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  • Sakura Haruno Shippūden

    Sakura's Default costume


    Pre-Timeskip Sakura Bonus costume Complete Classic with Sakura H.

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  • Zankuro-sstenka
    English: Patrick Seitz

    Japanese: Akio Otsuka

    French: Alain Louis

    German: Ekkehardt Belle

    Arabic: Mondher Rayahneh

    Mandarin Chinese: Liu Zhaowen

    Rival: Mason

    idle: Holds his sword Kougon Onkokumaru behind himself.

    Select: Plants Kougon Onkokumaru on the ground as the camera zooms then says "So, you've come."

    Intro: Lightning flashes and Zankuro appears saying "I seek to challenge you, ours shall be a glorious battle!"

    Neutral: Mugen-Ryuu: Shippuu Zan: Zankuro glows Kougon Onkokumaru green and swings it left, sending a floor-based green wave of eenrgy to his opponent.

    Side: Mugen-Ryuu: Muhou Ken: Zankuro glows his right fist green and dashes forward trying to punch his opponent.

    Up: Mugen-Ryuu: Tenhou Zan: Zankuro moves his blade to his right side, and runs to shoulder charge into his opponent. If he connects, he swings Kougon Onkokumaru upwards. In midair, he do the upward slash while going upwards.

    Down: Mugen-Ryuu: Fudou: Zankuro swings his right arm open glowing it with green energy. If anyone tries to attack him, he grabs the opponent, knocks him/her off and does a hard slash to add to the effect.

    Hyper Smash: Mugen-Ryuu: Mugen Hou: Zankuro moves Kougon Onkokumaru to his right side, charging it with energy, then swings it up, sending an unblocking shockwave forward.

    Final Smash: Mugen-Ryuu: Gokui, Musou Ken:Zankuro brings Kougon Onkokumaru behind his back and does a shoulder charge. If he connects, stuns the opponent, steps back, does a stomp, slowly charges the sword, and does an upward swing that gives of a ray of energy that melt's the opponent's body, flesh and all, taking a life from the stock.

    Victory 1: Zankuro plants Kougon Onkokumaru on the ground then crosses his arms saying "What a fool."

    Victory 2: Zankuro makes rain fall on the area and raises Kougon Onkokumaru saying "Mugen-Ryuu, is an unbeatable swordsman's art!"

    victory 3: Zankuro does two diagonal slashes with Kougon Onkokumaru then a right slash saying "To think that was all you had!"

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  • I felt that even the Backyard Gang should have some bonus costumes in the SSB Tourney series. Amy III first.


    This is what I plan for the default Amy III.

    She's gonna have three bonus costumes, hence Amy III.

    Amy III First Bonus Costume

    This is Amy III's first bonus costume, taken directly from the start of Campfire Sing Along.

    Amy III Second Bonus Costume

    The second bonus costume. Like the first bonus costume, it is taken from Campfire Sing Along. Unlikewise, it is used in the majority of the video I just mentioned.

    Amy III Third Bonus Costume

    This is the third and final bonus costume. It is her first (and only) outfit from Barney Goes to School, home of many of Captain Tina's quotes (and her Star KO quote too).

    Be sure to give cool names for all three bonus costumes. Since Amy III is unlockable, all of her bonus costumes should be unlockable too, so be sure to give each bonus costume's unlocking requirements (all of them should involve using Amy III in some way). Btw, do you remember seeing the third bonus costume you see before you when you were little?

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  • Here comes the VERY FIRST Barney interrogation intro quote! This one comes from Captain Tina. If Captain Tina fights against the Zeta Gundam, Cao Cao, Jagi, Iori Yagami, Saisyu Kusanagi, Kyo Kusanagi, Vincent Van Gore, Sylux, and the Punisher (who, coincidentally, requires his usage to unlock Captain Tina herself!), what would they respond if she said "Luci? Amy? Barney? PLEASE come and find me!"? This quote originates from Campfire Sing Along, when Captain Tina got lost. Here in the SSB Tourney series, it's gonna be an interrogation quote, so therefore all responses should involve the whereabouts of Luci (known as Fire Luci in the SSB Tourney series) and Amy (any Amy counts, whether it's Amy Rose or Amy Sorel, or any of the Amys from Barney) AND Barney the Dinosaur. Sylux's response should mention a classic Metroid series location (Brinstar, Crateria, Norfair, etc.). Your character count is six. My character count is three. There is no other character required to respond.

