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  • Lisa Yadomaru by nagato392 Render
    English: Tara Platt

    Japanese: Kanako Hatori

    French: Agnes Manoury

    German: Kirstin Hesse

    Arabic: Buthaina Xia

    Mandarin Chinese: Qian Xinyu

    Rival: King Bumi

    idle: Crouches with her nodachi-like zanpakuto Haguro Tonbo on her shoulders.

    Select: Lisa Y. slashes her sword and somersaults towards the camera then says "Yeah, if he doesn't kill me first."

    Intro: Lisa Y. backflips to her point and readies Haguro Tonbo saying 'My name is Lisa Yadomaru. Nice to meet ya'!"

    Neutral: Senmaioroshi: Lisa Y. does very fast ten sword slashes.

    Side: Panty-Flash Tornado: Lisa does an upside rotating straddle split, similar to a tornado, which has the effect of delivering a multiple kick attack at opponent that is near her.

    Up: Around the World of Death: Lisa Y. jumps into the air doing four twirling kicks.

    Down: Thigh Slicing Blades: Lisa Y. moves forward doing forward flip kicks two times, then thrusts her sword forward.

    Hyper Smash: Tonbo Storm: Lisa Y. holds her sword close to her and dashes to her opponent. If she hits, she then dashes around her opponent slashing 11 times, then with a final slash, blows her opponent sky high.

    Final Smash: Nijū Ichijō Tonbokudari: Lisa Y. changes her nodachi into Monk spade-like weapon, then does a twirling slash, and stabs the blade in the eyes, then whacks the ball and does two more slashes with the blade, then spins and slams the ball down, then two more slashes, then does a jumping slash and lands a final slash on landing. She then says "You like that?"

    Victory 1: Lisa Y. swings Haguro Tonbo in its Shikai state three times, then says "Too close for comfort.'

    Victory 2: Lisa Y. kicks outward three times with her left leg, and slashes her nodachi downward. She then says "The enemy of my enemy is my friend!"

    Victory 3: Lisa Y. takes out an erotic magazine and says "The more you try an' hide something away, the more people want to see it!"

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • For Tourney 1...

    Mr. Andersen from Inside Out (unlockable, he's Riley's father btw)

    Mr. Cat from Little Bear (unlockable)

    Ms. Anderson from Inside Out (unlockable, she's Riley's mother btw)

    Taury from Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (starter)

    Stickybeard from Codename: Kids Next Door (unlockable)

    Trike from Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (unlockable)

    Professor Farnsworth (Farnsworth ingame) from Futurama (unlockable)

    Patsy from Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs (starter)

    Tex Richman (fullname ingame) from The Muppets (unlockable)

    And for Tourney 2...

    Jordan from Inside Out (unlockable)

    Jangles the Clown from Inside Out (unlockable)

    Knightbrace from Codename: Kids Next Door (unlockable)

    Grandma Stuffums from Codename: Kids Next Door (unlockable)

    Kif Krocker (fullname ingame) from Futurama (unlockable)

    Calculon from Futurama (unlockable)

    Tinny Tim from Futurama (unlockable)

    Numbuh 274 from Codename: Kids Next Door (unlockable)

    Now it's your turn to think of your next additions; but you may NOT add anyone sharing the same name with another character to Tourney 1 UNLESS he/she is made into a descendant of another character or uses his/her fullname ingame; and if you add someone who shares the name of another kid's show and/or an American cartoon character, you must think of a last name for your addition and not mine (that will make me VERY sad). The request this time is at least one character from Totally Spies, Codename: Kids Next Door, Captain Planet, Ice Age, Monster High, Futurama, Scooby Doo, The Muppets, and Night at the Museum. If there's anyone you've been wanting in Tourney 1 or Tourney 2 action for a long time, now's the time to add them! Like last time, don't add only one character from a specific franchise, and do NOT, I said do NOT put an end to any future Tourney 1 updates...

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    • Annie Sue from The Muppets (starter)

      Denise from The Mupepts (starter)

      Emily Bear from The Muppets (fullname, she's Fozzie's mother, unlockable)

      Dr. Mildred from The Muppets (title and name to avoid confusions with the one from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, starter)

      Yolanda Rat from The Muppets (unlockable)

      Britney from Totally Spies (starter)

      Director Jerry Lewis from Totally Spies (Director Jerry ingame, maybe to avoid confusions with the one from One Piece, unlockable)

      Numbuh 11 Jessica (code name number and real name ingame) from Codename: Kids Next Door (unlockable)

      Numbuh 86 (real name: Francine "Fanny" Fulbright, her code name's her ingame name) from Codename: Kids Next Door (starter)

