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  • R-O-B-O-R-A-P-T-O-R spells RoboRaptor, and she's next! This is the Tourney series design of the RoboRaptor...

    RoboRaptor CG Art

    I must remind you, her rival is Ginchiyo Tachibana, her English voice is to be done by either Victoria Harwood, Liza Balkan, Irene Bedard, Mandy Moore, or Katherine Von Till (none of the aforementioned women are voicing any characters of my choosing yet), and her Select and Normal Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. Her species is a dinosaur, so her moveset should be comprised of what most dinosaurs do. Again, you will need luck and the Notepad strategy for this. Best of luck to you! :)

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  • Integra1
    English: Victoria Harwood

    Japanese: Yoshiko Sakakibara

    French: Susan sindberg

    German: Simone Brahmann

    Arabic: Lekaa Elkhamissi

    Mandarin Chinese: Ceng Peiyi

    Rival: Zhang Fei

    Idle: Smokes a cigar while resting in a chair

    Select: Pulls out her SIG-Sauer P226 and pistol as the camera zooms saying "Our mission: Search and destroy."

    Intro: Gets out of a car and draws her saber then says "I've been given orders to deploy to the field. Let's move!"

    Neutral: P226: Integra fires an incendiary mercury round from her P226. She can use 14 rounds but needs to reload after.

    Side: Bladed Hell: Integra sheathes her sword briefly then gives off a slash that gives off energy.

    Up: Scratching Bat: Integra jumps into the air while slashing her saber up.

    Down: Holy Trap: Integra sets a special device on the ground. If touched, the opponent is zapped by a holy light that damages him/her.

    Hyper Smash: Undead Slayer: Integra sheathes her saber then runs to her opponent. If she does, she rapidly slashes him/her 20 times then gives a final down slash. Nothing appears to happen at first, but when Integra swings her sword down, cuts appear on the opponent and he/she is blasted away.

    final Smash: Holy Water Bombing: Integra radios "Chopper, send down some holy water on our enemy. Smite them." then three large canisters of holy water are dropped. When they hit the ground, they give massive damage.

    Victory 1: Integra slashes her saber then salutes it and says "We will not give up and despair, We are on a mission from God." (Hellsing motto by the way)

    Victory 2: Integra pulls out some cigars then says "May the lord have mercy on your soul." then begins to smoke.

    Victory 3: Integra kneels and prays "In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen."

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  • The next character is Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon, better known as just Medusa! Here's her Tourney series design...

    Medusa CG Art

    I must remind you, her rival in Tourney 1 is Dora the Explorer (and I HAVE to warn you that Dora says "That fox is pretty sneaky." when against Medusa) with an anime character being her Tourney 2 rival (it doesn't matter who you pick, that character's second rival will be the Medusa from Kid Icarus), her English voice is to be done by either Mary Faber (the role reprised from the Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. American cartoon), Nancy Linari (the role reprised from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1), or Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (the English voice of Nina Williams, and in Tourney 2, also voices Mokujin), and her Select and Normal Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. Calculations tell me that Medusa has interacted with the following MVC3 characters: the Hulk ("Hulk no like fighting girls."), Hawkeye (also capable of OQs), Captain America ("Surrender is your only option."), Spider-Man ("My slimeball sense is tingling."), Thor Odinson ("Surely wicked Loki is behind such an encounter..."), and Doctor Doom ("This dimension is not big enough for the both of us!"). The aforementioned characters's responses are in parentheses. Again, you will need luck and the Notepad strategy. Best of luck to you! :)

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    • English: Nancy Linari

      Japanese: Kazue Ikura (also do to the young-boy voice toned Sentomaru)

      French: Julie Basecqz

      German: Maren Rainer

      Arabic: Nashwa Moustafa

      Mandarin Chinese: Tian Yuan (Chinese actress and singer)

      Rival: Dora (Tourney 1), Akumuda (Tourney 2, from Sailor Moon)

      Idle: Brushes her long, thick hair.

      Select: Whips her hair as the camera zooms then says "Don't mess with the good looks."

