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  • Andrew
    English: Ray Chase

    Japanese: Kazuki Ishii

    French: Emmanuel Gradi

    German: Tobias Nath

    Arabic: Dani Boustani

    Mandarin Chinese: Qui San

    Rival: Sanchez (Franz Sanchez)

    Idle: Andrew holds his bayonet rifle, White Lily up.

    Select: Andrew spins his rifle then shoots it at the camera. It clears to show Andrew up close and saying "For the return of freedom."

    Intro: Andrew is escorted in by an attendant who says "Sir, do excuse me." then Andrew readies White Lily saying "Okay, I'll take care of this."

    Neutral: Eagle Arrow: Andrew swings White Lily down, sending an arrow of energy.

    Side: Eagle Break: Andrew dashes to the opponent and slashes White Lily.

    Up: Rising Star: Andrew swings White Lily upward while jumping.

    Down: Grand Cannon: Andrew rifle butts White Lily on the opponent, then begins to shoot at the juggled opponent. B or A can shoot the juggled opponent until they land.

    Hyper Smash: Statue Of Liberty: Andrew has White Lily impowered by a lady in robes, then fires a powerful shot.

    Final Smash: Gold Rush: Andrew dashes to the opponent, ramming him/her, then slashes the opponent, then does a stronger Rising Star, then pierces his bayonet down.

    Victory 1: Andrew's attendant jumps in and says "Was everything alright?" then Andrew salutes and replies "No problems here."

    Victory 2: Andrew pierces White Lily and shoots upward saying "That is what's at stake. I shall not even lose!"

    Victory 3: Andrew polishes his rifle saying "I already found my mark."

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • The next character is Menat! She'll look like this in Tourney...


    Remember, her English voice is to be done by Erica Lindbeck (thus reprising the role from SFV), her Select quote is "I see your future. Wanna know who'll win?" (that's her SFV select quote!), and her Normal Intro quote is "Have you considered your destiny? Do you believe in fate?" (that's her SFV intro quote!). Original quotes are also applicable in Intro and victory. His moveset should be comprised of... well, most of her SFV moves, plus some original moves. Good luck, mate.

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    • Mozgus from Berserk

      Rival: Magda from James Bond 007 (first seen in Octopussy).

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    • Berserk is getting popular nowadays...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Raijuta
    English: Richard Epcar

    Japanese: Ryusuke Obayashi

    French: Bruno Meyere

    German: Toru Tanabe

    Arabic: Yahya Kifri

    Mandarin Chinese: Liu Jie

    Rival: Fujiko

    Idle: Holds his katana up behind him.

    Select: Swings his sword to burst air as the camera zooms saying "Swordsmanship is a choice, between killing and being killed."

    Intro: Raijuta spin jumps to his point, readies his katana and says "And that's my entire plan!"

    Neutral: Izuna: Raijuta cuts the ground making a shockwave.

    Side: Rekka: Raijuta runs forward with two slashes.

    Up: Gekken: Raijuta jumps upward with a four-hit spinning slash.

    Down: Hasho: Raijuta moves forward with three spinning slashes.

    Hyper Smash: Tobi Izuna: Raijuta swings his sword and produces a wind-blade to cut through his opponent.

    Final Smash: Densho Izuna: Raijuta stabs the ground and makes multiple shockwaves then finishes by dashing and piercing his sword.

    Victory 1: Raijuta spins his katana and grabs it then says "It's now time to regain that pride you lost!"

    Victory 2: Raijuta goes into a crouching position with his sword above him saying "Serve me in my kingdom or die."

    Victory 3: Raijuta stabs the ground saying "Have you had enough, of the strength of the Shinko!?"

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  • Goemon
    English: Lex Lang

    Japanese: Daisuke Namikawa

    French: Marc Wilhelm

    German: David Turba

    Arabic: Rafat Bazo

    Mandarin Chinese: Andy Lee

    Rival: Battler

    Idle: kneels ready to draw his sword.

    Select: dashes to the camera with this sword out saying "What are you planning on doing for work from here on in?"

    Intro: Goemon cuts through a room divider and says "That he would deceive a man who was congratulating him on his wedding day from the heart."

    Neutral: Yakitori: Goemon dashes through cutting the opponent with a delayed effect.

    Side: Senpu Kaen: Goemon spins with his sword on fire burning and cutting his opponent.

    Up: Kama Kiri: Goemon jumps ramming the opponent and thrusts his sword downward.

    Down: Raito: Goemon does two hopping slashes.