      Numbuh 1,600 (real name: Shirley Uno, Veego's ingame name) from Codename: Kids Next Door (unlockable0

      Ronin Buck (title and name, maybe incase of another person named Buck) from Ice Age (starter)

      Gertie from Ice Age (starter)

      Steffie, Katie and Meghan from Ice Age (Brat Pack ingame, unlockable)

      Captain Pollution from Captain Planet (unlockable)

      Dr. Blight from Captain Planet (starter)

      Spirit Gaia (title and name) from Captain Planet (starter)

      Catrine DeMew (Catrine) from Monster High (starter)

      Spectra Vondergeist (Spectra) from Monster High (unlockable)

      Jinafire Long (Jinafire) from Monster High (starter)

      Mouscedes King (Mouscedes) from Monster High (unlockable)

      LaBarbara Conrad (LaBaraba) from Futurama (starter)

      Ensign Candy (rank and name) from Futurama (unlockable)

      Amahl Ali Akbar (Amahl) from Scooby Doo (starter)

      Beau Nevile (fullname) from Scooby Doo (he was first seen in the movie Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, unlockable)

      Hex Girls (Thorn, Dusk and Luna, trio name ingame) from scooby Doo (first seen in the movie Witch's Ghost, starter)

      Sarah Ravencroft (fullname) from Scooby Doo (and btw, she's my favorite Scooby Doo antagonist (unlockable)

      Danica LeBlake (Danica, Daphne's cousin btw) from Scooby Doo (starter)

      Ahkmenrah from Night at the Museum (starter)

      Merenkahre from Night at the Museum (unlockable)

      Guard Tilly (rank and name) from Night at the Museum (starter)


      Tobio Kageyama (T. Kageyama ingame) from Haikyu!! (starter)

      Toru Oikawa (Oikawa) from Haikyu!! (unlockable)

      Takanobu Aone (Aone) from Haikyu!! (starter)

      Ittetsu Takeda (I. Takeda ingame) from Haikyu!! (unlockable)

      Hajime Iwaizumi (Iwaizumi) from Haikyu!! (starter)

      for Tourney 2...

      Meg Murry from A Wrinkle in Time (starter)

      Mrs. Which from A Wrinkle in Time (starter)

      Mrs. Whatsit from A Wrinkle in Time (unlockable)

      Mrs. Who from A Wrinkle in Time (starter)

      Cull Obsidian (he's Black Dwarf in the comics) from Marvel Comics (starter)

      Ebony Maw from Marvel Comics (starter)

      Proxima Midnight from Marvel Comics (starter)

      Corvus Glaive from Marvel Comics (unlockable)

      Allo from Dinosaucers (starter)

      Dimetro from Dinocausers (starter)

      Bronto Thunder from Dinosaucers (unlockable)

      Teryx from Dinosaucers (starter)

      I felt like Tourney 1 could need more characters from Haikyu!!.

      and I added Dinosaucers to Tourney 2 at the last minute.

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    • I see.

      Now I'm gonna ask for the English/Japanese/French/German/Arabic/Mandarin Chinese voices, default rivals, second rivals, idle poses, select poses, and intro poses of Mr. Cat, Trike, Patsy and Taury. Here's the pool of default rivals...



      Hex Girls

      Sarah Ravencroft

      The first two characters originate from Haikyu!! The last two are from Scooby Doo. I do not know if Andrew Sabiston can continue to voice Mr. Cat, but I do know you can find the English voices of Taury, Patsy and Trike here.

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    • Mr. Cat (may be the first non-Hyuga to do the Eight Trigrams, Sixty-Four Palms technique)
      English: Andrew Sabiston
      Japanese: Hisafumi Oda
      French: Christian Perrault
      German: Leon Boden
      Arabic: Remy Sarmeny
      Mandarin Chinese: Ha Rui

      Rival: Aone
      Second Rival: Saichi Sugimoto (Sugimoto, from Golden Kamuy, likely for Tourney 2)

      Idle: Stretches his upper body.
      Select: Thrusts his left palm two times, then his right palm two times, then both palms four times as the camera zooms.
      Intro: Mr. Cat jumps through a bush and pushes his palms out.

      English: Jamie Watson
      Japanese: Toshikazu Nishimura
      French: Alexis Lefebvre
      German: Karlo Hackenberger
      Arabic: Mahmoud Boushahri
      Mandarin Chinese: Haoran Guo

      Rival: Hex Girls
      Second Rival: Enfys Nest (from Star Wars, one of the characters appearing the Solo Star Wars story movie (that stars Han Solo as the protagonist))

      Idle: holds his hands together.
      Select: Kicks then shoots a Galick Gun blast as the camera zooms.
      Intro: Jumps out of a space pod.

