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  • DiabloArt
    English: Abraham Benrudi

    Japanese: Tsuguo Mogami

    French: Laurent Morteau

    German: Thomas Nero Wolff

    Arabic: Tarek Refaat

    Mandarin Chinese: Peng Bo

    Rival: Izuku

    Idle: Kneels with his arms apart.

    Select: Stomps and sends waves of fire as the camera zooms saying "Kneel before the Lord of Terror."

    Intro: Diablo rises out of a portal saying "Better to reign in the Burning Hells than serve in the High Heavens."

    Neutral: Fire Stomp: Diablo stomps his foot and sends balls of fire at the opponent.

    Side: Shadow Charge: Diablo charges at the opponent at a blinding speed.

    up: Flare Slash: Diablo flies into the air swinging his arms all at once.

    Down: Overpower: Diablo grabs and slams his opponent behind him.

    Hyper Smash: Lightning Breath: Diablo becomes unstoppable and blows a stream of lightning at the opponent.

    Final Smash: Apocalypse: Diablo makes a demonic rune under his opponent. After 1.75 seconds the rune explodes, blowing the enemy away.

    Victory 1: Diablo summons demons and says "The Prime Evils can never be divided... Except by one. And evil."

    Victory 2: Diablo swings his arms and makes fireballs saying "Your fear betrays you!"

    Victory 3: Diablo circles his arms, moves his right arm behind him and thrusts his hand saying "All will be consumed by terror!"

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  • Time for the next character: Young Rey! She once again looks like this...


    Remember, her English voice is to be done by Cailey Fleming (that's the child actress in the picture you see before you btw), her Select quote is to be an original quote, and her Normal Intro quote is "No! Come back!" (that's Rey's only line from Star Wars: The Force Awakens that she had when she was a kid btw). Original quotes are also applicable in Intro and victory. Her weaponry will be identical to her adult form which will become playable in the sequel, so go here for further information. Good luck, mate.

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    • Red Harlow from Red Dead (Red Dead Revolver)

      Rival: Blastoise from Pokemon (one of the Pokken Tournament DX DLC characters)

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    • Aegislash is also gonna become playable in the sequel.

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  • Cassia
    English: Jessica Straus

    Japanese: Renka

    French: Caroline Mozzone

    German: Marion Elskis

    Arabic: Rula Zaki

    Mandarin Chinese: Mei Ting

    Rival: Mario Ni

    Second Rival: Billy "Kid" Cougar (Kid Cougar ingame, from Red Dead)

    Idle: holds her spear on her shield.

    Select: Swings her spear five times, thrusts her shield and sparks lightning as the camera zooms saying "You have the warmatron's attention. Make it count."

    Intro: Flip jumps to her point and says "I am the Queen's spear!"

    Neutral: Nightning Fury: Hurls a lightning javelin that hits the first enemy hit and splits into two lightning bolts to damage enemies in their path.

    Side: Fend: Cassia charges at an enemy with her spear and thrusts rapidly.

    Up: Warmatron Flight: Cassia sweeps the ground with her spear then does a jumping flip kick.

    Down: Blinding Light: Cassia releases a blinding light that messes the opponent's controls up for 5 seconds.

    Hyper Smash: Ball Lightning: Cassia throws a ball of lightning making it bounce 6 times while shocking enemies near it. After that, it returns to Cassia.

    Final Smash: Valkyrie: Cassia summons a valkyrie who then rushes towards her while also cutting opponents with her spear. When this is done, the Valkyrie bows and flies off.

    Victory 1: Cassia spins her spear then lunges forward and says "Glory to the victorious!"

    Victory 2: Cassia thrusts her spear 10 times then says "Never duel an amazon."

    Victory 3: Cassia stands on one leg and swings her spear saying "For Skovos."

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  • Kikunojo
    English: Ezra Weisz

    Japanese: Hideo Watanabe

    French: Jean-Marco Montalto

    German: Leonard Hohm

    Arabic: Hassan Hamdan

    Mandarin Chinese: Liu Yiyuan

    Rival: Junker

    Idle: whiffs a flower.

    Select: Makes shuriken of flowers as the camera zooms saying "I will protect Lady Haruna with my life if need be."

    Intro: Kikunojo jumps out of a cart and says "Witness the Flower Ninja Art of the Land of Greens!"

    Neutral: Flower Shuriken: Flying Flower, Falling Foliage: Kikunojo makes flowers hover in the air before hardening and spinning at high-speeds. The flowers will then be launched at the target. Their hardened state will allow them to cut targets as effectively as metal shuriken.

    Side: Flower Ninja Art: Mirror Flower Water Move: Kikunojo casts an illusion which surrounds the target in flower petals and disorients them.

    Up: Flower Ninja Art: Demon Flower: Kikunojo jumps into the air surrounded by harmful flowers.

