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  • Calgara Anime Infobox
    English: Robert McCollum

    Japanese: Hidekatsu Shibata

    French: Didier Cherbuy

    German: Ekkehardt Belle

    Arabic: Mohammed Filfila

    Mandarin Chinese: Fu Shuang

    Rival: Paulie Pretztail

    Second Rival: Wolfgang Buchner (Buchner ingame, from Ace Combat, this Namco franchise may be in Tourney 2)

    Idle: Holds his spear close to the ground.

    Select: Spins his spear and swings a large iron ball on a chain as the camera zooms saying "I cannot let this land be taken!"

    Intro: Swings on some vines to his point and readies his spear saying "You must be eliminated!"

    Neutral: Warrior's Dance: Calgara thrusts his spear rapidly in front of him while moving forward.

    Side: Warrior's Charge: Calgara dashes forward thrusting his spear. If he hits, he then swings it upward making a flash of light.

    Up: Warrior's Urge: Calgara moves his left hand back and vaults into the air swinging his spear and making a beam of light.

    Down: Warrior's Pursuit: Calgara jumps and slides at the opponent with a kick.

    Hyper Smash: Warrior's Hammer: Calgara jumps into the air, readies three giant balls on chains and slams them down, making a massive explosion.

    Final Smash: Nola: Calgara whistles then the giant snake Nola appears to fly around the battlefield ramming enemies for 20 seconds.

    Victory 1: Calgara vaults on his spear and raises it saying "My people never back down!"

    Victory 2: Calgara stands on top of his giant iron ball saying "My warriors, raise your voices in victory!"

    Victory 3: Calgara slides and swings his spear two times saying "Shandorians win in the end."

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  • I'm now gonna ask for the English/Japanese/French/German/Arabic/Mandarin Chinese voices, second rival, idle pose, select pose, and intro pose of Amandie. Here's a picture of her...


    If you can't find the exact child actress... a best guess is required. Because Agent Olympia fights like Bardock from Dragon Ball, Amandie is gonna fight like someone else from Dragon Ball. No wait, someone from Mortal Kombat! Maybe someone from No More Heroes? I'm at a loss, mate... I'll let you determine that part as you go...

    OH, and while Agent Olympia is a starter, Amandie is unlockable.

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    • English: Danielle Nicolet (also Jacqui Briggs in Mortal Kombat X)

      Japanese: Chiaki Takahashi

      French: Soko

      German: Rubina Kuraoka

      Arabic: Daniela Al-Rashid

      Mandarin Chinese: Hong Haitian

      Second Rival: Jimsa (from The Heroic Legend of Arslan)

      Idle: hides her face in an army hat.

      Select: Jumps onto a rocket skateboard and rides to the camera.

      Intro: rocket skates to her point.

      she'll fight like General Blue from Dragon Ball.

      Eugeo will be starter.

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    • fair enough.

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  • Meredy's appearance in X791
    English: Bryn Apprill

    Japanese: Saori Goto

    French: Lucille Boudonnat

    German: Josefin Hagen

    Arabic: Hanan Choucair

    Mandarin Chinese: Feng Jiade

    Rival: Pain

    Idle: holds her sidehands out glowing with purple energy.

    Select: Forms energy swords as the camera zooms saying "Answer has been deemed unnecessary."

    Intro: warps to her point and says "Don't lock me into your criminal behavior."

    Neutral: Sensory Link: Meredy links her senses to her opponents. If anyone tries to hit her, they will feel it several times the effect. This lasts 15 seconds.

    Side: Maguilty Sodom: Meredy creates teal Magic blades to cut through opponent. This also does double damage to anyone associated with water (Juvia for instance).

    Up: Maguilty Cancer: Meredy flies into the air closing two green blades together two times.

    Down: Maguilty Atum: Meredy sends forth a blade that if it connects, will mess up the opponent's controls for a few seconds.

    Hyper Smash: Maguilty Rays: Meredy sends yellow blades flying at her opponents. If hit, the blades cause the opponent to catch fire rapidly.

    final Smash: Maguilty Kami: Meredy sends three blades forward. If she hits, then she makes the swords cut at the opponent as if used by invisible hands 21 times. She then finishes with a stronger Maguilty Sodom.

    Victory 1: Meredy reveals some blades and says "When my blades strike, they stimulate the enemy's pain receptors."

    Victory 2: Meredy forms links on her arms saying "Wanna Sensory Link with him and see?"

    Victory 3: Meredy sends four blades crashing into one another then says "See? Didn't feel a thing."

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    • Kagura Mikazuchi from Fairy Tail

      Rival: Urbosa from The Legend of Zelda (first seen in Breath of the Wild)

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    • Fairy Tail is getting popular...