    Hyper Smash: Raikou Issen: Goemon readies his sword then dashes through and if he hits, nothing seems to happens. But then, Goemon sighs and multiple slash ripples cut the opponent ten times.

    Final Smash: Shikomizue Strike: Based on Kenshi's second Mortal Kombat: Deception Fatality. Goemon takes out his Katana and violently thrusts his katana through the chest/neck. He then waits a second before pulling it out and slicing his opponent twice in the upper torso region. He then sheathes his sword as his fallen opponent falls in half behind him squirting massive amounts of blood.

    Victory 1: Goemon cuts a tree saying "I didn't help you at all. THAT was just a wedding gift."

    Victory 2: Goemon swings his sword's scabbard saying "Just be sure not to ignite my sword's fury."

    Victory 3: Goemon throws his sword's scabbard up and does three slashes giving the kanji for thief 盜 on the last one saying "Call me up anytime."

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  • Regal Bryant (ToS PS2)
    English: Dave Wittenberg

    Japanese: Akio Otsuka

    French: Ludovic Baugin

    German: Assad Msesilamba-Schwartz

    Arabic: Remon Francis

    Mandarin Chinese: Xin Zhang

    Rival: Malin

    Idle: Holds his cuffed hands up.

    Select: Does two kicks, and bursts chi as the camera zooms saying "Humph, you think you can beat me with size alone?"

    Intro: Regal Bryant kicks down a wall saying "I don't care for pointless battles."

    Neutral: Blazing Strike: Regal B. does a roundhouse kick that bursts fire.

    Side: Heaven's Charge: Regal phases through a target and rams them from behind.

    Up: Crescent Moon: Regal Bryant does a back-flip kick that launches the enemy into the air. The image of a crescent moon appears that traces the arc of his foot as he flips through the air.

    Down: Swallow Kick: Regal jumps doing a kick that launches enemies.

    Hyper Smash: Force: Regal B. charges and releases a force field of red energy that blows back opponents with heavy damage.

    Final Smash: Dragon's Talon: Regal B. does two spin kicks, then rapidly kicks the opponent up and down, then finishes with a final spin kick that knocks the prey away.

    Victory 1: Regal B. raises his cuffed hands then kicks up saying "Do not think ill of us. We had no choice."

    Victory 2: Regal B. pushes his cuffed hands saying "Goodbye, worthless enemies."

    Victory 3: Regal B. does a running shoulder ram and says "Redemption still eludes me..."

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  • Ameyuri ringo
    English: Michelle Ruff

    Japanese: Seiko Tamura

    French: Nathalie Karsenti

    German: Debora Weigert

    Arabic: Amal Saad Eddin

    Mandarin Chinese: Amanda Shing

    Rival: Draygon

    Second Rival: Nemea (from Zill O'll)

    Idle: Charges her Kiba swords with lightning.

    Select: Spins her swords and thrusts them, sparking lightning as the camera zooms saying "Come on, stop hiding from me, cowards! Isn't there anyone at all who can send shockwaves through my heart?!"

    Intro: Ameyuri jumps down and charges her blades saying "Cowards like you ARE my type I'm afraid!"

    Neutral: Lightning Style: Lightning Fang: Using Kiba, Ameyuri sends bolts of lightning to electrocute her opponent..

    Side: Lightning Style: Depth Charge: Ameyuri sparks a powerful bolt of electricity from her palm.

    Up: Lightning Style: High Voltage: Ameyuri charges Kiba with lightning and boosts into the air surrounded with lightning.

    Down: Lightning Style: Shocking Broadsword: Ameyuri stabs one of the Kiba blades into the ground, sparking lightning in front of her.

    Hyper Smash: Lightning Blade Jutsu: Thunderbolt: Holding the Kiba swords over her head like birch rods, Ameyuri summons a bolt of lightning from the sky to shock anyone in their immediate vicinity.

    Final Smash: Lightning Style: Thunder Gate: Ameyuri buries Kiba into the ground and then sends out an electrical charge towards the sky which in turns causes lightning to fall from the sky and causes massive damage.

    Victory 1: Ameyuri does five criss cross lightning slashes saying "As punishment for defying me, I'm going to burn you to a crisp!"

    Victory 2: Ameyuri gyrates spinning her Kiba swords and says "Ha ha ha! You fools can't run away from me!"

    Victory 3: Ameyuri sparks lightning in all directions saying "Now you'll be my shocking playmate!"