      English: Ron Rubin
      Japanese: Kazue Ikura
      French: Marie Tirmont
      German: Jan Makino
      Arabic: Ramez Amir
      Mandarin Chinese: Lin Hu

      Rival: Oikawa
      Second Rival: Hyakunosuke Ogata (also form Golden Kamuy)

      Idle: Pats his horns.
      Select: Blows lightning breath out of his mouth as the camera zooms.
      Intro: Runs in and lightning gives him strength.

      English: Stacy DePass
      Japanese: Sanae Fuku
      French: Julie Dumas
      German: Josephine Schmidt
      Arabic: Areej Khaddour‎
      Mandarin Chinese: Nian Ru

      Rival: Sarah Ravencroft
      Second Rival: Moriko Morioka (from Recovery of an MMO Junkie)

      Idle: Swings her left front leg around.
      Select: Shoots ice out of her front legs as the camera zooms then winks.
      Intro: Patsy breaks through a block of ice.

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    • Enjoy your 3 weeks vacation.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Stand gachafyhggh
    English: Dave Mallow

    Japanese: Tomokazu Sugita

    French: Francis Benoit

    German: David Nathan

    Arabic: Saad Ostan

    Mandarin Chinese: Yu Zhengsheng

    Rival: Kai

    Idle: Kneels with his knife-like Zanpakuto Tachikaze below him.

    Select: Kensei slashes the air sending air blades forward as the camera zooms. He then says "I can't let you leave."

    Intro: Kensei flips to his point and says "I'm Kensei Muguruma... and I'm gonna kill you."

    Neutral: Air Blade: Kensei can release multiple blades of wind which cut enemies from a distance before exploding and causing devastating damage.

    Side: Bakudantsuki: Kensei charges Tachikaze with Reiryoku until it takes the shape of a glowing orb, which he fires as an energy blast with extreme force.

    Up: Wind Flash: Kensei sweeps the ground with his left hand then does a jumping wind slash with Tachikaze.

    Down: Reppu Hazan: Kensei spins and swings Tachikaze upward, generating a tornado.

    Hyper Smash: Sandbag Beat: Kensei delivers multiple strikes in extremely rapid succession, causing aggravated damage to a target.

    Final Smash: Tekken Tachikaze: Kensei changes Tachikaze into a pair of knuckle blades. He then uppercuts his opponent with one of his knuckle blades, and it creates an explosion upon impact.

    Victory 1: Kensei creaks his right arm and crosses them saying "I could chase you down anywhere."

    Victory 2: Kensei sheathes Tachikaze and punches outward saying 'Is that how it was? I've forgotten all about it."

    Victory 3: Kensei makes a tornado with Tachikaze and says "Happy to disappoint you."

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  • Anji ruk-706

    Default Costume

    Anji live action

    Live-Action Anji Bonus Costume Get at least 2,257 ft in Home-Run Contest with Anji.

    English: Michael McConnohie

    Japanese: Yasuyoshi Hara

    French: Robin Barde

    German: Tobias Brecklinghaus

    Arabic: Ayas Abu Ghazaleh

    Mandarin Chinese: Wang Hsi-Hua

    Rival: Wan

    idle: Meditates with his palms together.

    Select: Anji shouts "On!" and stabs the ground sending shockwaves. He then stands and does two punches as the camera zooms before saying "Are you lost, sir?"

    Intro: Anji walks while meditates and goes to his stance stating "That's not the way you should ask others for favors."

    Neutral: Futae no Kiwami: Anji gives a punch to stun his opponent, then a second punch to blow back his opponent.

    Side: Namu Bakuzan: Anji does two spinning punches with his right hand, then a rising kick.

    Up: Jinrai Ken: Anji does four spinning uppercuts while jumping.

    Down: Kiwami Hazushi: Anji waits for his opponent to strike. When they try to, Anji does a strike to the chest, stunning him/her for 5 seconds.

    Hyper Smash: Sanjou no Kiwami: Anji dashes to his opponent. If he hits, he does the first two Futae no Kiwami punches. With the opponent stunned, he prays "Ne, Tora, Mi, Hitsuji, Tori, I, Ushi, U, Uma, Saru, Inu, Tatsu..." He then does a final punch that punctures the opponent's ribs before blowing them away hard.

    Final Smash: Touate: Anji thrusts his small blade (that he normally uses in Smash Attacks) into the ground and causing the Futae no Kiwami to occur in the surrounding area of the user. The player will need to teleport to escape this technique or dodge.