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  • Zeref's Awakening, Jura
    English: Kent Williams

    Japanese: Yutaka Aoyama

    French: Eric Peter

    German: Johannes Haag

    Arabic: Adel Abu Hassoun

    Mandarin Chinese: Johannes Haag

    Rival: Swanna

    Second Rival: ASW-G-66 Gundam Kimaris Trooper (Gundam Kimaris Trooper, from Mobile Suit Gundam (first seen in Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS))

    Idle: Holds his Khakkhara staff outward.

    Select: Summons rocks from the earth and smashes them with his Khakkhara as the camera zooms then says "I hoping to come across some capable warriors."

    Intro: Jura walks in, then bows like a monk and goes to his stance saying "I hope you don't mind me interrupting your fight. It's simply too enticing to pass up."

    Neutral: Rock Avalanche: Jura rapidly extends one hand towards the target, his fingers placed in his most recurring hand gesture. This prompts the nearby surface to be split into boulders of various size, which are lifted in the air and sent flying at the target with great force and speed, striking them and then falling to the ground which creates a huge terrestrial blast.

    Side: Supreme King Rock Crush: Jura rapidly moves one of his hands in the target's direction, with the palm open. This prompts many stones from the area in front of him to rapidly fly towards the opponent, encasing them in a rocky formation. Jura then joins his palms, and the rocky formation explodes in its basic components, causing high damage to the previously encased target

    Up: Iron Rock Dwell: Jura jumps and creates a large rock pillar underneath him.

    Down: Dwelling Rock Rotation: Jura creates and fires a large, spinning pillar of rock at the target.

    Hyper Smash: Iron Rock Wall: Jura moves one of his hands with the index and middle fingers outstretched, creating large rock formations from the ground that form a wall, blocking incoming attacks and heavily damaging anyone close to the rock wall.

    Final Smash: Rumbling Mt. Fuji: Jura strikes a large area near himself after the he joins his hands together before himself. As he does so, the area immediately in front of him is struck by an immense release of Magic Power surging from the ground, which wreaks havoc on anything it finds, rising up several meters in the air and shattering the earth it emerges from reducing it to small pieces.

    Victory 1: Jura forms a rock statue in his image then says "That fight ended with one blow as well."

    Victory 2: Jura thrusts his khakkhara and drops some stalagmites saying "Now that's done."

    Victory 3: Jura shoots a number of rocks, then spreads his elbows saying "Don't die needlessly."

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    • Nanase from Street Fighter

      Rival: Lau Chan from Virtua Fighter

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    • Street Fighter is popular. Someday after his release, Ed might have to get his article up too...

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  • Shinzaemon
    English: Dave Mallow

    Japanese: Koji Yakusho

    French: Marc Bellier

    German: Marc Stachel

    Arabic: Hasan Hamdan

    Mandarin Chinese: Lu Yi

    Rival: All Might

    Idle: holds out some battle plans.

    Select: Stabs his katana onto the plans as the camera zooms saying "He who values his life dies a dog's death."

    Intro: Shinzaemon walks in and stabs the ground saying "No mercy! There's no samurai code or fair play in battle! No sword? Use a stick. No stick? Use a rock. No rock? Use your fists and feet! Lose your life, but make the enemy pay!"

    Neutral: Ryoroka: Shinzaemon does four criss-cross slashes.

    Side: Hiryu Senpu Zan: Shinzaemon flies at the opponent swinging his sword left, then does a hard heel kick.

    Up: Kokumu: Shinzaemon kicks the ground boosting into the air while thrusting his sword five times.

    Down: Tsumeato: Shinzaemon shoulder rams then swings his sword in a circle.

    Hyper Smash: Dai Gyakusatsu: Shinzaemon slams the hilt of his sword on the opponent, then if he hits, follows by doing 10 slashes, then two kicks, then finishes with a sword slash to the neck.

    Final Smash: Osoroshī Koroshi: Shinzaemon runs to the opponent with his sword behind him. If he hits, he cuts at the opponent at four different sides, then thrusts his katana into the opponent, then elbow punches the opponent, then finishes by decapitating the prey.

    Victory 1: Shinzaemon does two circular sword slashes saying "It's time to give up and enjoy the view."

    Victory 2: Shinzaemon does a sword swing to the left, then a hopping slash, then holds the sword near his face saying "Now that was a total massacre."

    Victory 3: Shinzaemon holds out a scroll and says "You should think twice before taking on the Shogunate."

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  • You're finally back from the library, now let's look at my newest additions...