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    • Kojuro Katakura from Samurai Warriors

      Rival: Gowther from The Seven Deadly Sins

      yet another Samurai Warriors 4 newcomer.

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    • I was gonna say the same thing...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Kushimaru kuriare
    English: Sam Regal

    Japanese: Hiroshi Shirokuma

    French: David Menat

    German: Matthias Klie

    Arabic: Abu Mohammed Kheir Hassoun

    Mandarin Chinese: Jiang Zhilun

    Rival: Eve Whitfield

    Idle: Holds his longsword Nuibari on his right shoulder.

    Select: Holds Nuibari in a reverse grip, dashes to the camera, swings the sword and says "It'll be a very bloody day."

    Intro: walks out some mist and says "I'll give something to be afraid of; DEATH!"

    Neutral: Ninja Art Long Blade: Hell Lash: Kushimaru uses wires to lash at the opponent to cut him/her.

    Side: Ninja Art Long Blade: Torture Grass: Kushimaru does a high horizontal slash. If it connects, he slices his foe's necks and traps them along the length of his sword. He maneuvers himself behind his opponent and lifts his sword arm upward, slicing his foe's neck. They topple onto the ground behind him.

    Up: Ninja Art Long Blade: Darkness Sever: Kushimaru crouches for a diagonal slash and sends an airwave forward. Follows with a jumping flip kick in the air. Lands and slices another airwave forward.

    Down: Ninja Art Long Blade: Stitching Spider: Using the Nuibari, Kushimaru buries the sword's attached razor sharp wire string underground. Once a person stumbles into the area, they pull the string to trap their feet in a formation of wire, cutting them and tripping them up.

    Hyper Smash: Ninja Art Long Blade: Devil's Execution: Kushimaru sends Nuibari's wires out. If he hits, he wraps the wires around the opponent body, crushing them tightly as they panic. He then pulls the opponent to him then elbow smashes him/her away.

    Final Smash: Ninja Art Long Blade: Wire Crucifixion: Using Nuibari and wire strings, Kushimaru strings his opponents in a way that leaves their bodies looking as though they were crucified. The final blow is given by piercing them with Nuibari, leaving his opponents to die a slow painful death.

    Victory 1: Kushimaru swings Nuibari's wires around and says "At the end of my blade, lies the first street of Hell."

    Victory 2: Kushimaru does five graceful slashes with Nuibari and says "You've sealed your own death."

    Victory 3: Kushimaru sends Nuibari's wires across the ground and says "Another brat extinguished."

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    • this time it'll be Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th

      Rival: Andragoras III from The Heroic Legend of Arslan

      been waiting to do Jason Voorhees for a long time.

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    • Whoever has Jason from Barney & Friends as a default rival must have Jason Voorhees as a second rival, and that means Kiba...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Moneypenny
    English: Naomie Harris

    Japanese: Yu Sugimoto

    French: Annie Milon

    German: Vera Teltz

    Arabic: Mona Karim

    Mandarin Chinese: Yan Ni

    Rival: Ryoma K.

    Idle: Writes on a folder.

    Select: Throws a sharp boomerang, then pulls out an Olympic Arms K23B Tactical as the camera zooms saying "Then you'd better keep moving."

    Intro: Eve Moneypenny jumps off a motorcycle then takes out a seemingly harmless cane (actually a sword within the cane) saying "I doubt you'll get the chance."

    Neutral: Olympic Arms K23B Tactical: Moneypenny shoots her Olympic Arms K23B Tactical four times at the opponent.

    Side: Cane Sword Strike: Moneypenny uses a sword hidden in the cane to dash forward while piercing the blade.

    Up: Hungry Savate: Moneypenny jumps into the air kicking her right leg, then comes down kicking her left leg down.

    Down: Incendiary Bowling: Moneypenny rolls a seemingly harmless bowling ball forward. If it hits, the bomb within the ball goes off and damages the opponent.

    Hyper Smash: Toxic Lipstick: Moneypenny applies seemingly harmless lipstick to herself and blows a kiss to her opponent. If affected, the opponent will intense pain in their brain and then their lips start to burn up, then Moneypenny finishes by slapping the opponent away.

    Final Smash: Lethal Secretary: Moneypenny slaps her cane on the opponent. If she hits, she follows by stabbing the sword forward, then throws an eight ball with shuriken blades into the opponent, then launches a grenade out of the cane to blow the opponent away.

    Victory 1: Moneypenny brushes her hair and says " I like a little flutter, now and then. Who doesn't like to take chances?"

