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  • Ichimatsu
    English: Illich Guardiola

    Japanese: Showtaro Morikubo

    French: Emmanuel Lemire

    German: David Nathan

    Arabic: Raid Musharraf

    Mandarin Chinese: Pasu Leung Wai Tak

    Rival: Bert

    Idle: sits with a piece of paper on his lips as though it is a cigarette.

    Select: Stands and pulls out a gun and cocks it, then spins and fires the gun as the camera zooms then says "Ichimatsu, huh? That's a damn fine name you got."

    Intro: Runs in and readies his gun then says "I am Samurai Gun."

    Neutral: Nambu Repeater: Ichimatsu fires his gun nine times at the opponent.

    Side: Sakai Wideshoot: Ichimatsu fires his gun in a spreading formation in front of him.

    Up: Drop Shoot: Ichimatsu flips into the air while firing his gun downwards four times.

    Down: Anti-Tank Bullet: Ichimatsu loads a red bullet into his gun and fires it. If it hits, it causes a Bob-Omb-like explosion.

    Hyper Smash: Jigoku Shooter: Ichimatsu jumps into the air, cocks his gun and rains bullets from it down on the stage.

    Final Smash: Kenzan Ho: Ichimatsu loads a bullet and fires it. If anyone looks closely, it has his opponent's name on it. If it hits, he flies around in the opponent's body, ricocheting on the bones, damaging them, then comes out through the skull, blowing the opponent away.

    victory 1: Ichimatsu cartwheels, then spins his gun and fires it saying "If the orders involve killing anyone, I am not interested."

    victory 2: Ichimatsu spins around while firing his gun in all directions then slams his left elbow down and says "Don't go fucking with the innocent."

    victory 3: Ichimatsu throws his bullets up, catches them and loads them into his repeater. He then says "Careful now, those aren't blanks."

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  • The next character is the Duck Pokemon. That's right, Golduck is next! She will look like this once again...

    Golduck CG Art

    Remember, her rival is Naoto Shirogane, her English voice is to be done by one from Samurai Warriors 8 or earlier (you must tell me who else that woman does now or did previously no matter who gets the job), and her Select and Normal Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" are also applicable in victory. ALL of her moves should be named after moves from the Pokemon games, but you must think of some sort of immobility if you plan on giving her Hyper Beam or Giga Impact (btw, those moves require a recharge in the Pokemon games!). Remember the Notepad strategy well, because you'll need it! :)

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    • Kimmy Howell from No More Heroes, her rival... Hush from Batman.

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    • Do NOT confuse Kimmy Howell with Kimi Finster! And good luck.

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  • Colziegler
    English: R. Bruce Elliot (style of David Sheiner)

    Japanese: Naoya Uchida

    French: Max Morel

    German: Marcantonio Moschettini

    Arabic: Afif Chaya

    Mandarin Chinese: Li Yong

    Rival: x-5

    Idle: Scrolls through missile plans.

    Select: Salutes and pulls out his Astra 400 pistol as the camera zooms then says "Now you will do exactly what Dr. Dromm says at once. We don't have the time for further discussion!"

    Intro: Comes out of his car and says "He will change his mind when he sees her dying bullet by bullet, he will not it go that far. Now major get out of my way."

    Neutral: Astra 400: Col. Ziegler pulls out his Astra 400 and fires some bullets at the opponent. He'll need to reload if nine rounds are used.

    side: Panzerfaust: Col. Ziegler pulls out a Panzerfaust and fires a rocket.

    Up: Rifle Grenade Drop: Col. Ziegler jumps into the air and fires a grenade from a rifle down on the opponent.

    Down: Pistol Whipper: Col. Ziegler moves forward while pistol whipping his gun five times.

    Hyper Smash: FG 42: Col. Ziegler gets an FG-42 mounted on a crate and fires rapid rounds of ammo at the opponent.

    Final Smash: Missile Fire: Col. Ziegler radios "Get the missile ready and fire it!" then a five second timer appears. If, Ziegler is not KO'ed in that time, a small but powerful missile hits and gives a Nova Bomb-like explosion.

    Victory 1: Col. Ziegler applies his military cap and says "Sometimes it's best to rely on distant weapons."

    victory 2: Col. Ziegler stamps "approved" on a missile plan and says "It seems we've got a missile ready to go."

    Victory 3: Col. Ziegler shoots his Astra 400 then pulls out a small missile and says "You should just give into the new cutting edge weaponry."