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    • Kamille (from Zeta Gundam): Luci's dead. She got radiation poisoning. A cruel way to die.

      Cao Cao: Your friends including Barney have abandoned you. Now surrender or die.

      Jagi: Your hammer wielding hedgehog friend's (reference to Amy Rose) gone into a cave, fighting bears!

      Iori: Barney's not here, he's probably dead by now.

      Saisyu: Luci is at a sushi bar. Try and phone her.

      Kyo: Amy called (the third Amy), she would like you at the karate gym.

      Van Gore: Amy (Sorel) is coming out of her castle, to kill you!

      Sylux: Barney's on specimen gathering on Wotan VII.

      Punisher: Someone's targetting Luci at her home, I can't let you interfere.

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  • The next character is Frank Castle. You guessed it, it's time for the Punisher! I plan on using this for the SSB Tourney series design of the Punisher:


    Now remember, his rival should either be Dyna Blade or Mist (they're both from Nintendo franchises, the former is from Kirby, the latter is from Fire Emblem, and whoever the Punisher doesn't get will have another rival), his English voice is to be done by either Kyle Herbert (also the English voice of Ding Feng, Ujiyasu Hojo, Kazuya Mishima, Ryu, etc.), Thomas Jane (the role reprised from the Punisher's 2005 video game), Brian Bloom (the role reprised from Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher, also the English voice of fellow Marvel characters Daredevil and Captain America), or Marc Worden (the role reprised from Marvel Heroes), and his Select and Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" I mention are also applicable in Intro and victory. My calculations say that the Punisher has no interactions with any MVC3 characters as of right now. One of his moves should involve the Thunderstorm status condition (not like any other Marvel character). You're gonna need luck and the Notepad strategy for this, as I have been dying to see the Punisher in a Smash game...

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    • English: Kyle Hebert

      Japanese: Akio Otsuka

      French: Marc Alfos

      German: Thomas Nero Wolff

      Arabic: Sam Derakhshani

      Mandarin Chinese: Huang Rongzhang

      Rival: Dyna Blade

      Idle: Looks at his arsenal

      Select: Does a punch and shoots his Colt Commando at the camera which zooms. He then says "If you're guilty, you're dead!"

      Intro: Gets out of his van and says "Time for oyur punishment."

      Neutral: Colt Commando: Punsiher fires his Colt Commando at his opponent. He can give 30 shots before he has to reload.

      Side: Grenade. Punisher throws a grenade out, then ducks and covers. The Grenade explodes after 3 seconds. In midair, he can throw the grenade down while going up.

      Up: Knife Murder: Punisher jumps inot the air slashing a knife.

      Down: Tiger Roar: Punisher does a radial sweep kick.

      Hyper Smash: Thunder Grenade. Punisher takes out a special grenade and throws it up into the air. Then a thunderstorm happens, with thunder striking and damaging opponents at random. This lasts for 19 seconds.

      Final Smash: Torture: Punisher runs to his opponent. If he connects, he breaks the opponent's arm, then the legs. He next steps on the downed prey and says "Sleep tight..." then shoots the opponent in the head, taking a life form the stock.

      Victory 1 Punisher puts his lifeless opponent in a coffin and marks it "R.I.P. punished." then says "It's not a vendetta, it's punishment."

      Victoy 2: Punisher sets a new ammo magazine in his Colt Commando then fires one round saying "I'm just a gun tooting vigilante."

      Victory 3: Punisher stares at the camera with a Magnum .44 in his hand and says "Fear is death, death is ppun ishment, for I am the Punisher!"