      Intro: Swings to her start point using her hair and says "I got the hair that can get you!" ("Say, Cap, wanna have some hair fun tonight?" if she fights Captain America, "I got the perfect web of hair for you." if she fights Spider-Man, "You're going to pay for controlling me!" if she fights Doctor Doom (reference to his mind control in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1)

      Neutral: Hair Lasher: Medusa lashes her hair out at her opponent.

      Side: Carting Hair: Medusa cartwheels while whipping ehr hair three times.

      Up: Curling Cutter: Medusa jumps into the air while drilling her hair.

      Down: Silky Strangle: Medusa reaches out her hair, and tries to choke her opponent with it.

      Hyper Smash: Lovely Hair Dance: Medusa spins her hair lightly, then at high speeds, hitting anyone rapidly.

      Final Smash: Hair Spanker: Medusa reaches her hair out. If she connects, she pulls her opponent to her, then lashes her hair on him/her in a 12 hit auto combo before pushing her hair into a fist, knocking her opponent away.

      Victory 1: Medusa brushes her hair saying "I told you not to touch the hair."

      Victory 2: Medusa wriggles her hair around and says "How many blows of my hair can you block?" then giggles.

      Victory 3: Medusa holds a locket of her hair saying "That wasn't a bad hair day after all!"

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    • Four questions... First, can you confirm the German, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese voices of Phoebe Terese? Second, based on OQs, is Medusa a hero, an anti-hero, or a villain? Third, since Akumuda will most definitely get the Kid Icarus Medusa as a second rival, who will Marvel Medusa's second rival be (until you find a decent person, the role will be filled by KOF's Nameless)? Fourth, Omegaman from Kinnikuman next or Integra from Hellsing next (one of those two will be next, the other will have to wait a bit longer)?

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    • 1.

      German: Tatjana Pokorny

      Arabic: Sawsan Badr

      Mandarin Chinese: Zhan Yajing

      2. hero

      3. KOF's Nameless is a good candidate

      4. Integra

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    • I thought good! Anyway, just remember that the rivalry of Integra is that of Zhang Fei...

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  • Ein-shinhokuto
    English: Matthew Quinn Forbes

    Japanese: Kazuya Nakai

    French: Erwin Grunspan

    German: Julius Jellinek

    Arabic: Amr Saad

    Mandarin Chinese: Luo Weijie

    Rival: RoboSapien

    Idle: Ein cracks his knuckles

    Select: Ein gives two jabs then a haymaker as the camera zooms saying "My fists can smash through anything!"

    Intro: Walks up cracking his knuckles then assumes his fighting stance saying "Alright, my fists of fury... Are you ready for some action?" ("Alright, Kenshiro. Ready to clash fists?" if he fights Kenshiro, "So, do you have a wom-...? Actually, forget I asked." if he fights Raoh, "So, I have to face a dude with creepy makeup?" if he fights Juda, "I will defeat you, and become a legend!" if he fights General Falco)

    Neutral: Steel Rocket Fist: Ein gives two hard straights sending out balls of aura at his opponent.

    Side: Swing for the Fences: While twisting his body about, Ein throws multiple hooks as he moves forward.

    Up: Out of the Park: Ein crouches and rises with a spinning multi-hit uppercut.

    Down: Earth Storm: Ein overhead punches two times shaking the ground with his aura, and finishes with an aura-powered uppercut.

    Hyper Smash: Out for the Count: Ein throws multiple jabs at an enemy in front of himself, then follows up with a powerful hook.

    Final Smash: Beloved Fists: Ein strikes the ground with all his might, causing a powerful shockwave.

    Victory 1: Ein walks around with his right fist raises like he's the winner of a boxing match saying "With these fists, victory is mine!" ("I didn't want to take your life after all." if he defeated Kenshiro)

    Victory 2: Ein shows a picture of his daughter Asuka (not to be confused with Asuka Kazama) and says "Do you have a woman in your life? I do."

    Victory 3: Ein gives four hooks then nine jabs and says "Like I said, I can punch through anything!"

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  • Look lively, these are my last Tourney 1 additions!