    Down: Flower Ninja Art: Blue Stinger: Kikunojo summons a blue flower and it shoots stingers at the opponent.

    Hyper Smash: Flower Ninja Art: Bloom Myriad of Flowers: Kikunojo surrounds his opponent with flowers. The delighted opponents takes two flowers, but then Kikunojo smirks and says "Appearances of flowers are deceiving!" then announces the technique's name sending flames at the opponent to burn him/her away.

    Final Smash: Flower Ninja Art: Release Myriad of Flowers: Kikunojo throws some flowers to his opponent. If they make contact, the opponent will look at the flower in cheers, but then Kikunojo turns the flower into a bomb and says "Get down!" The flower glows and then blows the opponent away.

    Victory 1: Kikunojo swings his sword cutting some flowers and says "I don't know where your friends are, but one Rogue Ninja, I can handle!"

    Victory 2: Kikunojo flips to his back then flips forward and sends out a flower shuriken saying "Think fast before fighting a flower."

    Victory 3: Kikunojo roll jumps and makes three purple flowers bloom. Then says "Good match. Have some water." and presents a water canteen.

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    • sounds more like "Hot damn, I got you cornered!" and now...

      Zhenji from Dynasty Warriors

      Rival: Sharon from Street Fighter

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    • Sharon isn't playable in SFV yet, but who knows what Season 4 will have to offer?

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  • Hanza Nukui
    English: Tony Oliver

    Japanese: Yoshikazu Nagano

    French: Denis Laustriat

    German: Roman Wolko

    Arabic: Rafat Bazo

    Mandarin Chinese: Li Xiangsheng

    Rival: Genan Shiranui

    idle: Prepares to put on the Bakkōtō Saiga.

    Select: Applies the Saiga Bakkōtō and makes illusions of clowns as the camera zooms saying "Hanza Nukui. Now that I've introduced myself, show me just how good a Substitute Soul Reaper is."

    Intro: Hanza flips to his point and applies the Saiga Bakkōtō saying "Heh. You're right, I'll have to change my tactics to win."

    Neutral: Illusory Axe Killer: Hanza summons an illusory axe murderer and he throws his axe at the opponent.

    Side: Living Mace Knight: Hanza summons an illusory knight armed with a mace, and it swings its mace above it's head, rapidly hitting opponents.

    Up: Hawk Guide: Hanza makes an illusory hawk carry him into the air.

    down: Gamyga Sidekick: Hanza summons a Gamyga illusion, it closes its eyes and shoots three multi-color lasers homing the player's direction, dealing severe knockback.

    Hyper Smash: Full Powered Saiga: Hanza empowers Saiga and gains a full suit of armor, increasing his attack power and speed. When using his special attacks, he will also fire Getsuga Tenshō-like blasts in conjunction with his illusions. After 80 seconds, it wears out, leaving Hanza himself with a 20 second stun.

    Final Smash: Sexy and Horrific Nightmare: Hanza shines Saiga and says "Observe!" If the light touches the opponent, he/she finds himself/herself surrounded by bikini clad woman flirty and hugging him/her. But then seven seconds later, Hanza directs "What's like to have your wildest dreams be nightmares?" then sends some human-sized Smash Run enemies at the opponent who turns horrifed. The illusionary enemies pummel him/her 40 times, then Hanza swings Saiga at the opponent hard, ending the nightmare and knocking the opponent away.

    Victory 1: Hanza makes an illusion of an armored samurai and says "This isn't the kind of inferior attack that you can defend against by simply turning and shielding yourself from the light."

    Victory 2: Hanza does three Saiga swings, then does a thrusting kick saying "But I have wasted enough of my time with these explanations. I shall now kill you in one breath."

    Victory 3: Hanza makes two illusions of Tarkatans and slashes in tandem with them. Then says "It's like your facing your own worst nightmare."

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    • John Cena (fullname) from WWE

      Rival: Akahoshi from Naruto

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    • WWE is getting popular...

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  • Sepia Proton (Lynsey Bartilson, Sentai name ingame) from Kidsongs (unlockable)

    Dark Mind from Kirby (unlockable)

    Brick Proton (Shira Roth, Sentai name ingame) from Kidsongs (unlockable)

    Proteus Ridley (fullname ingame) from Metroid (unlockable)

    Jet Propulsion (fullname ingame) from Ready Jet Go! (starter)

    Yesss from Wreck-It Ralph (unlockable, about time for you to do a Wreck-It Ralph character)

    Sydney Skelley (fullname ingame) from Ready Jet Go! (unlockable)

    Igneo Talus from The Legend of Zelda (starter)

    Moira from Allegra's Window (unlockable)

    Young Rey (the adult Rey will become playable in the sequel) from Star Wars (unlockable)

    Now it's your turn to think of your next additions; but you may NOT add anyone sharing the same name with another character UNLESS he/she is made into a descendant of another character or uses his/her fullname ingame; and if you add someone who shares the name of another kid's show and/or an American cartoon character, you must think of a last name for your addition and not mine (that will make me VERY sad). Once again, I have ONE request... and that's a film that had its score done by J. J. Abrams. If there's anyone you've been wanting in Tourney 1 action for a long time, now's the time to add them! Like last time, don't add only one character from a specific franchise, and do NOT, I said do NOT put an end to any future Tourney 1 updates...