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    • I see why they call him the Punisher! Now I have three questions... First, based on the original quotes, is the Punisher on the hero side or the villain side? Second, Mist's rivalry goes to what character? Lastly, shall we do Alex Louis Armstrong next or Zankuro Minazuki next (the former character is from Fullmetal Alchemist, whereas the latter character is from Samurai Shodown)?

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    • 1. Neutral

      2. Hellstinger

      3. Zankuro's next

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    • Zankuro's rival is Alex Mason, don't forget! Oh, and Hellstinger is not yet taken.

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  • I have a third character unlocking method idea, likely for Tourney 2, I saw in select Dragon Ball games, that by wishing from Shenron, you can unlock a certain item.

    By collecting the 7 Dragon Balls hidden in the Tourney series, you can make a wish to unlock a character for free, without having to fight him/her.

    The dragons appearing  randomlyfrom the Dragon Balls are Shenron, Porunga (the Namekian Dragon) and Black Star Shenron.

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  • Hien otk-836
    English: Andrew Robinson

    Japanese: Kazunari Tanaka

    French: Olivier Podesta

    German: David Turba

    Arabic: Iyas Abughzala

    Mandarin Chinese: Tang Li Jing

    Rival: Edina Pop

    Second Rival: Lexine

    Ivle: Stands on one leg

    Select: Leaps to the camera and slices his Youkasatu claw two times saying "I'm a bird, not so easily caught."

    Intro: Makes a bird cry as he glides down to the stage and assumes his stance saying "Try not to hurt my face."

    Neutral: Kakushi Senpon: Jujiuchi: Hien throws his needles in the shape of a cross. This stops the opponent's movement for 5 seconds because the needles block nerves.

    Side: Kakushi Senpon: Santensho: Hien rapidly jabs three needles while going forward. B can be tapped to give rapid-fire.

    Up: Nenkei Tenkyaku: Hien jumps into the air doing a hard damaging spin kick.

    Down: Kakushi Senpon: Renketsusho: Hien uses his needles to force in potruding needles into the arms of the opponent, rendering the arms useless for 10 seconds.

    Hyper Smash: Hichoryo Tsuiran: Hien first throws a Cranebeak Needle into the ground, embedding it vertically. He then kicks his opponent into the air, grabs hold of his opponent, then drives the opponent's head right onto the protruding needle, killing him/her taking a life from the stock.

    Final Smash: Shuensetsu: Sosho Kyokuko: Hien pierces his own nerves with the Thousand Cranebeak Needles to temporarily heighten his physical abilities. He then does a diving-forward double-handed piercing technique, augmented by the Verse of Demise.This claws into the opponent's heart, and Hien comes out of the other side of the bleeding opponent who dies with a life lost from the stock. This also takes a life from Hien's stock too as he says "I'll give you soon, my ancestors..."

    Victory 1: Hien throws his needles into the legs of the opponent, and when he/she tries to walk, he/she falls flat on his/her face while he says "With my needles, you can't even touch me."

    Victory 2: Hien does some kung-fu strikes and some ladies adore him, while he says "I always have a thing for girls."

    Victory 3: Hien flip kicks into the air and pierces Youkasatu forward saying "Though I'm a bird who can't normally fly, I'm a tough cookie."

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  • The next character is the Bivalve Pokemon. You guessed it, Cloyster is up next! Here's what I've been planning for Cloyster's SSB Tourney series design:

    Cloyster CG Art

    Cloyster's dialect can be borrowed from anyone you desire, as long as you tell me what character you borrowed quotes from and what tone Cloyster will be using said quotes. Also remember that Lexine is the name of Cloyster's default rival (and I'm gonna warn you that Lexine's quote to Cloyster is "Isn't it time for a bending practice?"...), and I plan on giving him an anime character for a second rival (since Lexine's second rival is Hien from Sakigake!! Otokojuku). All of Cloyster's moves should be named after moves from the Pokemon games. One last thing... One of Cloyster's moves should involve the Blizzard status condition (since Cloyster is a Water and Ice type Pokemon). You're gonna need luck and the Notepad strategy for this one...

