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KI Xbox Logo V3
Universe Killer Instinct
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume No Bonus Costume
English voice actor Mike Willette
Japanese voice actor Masaki Usui
French voice actor Erwin Grunspan
German voice actor Carsten Otto
Arabic voice actor Peyman Moaadi
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Xing Yu

How Jago joined the Tourney

After a lifetime devoted to purity and discipline, Jago is tortured by the knowledge that the last vestiges of the evil Tiger Spirit, Gargos, remain within him. He sets forth to discover an opponent strong enough to purge Gargos’ corruption in the crucible of combat.

After purging Gargos's evil from him, Jago hoped to learn the mysteries behind Gargos being the Tiger Spirit who used him. One day, the long dead Second Tsuchikage, Mu appeared and offered to help him.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highligted

Jago meditates with his sword in his right hand..

After the announcer calls his name

Jago does a sword swing, then a jump kick as the camera zooms saying "I had a feeling I'd go out to battle."

Special Moves

Endokuken (Neutral)

Jago shoots a fireball from his left hand at the opponent.

Laser Blade (Side)

Jago does two slashes with his sword, knocking his opponent off balance.

Tiger Fury (Up)

Jago does a rising uppercut which has startup invincibility.

Wind Kick (Down)

Jago does flying roundhouse that low crushes.

Tenku Endokuken (Hyper Smash)

Jago charges energy, then shoots a beam of it out of his right hand. If it all hits, the opponent is ignited on fire and drops dead, taking a life from the stock.

Tiger Bite (Final Smash)

Jago does four sword swings with his sword glowing. If they hit, he next does a fast series of slashes, punches and kicks. After twenty-nine hits, he does a downward slash, then a stronger Tiger Fury, knocking his opponent away. After this, the announcer goes "ULTRAAAAAAAA COMBOOOOOOOOO!"

Victory Animation

  1. Jago moves his hands to his left side and does a spin kick then says "Farewell for now."
  2. Jago takes his sword out and bows saying "Practice more if you want a rematch."
  3. Jago brings his right fingers to his face and swings his right hand down saying "I'm afraid your path ends here." then turns his back.

On-Screen Appearance

Jago walks in with his hands in meditation, then swings his hands down and goes to his stance saying "Face my spirit's fury."