King Lion
Universe Savage Reign
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers
Availability starter
Bonus Costume N/A
English voice actor Chris Hury
Japanese voice actor Koji Suidzu
French voice actor Bruno Mullenaerts
German voice actor Martin Halm
Arabic voice actor Bushra Bashir
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Su Zhenwei

How King Lion joined the Tourney

He is the impersonator of King Leo. He participates in the tournament on the latter's orders and uses the name King Lion as an element of intimidation. However, he really wants to take the city for himself and plans to overthrow the original crime lord. In his ending to the games, he takes over the futuristic city with an iron fist.

Although he has failed to kill King Leo and take his syncdicate, King Lion planned to recruit mercenaries to overthrow King Leo. One thing he needed, was Trowa Barton's Gundam Heavyarms Kai.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

Sits on his throne with the Sword of Leo to the ground.

After the announcer calls his name

King Lion gets up and does an uppercut, then a sword thrust as the camera zooms then says "This town is mine!"

Special Moves

Silent Storm (Neutral)

King Lion swings out a gust of wind from his sword.

Earth Chopper (Side)

King Lion swings his sword in a downward arc, knocking down opponent with no recovery allowed.

Lion Breath (Up)

King Lion jumps into the air with a three hit uppercut.

Beast Blow (Down)

King Lion does a dashing shoulder tackle, then follows with five punches, and an uppercut.

King Straight (Hyper Smash)

King Lion punches forward with his arm, and a massive spiral of energy shoots across the screen very quickly.

Lion Blow (Final Smash)

King Lion roars then shoulder tackles his opponent. If he hits, he does a set of ten punches to the opponent, then finishes with an uppercut.

Victory Animations

  1. King Lion does two jabs then an uppercut, then spreads his arms an says "Sleep in the lion's den!"
  2. King Lion unsheathes the Sword of Leo and says "You know who controls this city."
  3. King Lion does four hooks, then an overhead, then an uppercut, then swings the Sword of Leo up saying "Bow down to your new king!"

On-Screen Appearance

King Lion walks to his starting point and charges up energy saying "Come to your doom!"


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