    Tubb from Rubbadubbers (starter)

    Terence from Rubbadubbers (unlockable)

    Malefor (moved from the sequel because I've been dying to see him in a Smash game) from Spyro the Dragon (starter, first time playable)

    Dorothy Ann (D.A. ingame) from The Magic School Bus (unlockable)

    Omega Reg (formerly just Reg, renamed because of an upgrade) from Rubbadubbers (starter)

    Mermaid Lily (formerly just Lily, renamed due to Tekken's Lili) from Spyro the Dragon (starter, first time playable)

    Sandy Duncan (fullname ingame) from Barney & Friends (unlockable)

    Finbar from Rubbadubbers (unlockable)

    Sarai (been dying to see her in action) from Street Fighter (unlockable, first time playable)

    You see, I've been dying to see Sarai and Malefor in Tourney 1, so that's why I moved them to said game. The characters shown above are my final additions. Now, you may think of your final additions. Just remember, do NOT add anyone sharing the same name with another character UNLESS you add something to his/her name if he/she only has one name or use his/her fullname ingame or first name and last initial ingame if he/she has more than one name; and if you add someone that has the same name as a kid's show character, you MUST think of a last name for that character, or I will be extremely upset. My final requests are one Legend of Zelda villain character, some Fullmetal Alchemist villains (since we only have heroes from that franchise), and one Kirby Triple Deluxe mid-boss character. If there are some characters you've been dying to see in action, this is your last chance to move them from the second game to the first!

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    • To Sandy Duncan: "But everyone got a little careless."

      To D.A.: "So you feel my full wrath?"

      To Nimbar: "My hatred goes beyond anything YOU'VE EVER SEEN!!!"

      To Tubb: "World's first immortal cell! I'm cursed with a body that refuses to die."

      To Terence: "I had to! I was running out of time, but now I can die a human..."

      To Omega Reg: "Both you're organizations have hounded me, vying for this power."

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    • Got it. Btw, these characters will be getting quotes from a specific episode of their respective shows to respond in Intro, whereas they'll be getting OQs (like the other American cartoon characters and kid's show characters) in victory in response to those quotes. Here's an example with Noddy character Big Ears...

      vs. Xiaoyu: "I'll need a small pocket light, to look like a calming moonlight."

      Xiaoyu's response: "You insujets, THAT JUST DISAPPEAR!"

      defeated Xiaoyu: "Me? Disappear?! NOT A CHANCE!"

      As you see, ALL of the kid's show characters and American cartoon characters have the rule of speaking to ONE Blood Vengeance character and his/her rival. Anyway, good luck with FOTNS character Ein, because I wish you luck.

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  • O-V-E-R-L-O-A-D spells Overload, and he's next! This is what I plan for the Tourney design of Overload...

    Overload CG Art

    I must remind you, his default rival is Zant, his second rival is to be one from FOTNS (due to Zant having KFP character Snow Leopard as his second rival), his English voice is to be done by either Dee Bradley Baker (the role reprised from the Teen Titans anime, also the English voice of various American cartoon characters such as Squilliam Fancyson, and is also the English voice of fellow DC comics character Ra's al Ghul), Jamieson Price (the English voice of Heihachi Mishima among others), Mark Hamill (English voice of fellow DC characters Trickster and Joker, as well as the English voice of Ozai and Malefor from TLA and Spyro, respectively), Darren Daniels (the English voice of Jin Kazama), Beau Billingslea (he's also voicing Dian Wei), or Matt Lasky (the English voice of Deng Ai, Mr. Heart, etc.), and his Select and Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. His moveset should involve mostly electric powers (because in the image you see before you, his body is comprised of mostly electric particles), and one of his moves should involve the Thunderstorm status condition. Again, you will need luck and the Notepad strategy. Best of luck to you! :)

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    • English: Beau Billingslea

      Japanese: Tsuguo Mogami

      French: Éric Missoffe

      German: Jan Spitzer

      Arabic: Mohamed El Sawy

      Mandarin Chinese: Li xiangsheng

      Rival: Zant

      Second Rival: Hiruka (from Fist of the North Star)

      Idle: gathers electricity into his hands.

      Select: Sends two electric sparks at the zooming camera and says "I will control your very life!"