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    • English: Stephanie Sheh

      Japanese: Ayumi Tsunematsu

      French: Claire Tefnin

      German: Angela Quast

      Arabic: Glory Zaza

      Mandarin Chinese: Liang Xiaosha

      Rival: Lexine

      Second Rival: Lizard Misty

      Idle: A shell lays on the ground

      Select: Cloyster charges to the camera and says "What's the matter?"

      Intro: Cloyser comes out of a Pokeball saying "Okay. Let's get goin'!"

      Neutral: Hydro Pump: Cloyster blows a beam of water at his opponent.

      side: Shell Smash: Cloyster jumps forward, ramming his shell into his opponent

      Up: Frost Breath: Cloyster flies into the air and breaths some icy crystals diagonally down on the target.

      Down: Toxic Spike: Cloyster makes and orb and it disperses into poisonous spikes. If anyone touches them, they will be poisoned for 10 seconds.

      Hyper Smash: Blizzard: Cloyster blows icy breath form his mouth, and the stage is covered in ice and snow, slowly hurting and slowing down opponents for 15 seconds.

      Final Smash: Spike Cannon: Cloyster shoots a barrage of spikes at his opponent.

      Victory 1: Cloyster rolls and then shows his face saying "You're one of the strongest opponents yet. Not!!!"

      Victory 2: Cloyster potrudes two large spikes and says "You have to enjoy life!"

      Victory 3: Cloyster crawls up and says "That's all there is to it."

      giving him a squeeky version of Robert Garcia's voice dialect, spoken by a female.

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    • A squeaky version of Robert Garcia's voice dialect spoken by a female, eh? I guess Cloyster's the first Pokemon to have a dialect taken from an SNK character! Now here's three questions... First, where does this "Lizard Misty" originate from? Second, Cloyster has two Abilities in the Pokemon games, namely Shell Armor and Skill Link (the former makes critical hits useless against him, the latter makes his multi-striking moves hit five times no matter what), but which Ability will be his SSB Tourney series Ability, and what usage will it have? Lastly, shall we do Hien next or Akashi next (they are both from Sakigake!! Otokojuku)?

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    • 1. Lizard Misty was a narcissist who considered himself inferior only to the goddess Athena herself. Misty made it clear when he was sent to Japan leading his fellow Silver Saints of the 1st. Squadron of Executors to deal with the "renegade" Bronze Saints. This makes him a villain in the Tourney series.

      2. Shell Armor will make the player take about two Smash or special attacks to knock him away.

      3. Hien's next!

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    • Just remember, Edina Pop is the default rival's name, and Lexine is the second rival's name...

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  • Edina2
    English: Laura Bailey (styled on Edina Pop)

    Japanese: Miyuki Sawashiro

    French: Colette Noel

    German: Caroline Hasert

    Arabic: Rojan (musician and singer)

    Mandairn Chinese: Faye Wong

    Rival: Hien

    Second Rival: Sgt. Slaughter

    Idle: stands with a seemingly normal spear in her hands

    Select: Swings the spear and it is a three section spear then whips it again saying "Listen to my song."

    Intro: A wooden dummy of a gang member is cut down (wooden wall sfx) by Edina who says "Ready to take me on?"

    Neutral: Spear Ice: Edina swings her spear left, sending a ball of ice forward.

    Side: Extension Strike: Edina extends her spear out, then swings it left and right.

    Up: Cobra Slash: Edina jumps swinging her partially separated spear up.

    Down: Freezing Pole: Edina spins her spear around, attacking anyone surrounding her.

    Hyper Smash: Ball of Ice: Edina spears her spear around in circles, and sends a large circle of ice forward.

    Final Smash: Separation Strike: Edina swings her spear down, then does a jumping slash upwards, then slams the spear down, separating into multiple parts before putting it back together.

    Victory 1: Edina jabs her spear then poses like a model saying "See? I told you you should thought twice."

    victory 2: Edina charges and does a leaping slash saying "A pity. We could have been friends."

    Victory 3: Edina circles her spear around then does a diagonal down slash and says "If you think Edina Pop's not good for martial arts skills, that's your lesson."

