends a slashing ki wave towards the camera. It clears to show Kai Asano with his sword drawn and saying "I will search for you through 1000 worlds and 10000 lifetimes!"

    Intro: Runs in and prepares to draw his katana saying "I will show you power beyond wild aspirations."

    Neutral: Demon Satsu: Kai swings his sword hard enough to send a ki wave forward.

    Side: Flying Senpuzan: Kai dashes forward slashing his katana two times.

    Up: Wolf Hakko: Kai jumps through the air doing a flip kick and a slash.

    Down: Ikazuchi Blast: Kai Asano swipes his sword enough to make lightning strike the opponent.

    Hyper Smash: Seven Sword Messatsu: Kai Asano makes the illusion of six more swords then pierces them all at his opponent.

    Final Smash: 17 Agonies 19 Cuts: Kai Asano gives several cuts to the opponents. If they hit, nothing appears to happen straightaway, but then the opponent is put through 17 different kinds of pain, then blown away.

    Victory 1: Kai Asano glows his eyes then pushes a ki ball outward and says "I'm not like anything anyone has encountered before."

    Victory 2: Kai Asano gives three energy slashes with his katana then says "That was pathetic."

    victory 3: Kai Asano does a spin slash then quickly dashes and says "Those who wish to die, step forward!"

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  • We're coming to our fourth Dead or Alive character, meaning Brad Wong! Remember, his rival is to be either Hoofer or PJ (both are Nintendo characters, the former from Donkey Kong and the latter from F-Zero, but whoever doesn't get Brad Wong will get one of your characters as a rival), his English voice is to be done yet again by Grant George, his Select quote is "Down the hatch!", and his Normal Intro quote is "I guess I can do this." (both quotes are taken from Dead or Alive 5). Aside from the DoA5 quotes, original quotes are also applicable in Intro and victory. His moveset should be comprised of... well, most of his moves from the Dead or Alive series, plus some original moves. You may also upload a picture of him if you want; after all, he's MY character but YOUR addition! Remember the Notepad strategy, and good luck! :)

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    • Bartolomeo from One Piece.

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    • Right, then!

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  • Ng3 Hayabusa.png
    English: Troy Baker

    Japanese: Hideyuki Hori

    French: Tristan Harvey

    German: Pascal Breuer

    Arabic: Saad Ostan

    Mandarin Chinese: Yang Yaotai

    Rival: Joe Yabuki

    Idle: Crouches and prepares to draw the Dragon Sword.

    Select: Quickly pulls out the Dragon Sword and when the camera zooms points the sword at the camera saying "I feel a storm is coming."

    Intro: Teleports to his point and takes out the Dragon Sword saying "I have come from the depths of darkness!"

    Neutral: Art of the Inferno: Summons multiple fireballs around user which spring in a high arch towards groups of enemies. The number of targets within range increases the amount of fireballs conjured.

    Side: Thunderclap Kick: Ryu jumps kicks forward two times while dashing, knocking his opponent over.

    Up: Izuna Drop: Ryu does a jumping kick into the air. If he connects, he follows by grabbing his opponent then doing a spinning pile driver and slamming his enemy head first into the ground, creating a shockwave that damages any enemies near by.

    Down: Art of the ice Storm: By manipulating the atmospheric conditions around him, a vertical whirlwind of ice emerges encircling Ryu. Any enemy caught in this Ice Storm will be frozen in place as ice shards repeatedly pierce into them.

    Hyper Smash: Art of the Wind Blades: 1-3 sharp waves of vacuum are created and amplified as Ryu moves his arms at lightning fast speeds, they then radiate outwards in the directions Ryu swings his arms, slicing everything in their path. Crowds of enemies caught directly in the path of these vacuum blades are cut up then blown away.

    Final Smash: Art of the True Inferno: Ryu transforms into a flame dragon that swallows his enemies whole. After devouring opponents whole, it heals Ryu back to full health.

    Victory 1: Ryu Hayabusa does a jumping sword slash then sheathes the Dragon Sword saying "Nothing can hinder my spirit. Nothing!"