    Victory 1: Anji does his Futae no Kiwami and says "I see... Your food landed on the ground because of my training. I apologize."

    Victory 2: Anji stabs his blade and says "What you saw, wasn't the Horiki at all."

    Victory 3: Anji circles his hands, punches forward, then sets them together before sitting down to meditate. He prays "I wish you a pleasant journey to heaven."

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  • It's time for you to do Regan MacNeil! Remember, her English voice is to be done by Linda Blair (btw, the Tourney series theme for The Exorcist is the first movie), her Select quote is "Sometimes.", and her Normal Intro quote is "I don't know." (both quotes are taken from the first Exorcist movie). Original quotes are applicable in Intro and victory. Btw, there are two forms of Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist: normal and possessed therefore, you'll have to upload a picture of one of Regan MacNeil's forms to determine which form she takes on in Tourney (btw, her style of fighting will also be determined this way).


    OH, and here's the Exorcist symbol. Good luck, mate.

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    • Tison from Namco's Tales (first seen in Tales of Vesperia, and one of my favorite Tales characters by the way)

      Rival: Henriksen from Soul Calibur

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    • The first Namco/Namco rivalry beckons...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Pipbust

    English: Yuri Lowenthal

    Japanese: Hiroaki Hirata

    French: Arnaud Laurent

    German: Ole Pfennig

    Arabic: Maxim Khalil

    Mandarin Chinese: Yifan Wei

    Rival: Fuyo

    Idle: Sits with his legs crossed and an AK-74 beside him.

    Select: Pip shoots his AK-74 and pulls out a lighter saying as the camera zooms "Alright, Wild Geese. It's time for us to take the stage."

    Intro: Pip parachutes to his point and says "No more foreplay. These Nazis want it rough, and I'm feeling generous!"

    Neutral: Wild Shootout: Pip shoots both his Colt Single Action Army Revolver and AK-74 at his opponent 12 times.

    Side: Double Grenade: Pip throws two grenades at his opponent.

    Up: Goose Killer: Pip jumps into the air and drops his heel down on his opponent.

    Down: Crane Whacker: Pip goes into a crane-like stance and whips his weapons like crane wings two times.

    Hyper Smash: C4 Lightup: Pip shoulder charges his opponent. If he hits, he plants some C4 on him/her, then walks away, opens his lighter and detonates the charges, blowing the opponent away.

    Final Smash: Geese Storm: Pip pops some flares then some of the Wild Geese mercenaries charge in and riddle the opponent with AK-74 fire, then some drop and shoot some MP5 bullets. Two more then shoot some rockets and the final mercenary shoots an RPD heavy machine gun at the opponent 30 times.

    Victory 1: Pip uses his lighter and causes an explosion, then says "Another fly is swatted."

    Victory 2: Pip does two spinning punches and says "Simply outclassed, cherie."

    Victory 3: Pip spins his hat and does a jumping kick. He then says "Bonjour, and sayonara, to this battlefield."

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  • Heinkel Pistols
    English: Karen Strassman

    Japanese: Mitsuki Saiga

    French: Karl-Line Heller

    German: Stefanie Dischinger

    Arabic: Amal Omran

    Mandarin Chinese: Chen Yiwen

    Rival: Sokaku

    idle: Heinkel sits on her side with her guns beside her.

    Select: Spins to standing position and unsafeties her guns as the camera zooms saying "Get the termite! Burn this tainte demon meat."

    Intro: Heinkel flip jumps to her point and arms her guns saying "Where are you going?"

    Neutral: Heiliges Feuer: Heinkel steps forward while firing bullets from her guns four times.

    Side: Judas Knall: Heinkel shoots bullets from her left gun bottom-to-top in a quick fashion.

    Up: Kreuz der Kreuzigung: Heinkel somersault kicks with her heels and shoots bullets below her.

    Down: Wulf Reinigen: Heinkel hops forward with two knee kicks and a shot to the face of her opponent.

    Hyper Smash: Himmel Reinigen: Heinkel somersaults on the ground three times while firing bullets around, then does a jumping somersault into the air, shooting bullets in all directions.

    Final Smash: Wulf Kündigung: Heinkel loads incendiary bullets into her guns and shoots 15 bullets to burn her opponent.

    Victory 1: Heinkel empties her guns and says "That's your funeral pyre."

    Victory 2: Heinkel shoots bullets that ricochet of the ground, then says "I could hit you from my home and still be effective."

    Victory 3: Heinkel puts a cigarette in her mouth and blows the smoke into her guns saying "Here on out, God carries you to heaven."