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    • shit... much better now...

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    • And THAT'S more like it! OH, and you'll need this:

      Hanza Nukui

      AND this:

      Oboro Official Art
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  • Ruiga
    English: Brian Dunkleman

    Japanese: Katsuhiko Kawamoto

    French: Damien Boisseau

    German: Martin Kautz

    Arabic: Richard Yanni

    Mandarin Chinese: Liu Yijia

    Rival: Chiya Ujimatsu

    Idle: Shields himself with his tonfa.

    Select: Spins his tonfa and forms bubbles as the camera zooms saying "Isn't water amazing?"

    Intro: Ruiga floats down in a bubble and says "In here, my defense is ironclad."

    Neutral: Summoning Jutsu: Piranha: Ruiga sends a school of piranha to bite his opponent.

    Side: Water Style: Water Shark Bomb Jutsu: Ruiga sends a large water-made shark at his opponent.

    Up: Summoning Jutsu: Manta Ray: Ruiga summons a manta ray and rides it upward.

    Down: Summoning Jutsu: Jellyfish: Ruiga sends a jellyfish out to stun his opponent for 6 seconds.

    Hyper Smash: Summoning Jutsu: Shark Pack: Ruiga spins his tonfa and sends a large swarm of sharks hopping across the field to bite his opponent.

    Final Smash: Water Style: Liquid Memory: Ruiga summons a large set of bubbles and sends them to rapidly hit his opponent, then the bubbles form into a large one, trapping the opponent inside. Ruiga then bombards the opponent with five powerful tonfa swings, knocking him/her away.

    Victory 1: Ruiga does a handsign, then swings a tonfa saying "Shouldn't play with fire. Someoen could get hurt."

    Victory 2: Ruiga surrounds himself with bubbles saying "No matter how many knives you have up your sleeve, all the water in the ground is at my disposal, waiting to be used!"

    Victory 3: Ruiga summons a killer whale, pets it and says "Anyone messing with my water, gets their scent chased by my water animals." then the whale roars.

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    • Oboro from Fire Emblem (first seen in Fire Emblem Fates)

      Rival: Kan-Ra from Killer Instinct

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    • Another Fire Emblem character...

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  • Laegrinna (MS)
    English: Stephanie Young

    Japanese: Yuko Saito

    French: Annie Girard

    German: Meylan Chao

    Arabic: Silina Choueiry

    Mandarin Chinese: Luo Yanqian

    Rival: Tara X

    Second Rival: Brent Maverick (from Maverick)

    Idle: Holds a hand to her chin.

    Select: Laegrinna makes a statue arm and leg appear out of nowhere as the camera zooms saying "Everything I do is to resurrect the Devil..."

    Intro: Laegrinna walks out of an iron maiden saying "It is time to mete out some punishment."

    Neutral: Human Cannon: A purple cannon appears in front of her and fires a cannonball forward. If it hits an enemy, it will set a marker.

    Side: Black Hole: Laegrinna activates "Black Hole", which sucks enemies into it. If it hits an enemy, it will set a marker.

    Up: Flaming Boulder: Laegrinna jumps and causes a small meteor to drop onto the ground.

    Down: Banana Peel/Trap Mark: Laegrinna activates "Banana Peel", leaves bananas on the ground to trip up opponents. If a trap marker is set, she will activate it. When activated, bear traps will claw the enemy.

    Hyper Smash: Evil Stomp:  A large statue of a leg appears in the sky and drops down onto the ground to stomp on enemies

    Final Smash: Chariot of Condemnation: Laegrinna raises both hands and summons a large metal chariot behind her. The chariot then charges forward while the rider spins its spiked club rapidly, blowing enemies away.

    Victory 1: Laegrinna sends some banana peels out saying "The Devil's power is unmatched. Don't even try to resist it."

    Victory 2: Laegrinna summons a statue and says "Fighting like that, the enemy will simply destroy you."

    Victory 3: Laegrinna summons blades to spin around her and says "Judgment shall be delivered before long. After that, nothing but ruin awaits..."