    Victory 2: Ryu Hayabusa does two slashes with the Dragon Sword then bows with the sword and says "Those that stand against me are doomed to fail."

    Victory 3: Ryu Hayabusa kicks two times then swings the Dragon Sword and summons three fireballs then says "Don't slip up next time."

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  • Our third Dead or Alive character has risen! Remember, her rival is Ilia, her English voice is to be done yet again by Karen Strassman, her Select quote is "Face your fate.", and her Normal Intro quote is "I don't have time to play games with you." (both quotes are taken from the fifth Dead or Alive game). Aside from the quotes from the aforementioned DoA5, original quotes are also applicable in Intro and victory. Her moveset should be comprised of... well, most of her Dead or Alive series moves, plus some original moves. You may upload a picture of her if you'd like; after all, she's my character but your addition! Luck and the Notepad strategy are once again required. Good luck! :)

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    • Ao from Naruto.

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    • I was gonna say the same thing! As they say, great minds think alike!

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  • Towa CG Art
    English: Roger Craig Smith

    Japanese: Ryotaro Okiayu

    French: Lionel Bourguet

    German: Tammo Kaulbarsch

    Arabic: Ayman Al-Salek

    Mandarin Chinese: Lin Xie Zhong

    Rival: Honchkrow

    Idle: Prepares to draw his sword.

    Select: Takes out his sword and channels chakra into it making appear as though it were a medium sized blade sword as the camera zooms saying "Let the misison begin."

    Intro: Towa jumps down and prepares his fighting stance saying "The target will be eliminated." ("Yes, Lady Tsunade." if he fights Tsunade)

    Neutral: Tattoo Sword Slice: Towa channels chakra into his sword and sends a red wave of chakra at the opponent.

    Side: Tattoo Drill: Towa makes a red drill out of his tattoo then drills forward.

    Up: Crimson Strike: Towa jumps into the air slicing his sword for four hits.

    Down: Red Death: Towa slices his sword with chakra around it three times.

    Hyper Smash: Slicing Crimson Wave: Towa does a simple crescent-shaped slash at the opponent, expelling a red chakra wave on the process.

    Final Smash: Drilling Crimson Blade: Towa strikes his opponent saying "I'll finish it!" If he does, his tattoo glows then takes out his blade and activates the tattoo on his right arm to channel his chakra into it. Towa runs toward the opponent saying "Whip it up!", slashing them upwards into the air, circles his sword saying "Get ready!" and then appears above them saying "You're through!", and delivers a sharp, drilling slash down upon them, impelling the opponent to the ground.

    victory 1: Towa puts his hands on his waist saying "Misison complete.' ("Thank you for the honor." if he defeated Tsunade)

    Victory 2: Towa slices his chakra-imbued sword five times and says "Everything I do is for the Hidden Leaf."

    Victory 3: Towa does an uppercut slash with his sword then crosses his forearms and says "The enemy unit has been eliminated."

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  • My last additions are as follows...

    Alex the Lion (Alex Lion ingame to prevent confusions) from Madagascar (starter)

    Gloria the Hippopotamus (Gloria ingame) from Madagascar (unlockable)

    Exploud from Pokemon (starter)

    Melman Giraffe from Madagascar (starter)

    Danny from Barney & Friends (unlockable)

    Hoofer from Donkey Kong (starter, been wanting him in Tourney 1 action for a while)

    Stefano from Madagascar (unlockable)

    Vitaly from Madagascar (unlockable)

    PJ from F-Zero (unlockable, been dying to see him in a Smash game)

    Jade X (formerly just Jade, renamed due to Jade from DC comics) from Sofia the First (unlockable)

    Amber from Sofia the First (unlockable)

    Shiftry from Pokemon (starter)

    Ruby Hanshaw X (Ruby X ingame, formerly just Ruby, renamed due to Ruby Gloom) from Sofia the First (unlockable)

    Louis Kalhern Pickles (Grandpa Lou ingame) from The Rugrats (unlockable, second time playable following The Rugrats: Royal Ransom)