      Intro: Activates at his start point and says "Now to terminate free will."

      Neutral: Electric Beam: Overload shoots four balls of electricity in all directions.

      Side: Lightning Cooker: Overload flashes a spark of electricity outward.

      Up: Powerline Glide: Overload uses a downed powerline to go into the air.

      Down: Hot Iron: Overload uses a controlled clothing iron to stun his opponent.

      Hyper Smash: Roaring Lightning: Overload charges with electricity and shoots his electricity into the air. It then causes a thunderstorm that makes lightning strike at random for 30 seconds.

      Final Smash: household Overload: Overload gathers electrical powered house appliances to him and sends them to attack his opponent en masse.

      Victory 1: Overload takes control of a car and moves it around like a puppet saying "Try to pull the plug, I fight back everytime!"

      Victory 2: Overload lariats then glows his head with electricity and says "I will control all machinery."

      Victory 3: Overload gathers electricity and unleashes a large blast of it saying "The power generated in my hands, I wouldn't tamper with it if I were you."

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    • Allow me to ask you four questions... First, can you confirm the German, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese voices of Swiper the Fox? Second, based on OQs, is Overload a hero, an anti-hero, or a villain (btw, fellow Teen Titans character Raven is a hero in Tourney 1, but is a villain in Tourney 2)? Third, in Tourney 2, if there were to be ONE DC character to NOT be reprised by one of his/her old voice actors/actresses, who would it be? Fourth, Ein from FOTNS next or Dark Blue Moon from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure next (one of those two will be next, the other will have to play the waiting game for a bit longer)?

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    • 1.

      German: Bernhard Völger

      Arabic: Tamer El Said

      Mandarin Chinese: Mike He

      2. villain

      3. Faora (a female Superman villain)

      4. Ein

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    • I must remind you, RoboSapien is Ein's rival. Btw, the roster for Tourney 1 is NEARLY finished, so meet me back at your wall so we can finish it up!

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  • Ikkaku blc-639
    English: Vic Mignogna

    Japanese: Nobuyuki Hiyama

    French: Jean-Pierre Leblan

    German: René Dawn-Claude

    Arabic: Raid Musharraf

    Mandarin Chinese: Lin Guzhen

    Rival: Ms. Frizzle

    Idle: Sits with Hozukimaru in its spear form on his shoulder.

    Select: Swings Hozukimaru like a three-section staff then swings it up as the camera zooms then says "They say guys like me are talented with good looks."

    Intro: Ikkaku jumps down and changes the Hozukimaru sowrd into its spear form then says "Hey, hey, hey!" ("Hope you're not a bit over dramatic!" if he fights Kenpachi)

    Neutral: Hozukimaru Thrust: Ikkaku splits apart his staff and extends it across the screen to his opponent.

    Ryūmon Hōzukimaru Neutral: Hozukimaru Tornado: Ikkaku spins all his weapons around and makes a tornado.

    Side: Hozukimaru Rush: Ikkaku dashes forward while circling Hozukimaru in front of himself at a very fast pace.

    Ryūmon Hōzukimaru Side: Hozukimaru Killer: Ikkaku bashes the clubs of the spades on his opponent. If he does, he slashes the blades of the spades four times on the opponent.

    Up: Leaping Assault: Ikkaku leaps high into the air and comes down with a shockwave all around him.

    Ryūmon Hōzukimaru Up: Leaping Shockwave: Much like his up special but more powerful with an even bigger shockwave.

    Down: Hozukimaru Thruster: Ikkaku crouches and thrusts Hozukimaru forward five times.

    Ryūmon Hōzukimaru Down: Awaken, Hozukimaru: This special is started by Ikkaku hitting his opponent with his blades.  Once the special has commenced he proceeds to beat on his opponent with the dragon emblem lighting up more and more as he attacks until its fully lit. When it is fully lit, Ikkaku does a 6 hit combo that badly damages the opponent then says "Too lucky."

    Hyper Smash: Hozukimaru Death Dance: Ikkaku runs forward with Hozukimaru out and saying "Survive this attack!" If he connects, Ikkaku slices his opponent with the three section spear 6 times, then criss-cross slashes him/her 8 times before extending the spear to his opponent's chest and knocking him/her away.