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  • Ms. Mowz is next! Remember, her rival is WALL-E (and I HAVE to warn you that WALL-E says "Now that that's settled, HELP!" when against Ms. Mowz), her English voice is to be done by one from any Kung Fu Panda media (it doesn't matter who gets the job, you must tell me who else that woman does now or did previously), and the Select and Normal Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" are also applicable in victory. Her moveset should be comprised of... well, most of the moves she did when you traveled with her in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, plus some original moves. You may also upload a picture of her if you want; she's my character but your addition afterall! Remember the Notepad strategy well, because you'll need it! :)

    OH, and you may have noticed that I gave WALL-E a dialect like that of Luigi from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! because I knew this would be his first speaking role (though, he'll still be getting some original quotes of his own as well).

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    • Duke B. Rambert from Battle Arena Toshinden, rival: Estes from Soul Calibur

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    • You got it!

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  • Okina
    English: Michael McConnohie

    Japanese: Taiten Kusunoki

    French: Martin Spinhayer

    German: Gerald Paradies

    Arabic: Abu Mohammed Kheir Hassoun

    Mandarin Chinese: Sun Zhong Tai

    Rival: Ruthie

    Idle: Stands with his tonfas crossed.

    Select: Does two spinning strikes with his tonfas as the camera zooms then says "Watch out, here I come!"

    Intro: Walks in, and reveals his ninja garb saying "Skills are not waning in the slightest."

    Neutral: Yama Kon: Okina dashes forward doing three swipes with his tonfas.

    Side: Suiko Kyaku: Okina spins then leaps at the opponent with two kicks.

    Up: Koryu Kon: Okina jumps into the air with a rising tonfa smack.

    Down: Senretsu Kon: Okina jabs his left tonfa up and down, then after sixteen hits, he thrusts his right tonfa into the opponent's head.

    Hyper Smash: Rekko Konretsu: Okina moves forward slowly while jabbing his tonfas rapidly, then finishes with a jumping upper tonfa smack.

    Final Smash: Ho-Oh Kon: Okina spins his right tonfa at a very fast pace, then unleashes an unblockable uppercut.

    Victory 1: Okina crouches then swings his tonfas apart and says "That was fun, we should be allies."

    Victory 2: Okina rapidly jabs his tonfas, then spins his right tonfa saying "Next time, mind your surroundings."

    Victory 3: Okina does a spin kick, then does three tonfa swings, then does a heel drop and sits in a meditation position, then says "Going out to fight like this, reminds me of the younger days I had."

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  • The next character is the VERY FIRST newcomer to Street Fighter V: Necalli! Despite being unlockable in Tourney 1, he's still taking on his design from SFV, and it looks like this...

    Necalli CG Art

    Remember, his rival is Shizuo, his English voice is to be done by the same person who voiced him in Street Fighter V (there's no word on who voiced him on the Street Fighter Wiki, so a best guess MAY be required), his Select quote is "Strong souls..." (that's his SFV select quote!), and his Normal Intro quote is "Devour-our-our..." (that's his SFV intro quote!). Original quotes are also applicable in Intro and victory. His moveset should be comprised of... well, most of his Street Fighter V moveset, plus some original moves. If you plan on giving him his V-Trigger move as part of his moveset, start that move's description with "Based on his SFV V-Trigger move". You'll have to remember the Notepad strategy well, because you'll need it! :)

    OH, and I found out that Lauren Landa voiced Karin in SFV, as well as that Rainbow Mika was voiced by Bonnie Gordon in the same game, so the old English voices you planned for each of them will be used in the cutscenes.

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    • Bardock from Dragon Ball, his rival... Corrupted Shinnok from Mortal Kombat.

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    • That sounds like a good character.

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  • Mr. Hinx
    English: Dave Bautista

    Japanese: Kenji Kitamura

    French: Julien Kramer

    German: Manuel Straube

    Arabic: Abdalla Boshahrey

    Mandarin Chinese: Li Weijia

    Rival: Li'l Punkin

    Idle: Creaks his head with his right hand on his neck.

    Select: Closes his left hand into a fist as the camera zooms, then Hinx pulls out a double barreled AF2011 and fires two shots then says "Stay down, idiot."

    Intro: Gets out of his Jaguar C-X75 sports car and says "Gonna eat you for breakfast."

    Neutral: Twin AF2011: Mr. Hinx fires two rounds from his double barreled AF2011 at the opponent.

    Side: Hammer Smash: Mr. Hinx runs forward and does a double hammer punch to the opponent.

    Up: Brain Breaker: Mr. Hinx jumps into the air and comes down slamming his legs on the head of the opponent.

    Down: Choking Suplex: Mr. Hinx reaches to grab his opponent. If he does, he chokes him/her for five seconds, then does a German Suplex.