    Victory 2: Moneypenny throws an apple up. Then she throws it out and the grenade within goes off then says "I'm the one who should say sorry."

    Victory 3: Moneypenny brushes her rifle then taps it with her cane and says "Target down."

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    • It'll be Julius Belmont (fullname) from Castlevania

      Rival: Fenny from Furryfight Chronicles (a comic by a furry artist named daigaijin and possibly my response to Collaterale1's adding Newgrounds to Tourney 2)

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    • Sounds fair.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Clubber Lang
    English: Mr. T

    Japanese: Shozo Iizuka

    French: Gabriel Bismuth

    German: Alberto Fortuzzi

    Arabic: Mani Haghighi

    Mandarin Chinese: Jia Nailiang

    Rival: Pussy Galore

    Idle: Holds his right boxing-gloved hand out.

    Select: Does two haymakers as the camera zooms saying "I pity the fool, and I will destroy any man who tries to take what I got!"

    Intro: Runs to his point and says "I'm gonna torture him. I'm gonna crucify him. Real bad." ("Happy to see me again, paper champion?!" vs. Rocky)

    Neutral: Rage Hook: Clubber Lang moves his right hand back and gives a hook hard enough to knock the opponent away.

    Side: Crunching Blow: Lang dashes and gives a hard body blow to his opponent.

    Up: Tapper Upper: Lang jumps giving a four-hit uppercut.

    Down: Clamp Down: Clubber Lang does a hard left hook and a right overhead punch.

    Hyper Smash: Bastard Hook: Clubber Lang roars then does four powerful hooks, then finishes with an uppercut.

    Final Smash: Furious Flashpoint: Clubber does two jabs. If he hits, he follows with three body blows, five hooks, then 15 flicker jabs, then rears back and hook punches him/her (with the heavy blow sfx from Art of Fighting) knocking him/her away.

    Victory 1: Clubber Lang steps and does two hooks saying "I'm the baddest in the world!" ("This time, you ain't getting up!" defeated Rocky Balboa)

    Victory 2: Clubber Lang drops his gloves and says "Politics, man. This country want to keep me down. Keep everybody weak."

    Victory 3: Clubber Lang ducks and does a hard straight punch saying "Say good night, you freak shows! I'm gonna be on top and all over you!"

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  • Zelgadis
    English: Crispin Freeman

    Japanese: Hikaru Midorikawa

    French: Pierre-Francois Pistorio

    German: Florian Halm

    Arabic: Rafat Bazo

    Mandarin Chinese: Li Jiahui

    Rival: Zero-Two

    Second Rival: Darius (from Harukanaru Toki no Naka de)

    Idle: Holds his sword planted in the ground.

    Select: Flashes green energy on his sword and swings it as the camera zooms saying "You all just consider me your personal sideshow freak."

    Intro: jumps down and readies his sword saying "Let's have some fun!"

    Neutral: Bomb Sprid: Zelgadiss shoots a ball of flame that explodes on target.

    Side: Elmekia Flame: Zelgadiss shoots a fiery pillar about as wide as a man's chest at the opponent.

    Up: Hell Blast: Zelgadiss jumps and shoots a  spear of darkness which steals the life force of living beings and heals himself.

    Down: Mono Volt: Zelgadiss touches his target to give an electric shock that stuns him/her for 5 seconds.

    Hyper Smash: Gaav Flare: Zelgadiss prays "Dragon of Darkness which sleeps in the inferno. Let your roar burn my enemies to ash." shouts the technique's name and summons a beam of red fire which travels in a straight path, pierces the target and keeps on traveling and deals damage to any directly behind the target.

    Final Smash: Ra Tilt: Zelgadiss prays

    "Dwelling within the eternal and the infinite,
    source of all souls,
    everlasting flame of blue,
    let the power hidden in my soul
    be called forth from the infinite..."

    then shouts the techniques name firing a large blue flame at the opponent.

    Victory 1: Zelgadiss sprays some blue fire and says "I made it clear that this is my own personal problem!"

    Victory 2: Zelgadiss raises his sword pierces it forward and back saying "All I want is to find a way to turn myself back to normal."

    Victory 3: Zelgadiss summons a blue flame out of the ground and says "Despite what I did in the past, I am not a freak."

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    • Mahiru from Naruto

      Rival... Owl from Winnie the Pooh

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    • Whoever has Owl from Little Bear as his or her default rival must have that Owl as a second rival, and that means... Lucifer...

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    • A FANDOM user
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