Yinyang kfp
Universe Kung Fu Panda
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume No Bonus Costume
English voice actor Melanie Minichino
Japanese voice actor Kanae Ito
French voice actor Dorothee Pousseo
German voice actor Martina Hill
Arabic voice actor Krastin Shahoud
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Sandrine Pinna

How Lian joined the Tourney

Though her precise origins are unknown, Lian is responsible for Peng giving kung fu another chance, and together they opened up a fight club in the valley, which was illegal at the time in light of concerns that untrained students could get hurt.

Upon discovering that Po just barged in the club, she was sure he was gonna shut down the club, but suspicions went away quickly when Po instead joined, completely against Shifu's previous orders. However, eventually, when members of the fight club began to kick the butts of Tong Fo's thugs, Tong Fo himself decided to use this as an opportunity to corrupt Peng into evil, just like Tai Lung, by using Lian as a hostage, threatening to kill her in the hands of Tong Fo's gorilla thug. However, upon Peng's betrayal, it turns out Lian was able to escape the ape's grip and defeated him, then issued a free fight against Tong Fo's thugs, which eventually lead to Tong Fo's defeat. Shifu, was actually impressed on how great fight clubs are, in fact got himself into it as well, decided to lift the ban. This gave Lian and Peng the chance to open up more clubs, with a final goodbye from Po.

Starting a kung fu club in Russia, she finds a man having trouble controlling a five-tailed beast inside him named Han.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

Sits splitting her legs.

After the announcer calls her name

Spins her legs while handstanding then drops her right leg and pushes her left palm saying "You're new here, so I'll remind you; Our first rule is that we treat each other with respect."

Special Moves

Thresher Punch (Neutral)

Lian spins her hands in front of her like fast propellors.

Leopard Torpedo (Side)

Lian flies forward spinning while kicking four times.

Tail Shoot (Up)

Lian jumps into the air with a hand lift and whips her tail down.

Sun Moon Smash (Down)

Lian circles her arms and pushes her fists out, blowing back opponents close to her.

Death Defying Knockout (Hyper Smash)

Lian swings her hands down. If she hits, she follows by doing eleven hand swipes then twists the opponent's head, and double kicks him/her away.

Final Round (Final Smash)

Lian poses then does a hard punch to the left. If she hits, she dares the opponent to attack, then tries to counterattack three times, but she does a set of seven punches and thirteen kicks, then rams her frontal into the opponent (with the Art of Fighting heavy blow sfx) and blows him/her away.

Victory Animations

  1. Lian spins on one hand then touches the ground saying "You got disqualified!"
  2. Lian wiggles her tail and does a jumping punch saying "Come train at the Kung Fu Club sometime."
  3. Lian spins her hands then thrusts her palms and does a jumping tail whip then does an overhead punch saying "Next time, pay attention!"

On-Screen Appearance

Lian kicks down a door and says "I do... FREE FIGHT!"


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