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  • Lenalee New Uniform
    English: Luci Christian

    Japanese: Ai Kakuma

    French: Monika Lawinska

    German: Merete Brettschneider

    Arabic: Anji Al-Yusef

    Mandarin Chinese: Lin Mei-hsiu

    Rival: Suiren

    Idle: Squats with her left leg outward.

    Select: Activates her Innocence, Dark Boots saying "Please, God I hate so much. Grant me power. For the first time, I want the Innocence so much." then does several kicks as the camera zooms.

    Intro: Boosts to her point using her Dark Boots and says "I haven't had a day out in a long time!"

    Neutral: Waltz: Mist Wind: Lenalee stirs up a destructive tornado with a whirling kick of her Dark Boots, blowing opponents upward.

    Side: Waltz: Flame Gust: Lenalee Lee cartwheel kicks a wheel of fire forward.

    Up: Burden, Acoustic Technique: Sound Shackles: Lenalee Lee travels upward at the speed of sound kicking her opponent in the process.

    Down: Dance: Water Ripples: Lenalee Lee kicks down-to-up rapidly with water coming off her legs.

    Hyper Smash: Waltz: Lightning Geostorm: Lenalee Lee swings her legs along the ground scattering lightning around her, then after 5 sweeps, she jumps upward kicking lightning upward and forward.

    Final Smash: Crystal Type: Lenalee's boots evolve into Crystal Type Dark Boots. With these, this will triple her attack and normal speed for 40 seconds. Her jumps will also triple, and her special moves can give two times the effects. After it wears down, she will be exhausted and vulnerable for eight seconds.

    Victory 1: Lenalee does three hopping kicks and says "I guess I should've gotten some rest before checking on you."

    Victory 2: Lenalee chuckles and does a knee kick saying "I won't look if you don't want me to."

    Victory 3: Lenalee Lee slides and kicks wind forward before deactivating her Innocence and saying "You know I can take care of myself!"

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  • Allen Walker - J-Stars render
    English: Todd Haberkorn

    Japanese: Ayumu Murase

    French: Jennifer Barre

    German: Leonhard Mahlich

    Arabic: Amal Omran

    Mandarin Chinese: Danny Ho

    Rival: Wheeler

    Second Rival: Leopold Vermillion (from Black Clover)

    Idle: Holds his Cross Innocence left hand below.

    Select: Raises his Cross Innocence and holds it outward as the camera zooms saying "Innocence... The left is for Akuma, the right is for humans..."

    Intro: A bright light flashes and Allen Walker appears readying his Cross Innocence saying "Bring this Akuma Salvation!" ("Return with me to the battlefield. One more time..." paired with Kenshin Himura, "My wounds are my own burden." paired with Nube)

    Neutral: Cross Spear: Allen Walker shoots a spear-like energy paling form his Innocence-cannon.

    Side: Cross Grave: Allen crucifies his opponent by etching a cross upon them with his left hand.

    Up: Clown Belt: The cape of Allen's cowl is released as a webbing of Innocence-energy that can be used to grasp platform edges, or spikes to pierces his opponent.

    Down: Edge End: A swipe of raw destructive power dealt with Allen's fully-invoked claw.

    Hyper Smash: Crown Edge: Allen Walker unleashes a barrage of crown-shaped rings from the clawed fingers.

    Final Smash: Sword of Exorcism: Allen Walker transmutes his entire left arm into a large broadsword with a cross emblazoned on the faces of the blade. He then does 5 powerful slashes that give only light damage to humans but heavy damage to evil beings.

    Victory 1: Allen Walker swings the blades on his Cross Innocence, Crown Clown hand saying "I've decided to continue my progress down this path, in order to protect those who should be protected."

    Victory 2: Allen Walker circles his hands and deactivates the Crown Clown saying "How powerful was it? My Innocence, I mean..."

    Victory 3: Allen Walker closes his Crown Clown hand and says "Try and be at peace..."

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    • Camus from Fire Emblem (he was seen in Shadow Dragon)

      Rival: Nyarai from Furryfight Chronicles

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    • Another Fire Emblem character...

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  • The Darkness is next! He looks like this...

    The Darkness Sky Eater

    Remember, his English voice is to be done by Ike Amadi, his Select quote is "I am THE DARKNESS!", and his Normal Intro quote is "Skylands is doomed, and the universe is MINE!". Original quotes are also applicable in Intro and victory. His moveset should be comprised of what he did when you fought him in Skylanders: SuperChargers (btw, he is the VERY LAST boss of that game!). Good luck, mate.

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    • Najd from King of Fighters (she's the new DLC character in King of Fighters XIV btw)

      her rival: Berkut from Fire Emblem (first seen in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia)

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    • Another KOF article...

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