    Final Smash: Ryūmon Hōzukimaru: Ikkaku says "Don't tell anyone." then activates his Bankai. In a hurricane, his weapons become a twin set of a Chinese Monk's spade and a standard guandao. This also increases his speed and accesses new moves for 60 seconds.

    Victory 1: Ikkaku slams Hozukimaru down and it goes apart while he says "I had a lot of fun at least." then rests the separated spear on his shoulders.

    Victory 2: Ikkaku changes Hozukimaru back to its sword form and says "I'm Ikkaku Madarame. Third seat in Zaraki's Squad."

    Victory 3: ikkaku hops and swings Hozukimaru around three times then extends it outward saying "What happened to all that big talk?"

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  • R-O-B-O-Q-U-A-D spells RoboQuad, and he's next! This is what I plan for the Tourney series design of RoboQuad...

    RoboQuad CG Art

    With Tourney 1 being his first speaking role due to a Universal Translator, his rival is the First Hokage, his English voice is to be done by either Richard Doyle (he's also doing the English voice of the Beast from Marvel and the General Guy), Tom Hanks (in Tourney 1, he has no roles yet; in Tourney 2, he also does Toy Story character Woody's English voice), Jonathan Freeman (the same person who voices Jafar), Robbie Benson (also the English voice of Beast Adam), Darren Daniels (Jin Kazama's English voice), or Kyle Herbert (he also voices Kazuya Mishima, Street Fighter's Ryu, Zhou Tai, Ujiyasu Hojo, etc.), and his Select and Normal Intro quotes are to be original quotes. These "original quotes" are also applicable in Intro and victory. Btw, his species is a combination of a robotic spider and dog, so his moveset should be comprised of what most spiders and dogs do. Once again, you will need luck and the Notepad strategy for this. Best of luck to you! :)

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    • English: Darren Daniels

      Japanese: Kenji Hamada

      French: Alexandre Crepet

      German: Matthias Kupfer

      Arabic: Marwan Azab

      Mandarin Chinese: Chen Shuguang

      Rival: First Hokage

      Idle: Does a back leg stand.

      Select: Fires vulcan guns from his front legs as the camera zooms then says "Do you want to play?"

      Intro: Runs to his start point and says "Let me show you what four legs can do against bipedals."

      Neutral: Needle Missile: RoboQuad shows his front legs out and fires needle missiles at his opponent.

      Side: Howling Flamethrower: RoboQuad releases flames from his head and moves his head around.

      Up: Escape Webbing: RoboQuad uses a special webbing to shoot it into the air like a hook. If he touches a platform edge, he can go there.

      Down: Co2 Blaster: RoboQuad sprays some Co2 to freeze his opponent for 3 seconds.

      Hyper Smash: Doggy Shadow Kick: RoboQuad leaps to his opponent. If he makes contact, he rapidly kicks his opponent's face 75 times.

      Final Smash: Hound Mega Cannon: RoboQuad howls and fires a large laser at his opponent.

      Victory 1: RoboQuad flips and says "That's the way a dog bounces!"

      Victory 2: RoboQuad fires a spread of needle missiles then whacks his front legs saying "Nice reflexes for dogs."

      Victory 3: RoboQuad gets himself upside with his webbing and says "Just like the hounds and tarantulas, only faster!"

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    • Looks like Jin Kazama isn't the only character of my choosing to be voiced by Darren Daniels anymore! Now, three questions... First, can you confirm the French, German, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese voices of Sheik from LOZ (like you planned, Nicole Oliver will be her English voice, and her Japanese voice will remain unchanged from her Brawl and SSB4 Japanese voice)? Second, based on OQs, is the RoboQuad a hero, an anti-hero, or a villain? Third, Ikkaku from Bleach next or Tsukune Aono from Rosario + Vampire next (one of those two will be next, the other will have to wait)?

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    • 1.

      French: Raphaëlle Bruneau

      German: Sarah Brückner

      Arabic: Buthania Shia

      Mandarin Chinese: Huang Tingyun

      2. hero

      3. Ikkaku Madarame

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    • Remember two things...