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    • This time it's Buffalo Soldier (fullname) from Red Dead (Red Dead Revolver)

      Rival: Wester from Kirby

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    • Hope you got Kirby Star Allies on your Nintendo Switch wish list - Wester's supposed to be in that game!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Yurinojo
    English: Peter Doyle

    Japanese: Toru Furusawa

    French: Maxime Donnay

    German: Sascha Draeger

    Arabic: Saad Hamdan

    Mandarin Chinese: Ashley Chung Kin Lun

    Rival: Rash

    Second Rival: Perun (from Xenoblade Chronicles, to be in Tourney 2)

    Idle: Yurinojo sniffs a flower.

    Select: Turns the flower into a shuriken as the camera zooms saying "They say there's three of them. Rogue ninja with unknown powerful jutsu."

    Intro: Yurinojo walks in shedding his merchant disguise and says "It was... and my name's not Yurinoshin, it's Yurinojo."

    Neutral: Flower Shuriken: Yurinojo throws a flower-shuriken at the opponent to cut him/her.

    Side: Sunflower Burst Jutsu: Yurinojo makes a sunflower burst from the ground and lights it on fire to burn his opponent.

    Up: Flower Ninja Art: Petal Blade: Yurinojo flies into the air spinning on petals that cut enemies.

    Down: Flower Ninja Art: Rose Demon: Yurinojo makes a rose and sends a demon out of it to slash his opponent.

    Hyper Smash: Flower Shuriken: Flying Flower, Falling Foliage: Yurinojo makes flowers hover in the air before hardening and spinning at high-speeds. The flowers will then be launched at the target.

    Final Smash: Flower Ninja Art: Bloom Myriad of Flowers: After surrounding the opponent with flowers, they become adored with them, but then Yurinojo will ignite the flowers. These flames will then shoot towards and explode on the target.

    Victory 1: Yurinojo lights some flowers on fire and says "Don't be concerned about my feelings."

    Victory 2: Yurinojo reapplies his merchant disguise and says "No matter how you scatter it, a flower will always be replanted."

    Victory 3: Yurinojo makes a field of flowers and says "Clearly, it wasn't meer coincidence."

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  • Gintoki
    English: Michael Daingerfield

    Japanese: Tomokazu Sugita

    French: Emmanuel Rausenberger

    German: Jacob Weigert

    Arabic: Hasan Hamdan

    Mandarin Chinese: Ken Wong Kai Cheong

    Rival: Rem Kaginuki

    Idle: Holds his sheathed sword to the ground.

    Select: Does a Kamehameha, then does five Ora Ora punches as the camera zooms then says "Greetings. I am Gintoki. Yorozuya... And future Sugar King!" showing his sheathed sword.

    Intro: Drives a motorbike to his point and says "If I were a god, the first thing I'd do is... Add Chocolate parfait to the school cafeteria menu!" ("This useless policeman and I seem to be inseparable, unfortunately..." paired with Kenshin Himura, "Hold on... You look a bit like me...! What kind of prank is this?!" and thinks "You don't have to be predictable, Gin-san! I think you're the one who's joking here!" vs. Young Joseph, "Here's your next line: "Th-This is my special trick..." Say it!" paired with Young Joseph, ""Waah Waah Waah"... What's all this noise?! Is it your mating season or something?!" vs. Zebra)

    Neutral: Kamehameha: Gintoki charges up and fires a blue beam of energy while crying, "Kamehame-HA!" It hits multiple times and takes up a lot of horizontal space on the stage.

    Side: Fire Cracker Grenade: Gintoki throws a fire cracker at his opponent.

    Up: Bokken Aether: Gintoki throws his sheathed up, jumps after it, spins and slams his sword down, dropping himself to the floor hard as well.

    Down: Ora ora ora: Gintoki rapidly punches outward at his opponent 15 times. After that, he tires himself out for 3 seconds.

    Hyper Smash: Ittoryu: Daishinkan: Gintoki executes a two handed overhead swing sending a powerful slashing shockwave across the ground.

    Final Smash: Justashuyuken: Gintoki unsheathes his sword and runs at his opponent. If he hits, he bombards the opponent with a number of slashes. After 21 hits, he does a jumping slash, kicks the opponent back, then moves back and thrusts energy glowing scabbard into the opponent, knocking him/her away.

    Victory 1: Gintoki fixes his hair and swings his sheathed sword saying "A samurai doesn't need reason to act. If there's something I want to protect, I draw my sword!" and unsheathes his sword.

    Victory 2: Gintoki drops down and takes a bowl of parfait saying "The key to enjoying life is never losing your childlike innocence." then eats the parfait.

    Victory 3: Gintoki thrusts his unsheathed sword saying "The reach of my sword indicates the extent of my kingdom!"

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    • This time...

      Moana Waialiki from Moana

      Rival: Zuo Ci from Dynasty Warriors

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    • At least ONE Disney franchise is set to be Tourney 2 exclusive...

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    • A FANDOM user
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