    These are my last additions; I thought some normal Madagascar characters would be cool to see in a Smash game, so they'll be in Tourney 1. Now it's your turn to think of your last additions; but you may NOT add anyone sharing the same name with another character UNLESS he/she is made into a descendant of another character or uses his/her fullname ingame; and if you add someone who shares the name of another kid's show and/or an American cartoon character, you must think of a last name for your addition and not mine (that will make me VERY sad). I have two requests, the first is a Zelda character whose first appearance was The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and the second is a Pokemon from Generation V that kind of resembles a chandelier (and telling me what gender that Pokemon will most likely have is necessary). If there's anyone you've been scraping yourself for the day someone you've been wanting can be in Tourney 1, you better put them in now!

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    • gracias por las imágenes de antelación.

      Thank you for the images in advance in Spanish.

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    • Es mi deber de ayudar a los necesitados.

      It's my duty to help those in need in Spanish.

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  • L-I-N-E-B-E-C-K spells Linebeck, and he's next! Remember, his rival is Kikyo, and since this is his first speaking role, his Select and Normal Intro quotes are to be original quotes. If you fear Linebeck is incapable of fighting, you have two choices, either give him an imitation fighting style (but don't borrow a select pose), or give him a weapon (any weapon will do, whether it be a melee weapon or a gun), but he should have unique Hyper and Final Smashes regardless. You may upload a picture of him if you'd like; after all, he's MY character but YOUR addition! Remember the Notepad strategy, and good luck! :)

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    • Zoe from Sesame Street.

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    • Then you'll have to think of another second rival for Kano because Duras is that Zoe's second rival!

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  • Shizuo
    English: Crispin Freeman

    Japanese: Daisuke Ono

    French: Adrien Solis

    German: Ziad Ragheb

    Arabic: Adel Abu Hassoun

    Mandarin Chinese: Ricky Lau

    Rival: Necalli

    Idle: Stands holding a road sign.

    Select: Swings his sign then when the camera zooms saying "Okay, I'll take care of it."

    Intro: Walks up tightening his glasses as he says "Your brains will only prove uselss against my strength."

    Neutral: YOU CAN'T RUN!: Shizuo throws a trash can at his opponent.

    Side: WHAT WAS THAT!: Shizuo grabs his opponent, does a giant swing and throws him/her off.

    Up: YOU PEST!: Shizuo jumps into the air and divekicks downward.

    Down: I'LL SQUASH YOU!: Shizuo runs at the opponent ramming with a car door hitting four times.

    Hyper Smash: PISSING ME OFF!: Shizuo gathers a soda machine, a trash can, a box of explosives, a street sign, and a guard rail to him, then chucks them all at his opponent, leaving the street sign last.

    Final Smash: KILL KILL KILL KILL!: Shizuo runs to the opponent with a car door. If he hits, he follows with a 19 hti combo of kicks, punches and sign swings, then finishes with a stronger WHAT WAS THAT!.

    Victory 1: Shizuo swipes his right forearm and says "That's it for you."

    Victory 2: Shizuo fixes his glasses then says "No too serious!"

    Victory 3: Shizuo lifts a street sign and swings it like a club then holds it with one end on the ground and says "Strength makes right!"

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  • Our second Dead or Alive character is next, and that's Bass Armstrong! He will look like this in Tourney...

    Bass CG Art

    Remember, his rival is to be either Linebeck from The Legend of Zelda or Nurse Joy from Pokemon (both are Nintendo characters, with the former being counted as your addition instead of mine, and whoever Bass doesn't get will get one of your characters as a rival instead), his English voice is to be done yet again by Patrick Seitz (thus reprising his role as him from Dead or Alive 5), his Select quote is "Give it all ya got.", and his Normal Intro quote is "Come on! Let's do this!" (both quotes are taken from the aforementioned DoA5). Original quotes are also applicable in Intro and victory. His moveset should be comprised of... well, most of his moves from the Dead or Alive series, plus some original moves. Remember the Notepad strategy, and good luck! :)

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    • hmm... Kim Jae Hoon from Fatal Fury.

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    • One of Kim Kaphwan's kids as the default rival for Joe Musashi? Perfect!

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