    Agent Opa (rank and name ingame) from The Odd Squad (starter)

    Panther King (been dying to see him in a Smash game) from Conker (starter)

    The Ferocious Beast (F. Beast ingame) from Maggie and the Ferocious Beast (starter)

    Rash from Battletoads (starter)

    Hamilton Hocks (Hamilton ingame) from Maggie and the Ferocious Beast (unlockable)

    Red Hood from DC Comics (unlockable, there should be at least ONE character from Injustice 2 that's DLC in Tourney 1...)

    Now it's your turn to think of your next additions; but you may NOT add anyone sharing the same name with another character UNLESS he/she is made into a descendant of another character or uses his/her fullname ingame; and if you add someone who shares the name of another kid's show and/or an American cartoon character, you must think of a last name for your addition and not mine (that will make me VERY sad). I have no requests this time. If there's anyone you've been wanting in Tourney 1 action for a long time, now's the time to add them! Like last time, don't add only one character from a specific franchise, and do NOT, I said do NOT put an end to any future Tourney 1 updates...

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    • Billy Kimura (fullname) from Project Blue Earth SOS (starter)

      Penny Carter (fullname) from Project Blue Earth SOS (unlockable)

      Lotta Brest (Lotta) from Project Blue Earth SOs (starter)

      Agent Emely (rank and name) from Project Blue Earth SOS (starter)

      Captain Clayton (rank and name) from Project Blue Earth SOS (starter)

      Sky Pilot James (rank and name) from Project Blue earth SOS (unlockable)

      Filia from Skullgirls (starter)

      Cerebella from Skullgirls (starter)

      Peacock from Skullgirls (unlockable)

      Parasoul from Skullgirls (unlockable)

      Painwheel from Skullgirls (starter)

      Beowulf from Skullgirls (unlockable)

      Squigly from Skullgirls (starter)

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    • Why do I get the feeling Skullgirls sounds so familiar... Oh, must have played it a LONG time ago! Anyhow, I will ask for the English/Japanese/French/German/Arabic/Mandarin Chinese voices of the Ferocious Beast, Hamilton, and Agent Opa, along with their rivalries, idle poses, select poses, and intro poses. Here's the rivalry pool...


      Captain Clayton

      Sky Pilot James

      Everyone is from Project Blue Earth SOS with the exception of Beowulf who's from Skullgirls. You can find out who voiced all of my newest additions on either Wikipedia or iMDb. Here's a picture of Opa...


      If you can't find the exact child actress... a best guess is required. Second rivals are more or less required too.

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    • Agent Opa (chameleon abilities to morph into whoever she wants and whatever she wants like the Star Trek Changelings)
      English: Apphia Yu
      Japanese: Ryo Hirohashi
      French: Karl Line Heller
      German: Mara Winzer
      Arabic: Afsaneh Pakroo
      Mandarin Chinese: Zhang Tianai

      Rival: Sky Pilot James
      Second Rival: Rawley Wilkes (Wilkes, from Lone Wolf McQuade, this 1983 action film which starred Chuck Norris will most likely be in Tourney 2)

      Idle: Looks at her hand morphed into a blade.
      Select: Walks forward changing into various Arab terrorists, then to her normal self.
      Intro: Opa walks in using the opponent's appearance, then shifts to her own appearance.

      The Ferocious Beast
      English: Stephen Ouimette
      Japanese: Yoshimasa Hosoya
      French: Geoffrey Vigier
      German: Oliver Mink
      Arabic: Mahdi Pakdel
      Mandarin Chinese: Tong Dawei

      Rival: Beowulf
      Second Rival: J.J. McQuade (McQuade, also from Lone Wolf McQuade)

      Idle: Wriggles his horns.
      Select: Shoots ki out of his horns and mouth as the camera zooms.
      Intro: Stones are knocked over by the Ferocious Beast at his point.

      Hamilton Hocks
      English: Michael Caruana
      Japanese: Hirofumi Nojima
      French: Kelyan Blanc
      German: Jan Makino
      Arabic: Shahab Abbasi
      Mandarin Chinese: Bayin

      Rival: Captain Clayton
      Second Rival: Ting (from Ong-Bak)

      Idle: fiddles with a music player (if one looks closely, Hironobu Kageyama's name is one there)
      Select: Plays loud high pitched sounds as the camera zooms.
      Intro: Skateboards to his point.

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    • I knew you were gonna need a best guess for Opa's actress...

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  • if you can hear me, I'm gonna be walking to the library to return something that's due today. I'll be back.