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  • The next character is Brawl's most requested Bowser Junior (ironically, he DOES appear in SSB4 as an unlockable playable character!). Here's what I plan for using for Bowser Junior's design:

    Bowser Jr. CG Art

    With Tourney 1 being his second fullfledged speaking appearance (the first was his debut video game, Super Mario Sunshine), his default rival is Soul Calibur's Berserker, his second rival is Sakura Kasugano, his English voice is to be done by Delores Rogers (reprising the role from the Mario game I mentioned), his Select quote is "Yeah, Papa told me all about it.", his Normal Intro quote is "This is my Magic Brush. When I draw with it, all my wishes come true.", and his three victory quotes are "Leave my mama alone you bad man!", "I won't let you take Mama Peach away!" (this quote can be modified just like the Batman Arkham game over quotes), and " pest! Stop following us!". Original quotes are applicable too, in both Intro and victory. In SSB4, Bowser Junior fights in his Junior Clown Car, whereas in the SSB Tourney series, he'll be fighting outside of his Junior Clown Car but the Junior Clown Car can be a part of his moveset. Btw, his Intro should look NOTHING like his SSB4 intro. One last thing, one of his moves should involve the famous Super Mario series enemy, the Mecha-Koopa. You're gonna need the Notepad strategy and luck for this.

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    • English: Delores Rogers

      Japanese: Natsuko Kuwatani

      French: Laurence Cesar

      German: Andrea Cleven

      Arabic: May Hariri

      mandarin Chinese: Qiu Meijun

      Rival: Berserker

      Second Rival: Sakura

      Idle: Draws a picture of Mario on the ground, then erases and does it again.

      Select: Swishes his Magic Brush as the camera zooms saying "Yeah, Papa told me all about it."

      Intro: Is seen as sketch lines and Bowser Jr. paints himself to full color saying "This is my Magic Brush. When I draw with it, all my wishes come true."

      Neutral: Fire Spit: Bowser Jr. spits a ball of fire form his mouth at his opponent.

      Side: Junior Clown Car Drive: Bowser Jr. drives the Junior Clown Car around. This can last for 8 seconds.

      Up: Painting Helicopter Pack: Bowser Jr. quickly paints a helicopter pack on his back and flies upwards.

      Down: Mecha Koopa: Summons a Mecha Koopa to attack his opponent. The Mecha Koopa can be used as an item.

      Hyper Smash: Painting Change: Bowser Jr. uses his Magic Brush to change himself into a shadow liquid verison of his opponent, complete with a distorted version of the target's voice. This lasts for 50 seconds.

      Final Smash: Shadow Mario: Turns into Shadow Mario, who paints a giant X that covers the screen. Any opponent caught in the X will be damaged.

      Victory 1: Bowser Jr. paints some party poppers and they shoot out confetti while he says "Leave my mama alone you bad man!'

      Victory 2: Drives the Clown Car around like a go-kart, then stops and pulls out a hammer and warns "I won't let you take Mama Peach away!" ("I won't let you take my dad away!" if he defeated Mario or Luigi)

      Victory 3: Bowser Jr. punches his open hand then points one of his left fingers at the camera and says " pest! Stop following us!"

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    • I see you wanted him to keep one of his SSB4 victory poses. Anyway, here's three questions... First, I no longer plan to have Bowser Jr. become the Koopalings in color swaps, but I still want all seven of them in some SSB Tourney series capacity, but what, playable characters in the sequel? Second, what is the Intro equivalent of "I won't let you take my dad away!"? Third, shall we do Edina Pop next or Sadi-chan next (the former character is a part of the Dschinghis Khan band, whereas One Piece is the source of the latter)?

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    • 1. Playables in Tourney 2

      2. "Congratulations, Mario Bros., on making your journey this far, but it ends here."

      3. Edina Pop (I think I'll give her a three-section spear). And it is alright if she has WWE wrestler Sgt. Slaughter for her second rival or...?

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    • Sgt. Slaughter may be the best second rival for Edina Pop, but you MUST remember that Hien is her default rival either way...

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