    Hyper Smash: Seismic Chaos: Mr. Hinx does a sledgehammer punch. If he hits, he follows by doing a hook and a haymaker, scraping the skull. Then he slams his elbow on one of the arms of the opponent, rupturing the bicep, then finishes by power bombing the opponent, breaking the back of the opponent.

    Final Smash: Blinding Snap: Mr. Hinx grabs his opponent and claws at their eyes, gouging them out. He then finishes by breaking his/her neck with a Star KO cry.

    Victory 1: Mr. Hinx does five punches, then turns and holds his right fist out saying "Resistance against SPECTRE, is futile."

    Victory 2: Mr. Hinx fires his twin-barreled AF2011 then does a hammer punch and says "Yet another jackass dies."

    Victory 3: Mr. Hinx cracks his knuckles, then closes his hands into fists saying "Sweet dreams."

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  • K-N-O-T-W-I-N-G spells Knot-Wing, and he's next! Here's his design...

    Knot-Wing CG Art

    Remember, his rival is Ernst Stavo Blofeld, his English voice is to be done by either Chris Jai Alex, Chris Cain, or Greg Baldwin (all of the men I mentioned have very little or no roles in Tourney 1 as of yet), and his Select and Normal Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. His moveset should be comprised of what he did when you fought him in Yoshi's Woolly World (btw, he is fought three times in that game!), along with some original moves. You'll have to remember the Notepad strategy well, because you'll need it! :)

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    • Xigbar from Kingdom Hearts, his rival: Makintaro from YuYu Hakusho.

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    • Good plan!

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  • Dyna-red
    English: Illich Guardiola

    Japanese: Satoshi Okita

    French: Thierry Kazazian

    German: Charles Rettinghaus

    Arabic: Badi Abu Chakra

    Mandarin Chinese: Zhang Jin

    Rival: Cleveland Jr.

    Idle: Holds his Dyna Swords left and right respectively.

    Select: Does four slashes with the two swords, then pulls out his Dyna Rod as the camera zooms then says "There's gonna be trouble tonight!"

    Intro: Hokuto Dan changes into Dyna Red and says "I guess I'll be your opponent."

    Neutral: Red Fire: Dyna Red fires a red fire bolt from his Dyna Rod at the opponent.

    Side: Magnum Square Punch: Dyna Red sets his arms in the shape of a square, then dashes forward with a hard punch.

    Up: Crimson Dragon Blade: Dyna Red does an up and down slash with the left Dyna Sword, then a jumping slash with the right Dyna Sword.

    Down: Tempest Kick-Slash Dance: Dyna Red does four kicks. If they hit, he does a cross slash with the Dyna Swords.

    Hyper Smash: Dyna Samurai Dragon Dance: Dyna Red charges his swords with red energy then does four slashes, unleashing large slashes of energy.

    Final Smash: Crimson Dyna Crack Fist: Dyna Red poses then does a muscle enhanced punch. If he hits, he follows by doing series of punches. After thirteen hits, he rears his right hand back, then punches his opponent under the chin, knocking him/her away.

    Victory 1: Dyna Red punches up and down then spin punches and does a kick saying "What a reckless fighter."

    Victory 2: Dyna Red swings his swords left and right, then cross slashes his swords, then does an upepr slash with his right sword saying "Still, you are twenty years off."

    Victory 3: Dyna Red changes back to Hokuto Dan, then pushes his hands out and bows saying "That should keep you lying down!"

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  • I would like you to give me the English/Japanese/French/German/Arabic/Mandarin Chinese voices of X-5, along with his idle pose, select pose (my mom will handle the quotes), and intro pose (my mom will handle the quotes). Knowing that he is a robot, I plan on having him fight like a ROBOT. According to my calculations, Bruce Hunter is the man who voiced X-5 in the Atomic Betty cartoon. Unless you fear of him being too old or deceased, he can reprise his role as X-5.

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    • English: Bruce Hunter

      Japanese: Masato Funaki

      French: Frederic Souterelle

      German: Karl Schulz

      Arabic: Wessam Al Brihi

      Mandarin Chinese: You Yong

      Idle: Has one of his robotic arms behind him.

      Select: Fires rockets from his right hand, then activates a beam saber in the other, then fires vulcan cannons and lasers from his head and eyes as the camera zooms.

      Intro: Rolls to his starting point with his legs as wheels.

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    • Those look like great robotic powers! Btw, have you determined the availabilities of X-5 and Col. Ziegler yet (one of those two will be a starter, whereas the other will have to be unlocked)?

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    • X-5: unlockable

      Col. Ziegler: starter

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    • I figured that part out when Betty herself is a starter...

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