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  • Diamante
    English: Ethan Rains

    Japanese: Hideyuki Umezu

    French: Emmanuel Fouquet

    German: Thomas Rauscher

    Arabic: Marwan Farahat

    Mandarin Chinese: Song Kejun

    Rival: Paz

    Second Rival: Kane (Glenn Jacobs, ringname ingame, from WWE)

    Idle: holds his microphone out.

    Select: Diamante flattens his microphone via Ripple-Ripple Fruit as the camera zooms then flings flat knives saying "Hope your ready for a flat party."

    Intro: Diamante hops like a rock star to his point saying "The ring is a place for killing."

    Neutral: Hangetsu Glaive: Diamante waves his rapier from his side to above his head where he swings it down, creating a compressed air projectile that slashes his opponent.

    Side: Vipera Glaive: Diamante flattens the blade of his sword. The flattened blade will then extend itself and move like a snake towards a target in order to cut them.

    Up: Corrida Glaive: Diamante uses his sword and flattens it to reform and fold it in the form of a bull's head, effectively forming a stylized mace, which he uses to strike his opponent while dashing in the direction of the thumb pad.

    Down: Army Bandera: Diamante makes the ground he is standing on ripple and flutter, making it difficult for all nearby foes to move and stand on it as they slip. The effects wear off after 10 second.

    Hyper Smash: Tigre Glaive: Diamante flattens it blade to make it like the top half og a tiger, then waves the sword slashing the tiger's claws 10 times in an auto combo.

    Final Smash: Death Enjambre: Diamante pulls out several folded up confetti cannons, undoes his powers over them, and fires them all at once. He then uses Hira Release on the "confetti" high in the sky, revealing it to be spiked iron balls that he had flattened with his powers. The iron balls then fall to the ground like rain, a sight Diamante compares to "falling stardust".

    Victory 1: Diamante makes his sword into a bull's head then says "You'll be lucky to survive second place."

    Victory 2: Diamante spins his microphone and shouts into it "Thank you, thank you very much for a flat out party!"

    Victory 3: Diamante taps his rapier and microphone together, then announces "Looks like we should look for a new challenger now!"

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    • 1. I know this may be impossible, but if Palutena from Kid Icarus were to be in SFV, what would his idle and select pose look like?

      2. Who is your next Tourney 1 character and his/her default rival gonna be?

      Like last time, an SFV what if for one of your characters might be mandatory.

      OH, and it's getting very late, so good night.

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    • 1.

      Idle: Holds her sceptor out.

      Select: spins her sceptor and sparks three lights. (may be like a Dynasty Warriors 3-introduction pose)

      2. Shinzaemon Shimada from 13 Assassins

      Rival: All Might from My Hero Academia

      SFV what if: Robert Garcia from Art of Fighting

      Idle: brushes his hair.

      Select: positions his hands like a dragon claw, then blinks and kicks upward.

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  • I will now ask for the English/Japanese/French/German/Arabic/Mandarin Chinese voices of Gem Stone, along with her second rival, idle pose, select pose, and intro pose. I plan on having her fight like somebody from The Last Airbender. No, somebody from King of Fighters! Maybe somebody from Fatal Fury? I'm at a loss, mate... You can determine that part as you go...

    OH, and you can also determine the availabilities of Gem Stone and Topaz as you go too.

    Btw, Gem Stone is exclusive to Sabrina: The Animated Series and makes no appearance whatsoever in the live-action Sabrina the Teenage Witch television show.

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    • English: Chantal Strand

      Japanese: Satomi Arai

      French: Karine Foviau

      German: Anna Predleus

      Arabic: Raghda Al-Khatib

      Mandarin Chinese: Jiang Xin

      Second Rival: Edge (Adam Joseph Copeland, ring name ingame, from WWE)

      Idle: Examines strangely mechanical arms.

      Select: Applies the mechanical arms and punches the ground hard, producing a shake as the camera zooms.

      Intro: Walks in readying her mechanical arms into her real ones.

      maybe she fight like Potemkin from Guilty Gear.

      Gem Stone: starter

      Topaz: unlockable

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    • Guilty Gear's Potemkin, eh? Okay. OH, and you'll need this for Diamante...


      And this for Arnook...

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  • Forgive my tardiness, time for our next character: Leatherface! Here's what he looks like...


    Remember, his Select and Normal Intro quotes are to be original quotes due to Tourney 1 being Leatherface's first speaking role. His moveset should be comprised of... well, most of his Mortal Kombat X moves (btw, he is a DLC character in MKX), plus some original moves. This will require the Notepad strategy and lots of luck.

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    • Arnook from The Last Airbender

      Rival: Ed from Street Fighter

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    • As I planned it, the third Season 2 DLC fighter from SFV will be in Tourney 2, but the fourth will be in Tourney 1.

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