Event 24
I Really Hate Teddies
Official description Diaochan wants to show the children of the world how much Lu Bu despises teddies!
Character(s) used Lu Bu and Diaochan (2 stock each)
Allies N/A
Opponent(s) Koichi and Lissa (2 stock each)
Stage(s) Pillar Men Battlefield
Music Strength, Weakness (Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends)
Availability Unlockable

I Really Hate Teddies is the twenty-fourth Co-op Event Match in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers.

Pre-fight dialog

  • Diaochan: Aw, what a cute teddy bear, but can you take it away from Lu Bu please?
  • Koichi: Uh, no. I want Mr. Lu Bu to have it.

Koichi throws the teddy bear to Lu Bu who swings his halberd, sending the bear doll flying back to Koichi.

  • Lu Bu: As I said, I don't want teddies in my life!
  • Lissa: Isn't he cute? Teddy just wants to play.

Event Layout

During the fight, you can see Lissa and Koichi's dialects remarking their teddy bear for Lu Bu, over Lu Bu's angry protests and Diaochan's kind protests.

If you win, you get a scene where Lu Bu yells "Goodbye, teddy!" then he and Diaochan pummel the teddy with their halberd and whip respectively. Then, in a Dramatic Finish, the teddy bear with a child-like scream will be knocked into the path of the chariot carried by Vampire Horses. The horses kick the teddy bear then trample it to death.

If you lose, Koichi will throw the teddy bear to Lu Bu's downed self and say "Okay, have it now."

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