      1. The name of Ikkaku's rival is Frizzle, Valerie Frizzle to be exact.

      2. What Ms. Frizzle says when against Ikkaku is "Let's take chances, get messy, and grow one.".

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  • Hashirama Senju first hokage
    English: Jamieson Price

    Japanese: Takayuki Sugo

    French: Gaëtan Wiernik

    German: Erik Schäffler

    Arabic: Hatem El Iraqi

    Mandarin Chinese: Chenyou Wen

    Rival: RoboQuad

    Idle: Meditates on a wooden branch.

    Select: Makes some trees sprout out as the camera zooms then he says "They don't call me Hokage for nothing."

    Intro: Jumps out of a tree that disappears and the Hokage says "If you face the Hidden Leaf Village, you face Hashirama Senju!"

    Neutral: Wood Style: Wooden Dragon Jutsu: The First Hokage makes a giant wooden dragon and sends it to crash into his opponent.

    Side: Wood Style: Forest Destruction: The First Hokage makes trees grow rapidly under the opponent, stabbing them and throwing them quite distantly.

    Up: Wood Style: Sky-Striking Stake: Hashirama rises himself up with a growing tree branch and strikes downward on the opponent with a punch.

    Down: Wood Style: Great Tree Breaker: Hashirama attacks the opponent with tree branches growing out towards the opponent.

    Hyper Smash: Secret Wood Style Jutsu: Deep Forest Emergence: The First Hokage makes tree branches root up from the ground. If one touches the opponent, he/she is trapped in a giant tree. Hashirama then races up the branches and delivers a chakra powered punch, sending the target crashing down through the trees.

    Final Smash: Sage Art: Wood Style: True Thousand Hands: The First Hokage makes three wooden hands that dash out to the opponent. If one connects, the opponent is trapped in the wooden grip, then creates a titanic, many-handed wooden statue. He then uses the statue to rapidly punch the opponent before making the hands fly off and cause rapid explosions. After this cinematic attack, the opponent is blasted away.

    Victory 1: The First Hokage does some rapid punches then makes some wooden hands and claps them together saying "It is my duty to protect the village!"

    Victory 2: The First Hokage makes a tree and says "Train harder and try again!"

    Victory 3: Hashirama whips some tree branches around, then rises his Wooden Dragon into the sky saying "I will let no one harm the Hidden Leaf Village!"

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  • Good morning, can you tell me how to unlock the following four characters?

    Viridi from Kid Icarus (you DID say she was unlockable, da?)

    Hiroaki Matsuzawa from Make-Up

    Phoebe Terese from The Magic School Bus (in Tourney 2, she'll be promoted to starter, making her the third American cartoon character from Tourney 1 to be promoted to starter in Tourney 2, following Frida and Ashlynn Ella)

    Malcho from Aladdin

    Before you give me the unlocking requirements, let me remind you that this won't be easy...

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    • Phoebe Terese
      Complete Boss Mode with the First Hokage and Third Hokage or play 2715 matches
      Smash Store Price: 640
      Magic School Bus
      A Whole New World (from Aladdin)

      Hiroaki Matsuzawa
      Complete 1000 Man Brawl with Wolfgang Heichel or play 2673 matches
      Smash Store Price: 800
      Dragon Ball Dragon: Black Star Shenron
      Make-Up Concert
      Fox On The Run (from the Make-Up album Straight Liner)

      Complete Classic-Adventure with all Kid Icarus characters who are not Viridi or play 2725 matches
      Smash store Price: 810
      Dragon Ball Dragon: Porunga
      Reset Bomb Fortress
      Reset Bomb Depot Interior

      Complete Survival Mode with Aladdin or play 2803 matches
      Smash store Price: 275
      Dragon Ball Dragon: Shenron
      You're Only Second Rate

      FOTNS characters to promote to Tourney 2 starters:

      And I decided to change my mind on Yoshitora Tokugawa being an unlockable and make him a starter.

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    • Funny, I changed my mind on Master Chief being unlockable and made him a starter in both games (this is due to the Halo characters you added to the sequel)!

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